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Maps of Restos: in Paris and outside (ergo France)


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Host’s Note:

Since we now have two maps of restaurants, the first of restaurants in Paris, designed by M Joe Knox, the second of those outside Paris, designed by Dave Hatfield, they’ll remain pinned and people can add to them per the instructions below.

I want to thank both members for putting so much time & effort into these projects. They’re just great. We’re all volunteers here, but some volunteer more than others. Hats off!

I’ve split off the comments to a separate thread that will remain unpinned. Please post comments, suggestions, etc., about the maps here.

I put this together to help visualize where some of the restaurants I was interested in were actually located and figured others might also benefit.


You need to click on the "Show List" link in the upper right hand corner of the map to view the index of restaurants. Each browser I viewed this on displayed the map differently but it's easy enough to pan around to the location you want. If you click on the individual marker you get the restaurant address. I guess there's the potential to add phone #, links to reviews, etc. but I'm probably not going to have time for that. If anyone else is feeling ambitious I can open up access to the editing function.

Addresses are mostly from Le Fooding; gmap seemed to find them easily enough so hopefully they're all in the proper location.


Please post comments, suggestions, etc., about the maps here.

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A couple of people that have added restaurants to the map have run into problems so I thought I'd provide more detailed instructions. For some reason entering the state or the postal code (even when correct) causes the map to assign a pin in the incorrect location. Follow the instructions below and you shouldn't have any troubles, if you do just drop me a PM. //joe

1. Click on “add marker”.

2. Enter the name of the restaurant.

3. Enter the address in standard format “#, street name”.

4. Enter Paris for the city (assuming, of course, the restaurant is located in Paris proper).

5. DO NOT ENTER the postal code. (I don’t know why, but this messes it up, even when it’s correct).

6. Choose France as the country.

7. DO NOT ENTER the state, again for some reason this messes it up.

8. Enter all of the appropriate information in the “More Information” section.

9. Click Submit.

10. A small box labeled “select a location” will appear. Click on the word Paris.

11. The address will turn red and the latitude and longitude boxes will fill in with the proper coordinates in green.

12. Click Submit again. All of the boxes will clear and you'll be ready to enter a second restaurant.

You'll probably need to hit refresh before the point will appear on the map.

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To continue the mapping idea, Adrian Moore has two nice ideas on gridskipper:

1. Maps of restaurants or food be found in certain areas (eg the Canal St Martin), or of certain types (steak frites, cheese), or in certain venues (museums, dept stores).

2. A map of the city locating restaurants.

John Talbott

blog John Talbott's Paris

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I was going to do a bit more work on this, but John's let the cat out of the bag so I'd better go ahead and post.

Click here for a map showing restaurants outside of Paris.

These have mostly been posted on eGullet over the past months. Rather than try to sort out just the restaurant names & locations I have linked to the thread about restaurants in the marked location. In most cases there will be more than one restaurant and many times more than one opinion about it/them.

The exception is the cluster down in the South West. This is a partial list of restaurants near where we live. Most of these are the standard French country type of place although a few are special.

I'll try to keep this up to date and encourage everyone to send in restaurant reports from around the country.

Two tips:

1) Zoom in to get to more exact locations on the map.

2) There are two maps for restaurants outside Paris. Click on both. (this is due to a technical glitch which I haven't sorted out yet.)

Comments & criticisms solicited.

Please post comments, suggestions, etc., about the maps here.

Edited by John Talbott (log)
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A word of warning concerning Google maps.

Although the maps are great and enable doing the interactive map of restaurants in France they don't seem to be very accurate when it comes to giving directions.

On a recent trip from home to England and back we had two instances where the directions given by Google maps were wrong. Wrong enough that we had to find our way by other means.

My advice would be that you stick with Michelin. (www.viamichelin.com) They may have taken away some features recently, but they still seem the best for route planning & directions in Europe.

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