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  1. I've seen it in most Chinatown shops and in Wing Yip, Hoo Hing and Loon Fung 'superstores'.
  2. Some beautifully conceived dishes. But is it pedantic to insist that a risotto does not have a separate sauce, or does anything go as long as it tastes nice?-in which case, should it not have another name?
  3. To be fair they are good judges. The problem with nearly all chefs is their preoccupation with technique and current culinary fashion which explains the alarming uniformity of current ambitious cooking.
  4. You make my point very well-the St. John mode is absolutely not the only alternative and I regret the demise of classical cooking. I'm only judging by the pictures!
  5. Why is the current mode so infuriatingly fussy? it seems almost no one these days can put food on a plate quietly and with taste and style.
  6. I'm not sure how useful accurate readings are-in general instinct and experience give much more accurate results than following recipes, which by their nature are fairly random in their instructions for use of the oven.
  7. Do you mean Red n' Hot? it is tacky but the food is the real deal.
  8. Yellow bean paste and sweet bean paste is what's meant.
  9. Hearno, I think you've got it the wrong way round. I do not not like the modern idea of the 'personality' chef, I would simply like properly cooked food, and god knows that's rare enough in our deluded nation.
  10. Lovely...a hummus ashtray!
  11. She seems to have lifted her act wholesale from Nigella Lawson. I find it fairly disgusting.
  12. My answers-1) Onion, carrot, celery. 2) ground beef cheek-simply incomparable. 3)white for preference but whatever is on hand. 4)yes. 5)before adding liquid. 6)absolutely not. 7)5+ hours 8) it depends! The less tomato the better, and none is superb.
  13. muichoi

    Veal stock

    Interesting. I've quite often found McGee to be 'wrong' when it comes to practice rather than theory.
  14. It's not that long ago that the celebrities of the restaurant world were maitre d's, not chefs. I very much dislike the idea of 'personality' chefs who think that they are creative artists. They are not, they are artisans, and there is nothing wrong with that.
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