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  1. Coffee and tea has both been my favorite beverages over the many years. However, I still prefer the classic taste of tea, and I never fail to drink at least 3 cups of tea a day! I'm also aware that tea is a much healthier option to coffee. (Not Really Entirely Sure Of How Coffee Is Healthy, perhaps anyone can comment about this?) I enjoy drinking mainly green tea such as Matcha, or Longjing Green Tea. However, i truly enjoy the unique taste of rooibos tea as well. What about you? Do you prefer drinking coffee or tea?
  2. Hi, I purchased some tea recently from either Walmart or another small grocery store. I think it was the best tea I have ever had but can't for the life of me remember what brand it is. I was hoping someone here could help identify the brand. Description: It is a decaffeinated tea. I have one of the tea bags tags and on it it says on one side, "Orange Pekoe and Pekoe Cut Black TEA" in green letters with a white background. On the other side it says " Decaffeinated Tea" and has a picture of a tea/coffee cup with a backwards looking "S" representing steam coming out of the cup also in green with
  3. Starbucks, never a corporation to shy away from being late to the party, is now offering "Blonde roasts." According to the web site, they're "lighter-bodied and mellow", and they "awaken the senses gently." I haven't tried any of these coffees, and I haven't had a Starbucks coffee in years, because I never liked the roast profile. Will this cause any Starbucks non-lovers out there to give them a try?
  4. Over the past few years single serve coffee makers have been taking over a larger and larger share of the everyday coffee market. One of the leaders in that field has been Green Mountain (Keurig) and their K-cups which is the leader in the market. Last week they announced a completely new product, Green Mountain introduces Vue Packs. A little further research reveals what maybe there ulterior motive, the patent on K-cups expires in September! Of course the price of the new product is also higher. They've added a couple of features to the brewers (including RFID) which may or may not allow
  5. Hi people! I am in a hurry, so I make this quick =) I always buy coffee outside => costing me so much money overall. My goal is to save some money, but still trying to have good coffee, so I decided to make at home. My equipments: Filter paper, cooking pot, and cups...... how do I do it??? cheers
  6. I took a fantastic cupping class today at Intelligentsia's Training Lab. Our small group was led by Daniel and David - two incredibly knowledgeable and passionate coffee guys. Learned how to taste coffee and evaluate and appreciate their various properties. I had a minimal amount of knowledge going in (pretty much amounting to "I like coffee"), and in an hour and a half my eyes have been opened. It seems I have quite a bit to learn. My upcoming trip to Seattle should help my education. They offer a variety of classes on tasting, cupping, brewing, pairings. Highly, highly recommend if you
  7. My fiance and I are in the process of building a wedding registry at Sur La Table - and we could really use some advice about espresso machines! Apologies in advance if this is a redundant question - I couldn't manage to uncover any answers in the coffee/tea thread... The question: Espresso I've had in Italy always seems much more concentrated (more flavor and MUCH less liquid) than 'espresso' in the US. I really prefer the Italian style - is achieving that as simple as just putting less water in the machine? Or do I need a machine that is specifically designed to produce that kind of espresso
  8. Another matter to keep in mind when tea shopping: 4 ounces of loose tea will brew 40 to 50 cups on average (this is Western style, one infusion). Do the math; tea can cost considerably MORE per pound than coffee, but less per cup! From the TeaSource.com website: "Tea is the most affordable luxury in the world. But at first glance it may seem expensive. A tea that costs $100.00 per pound only costs 50 cents per cup when brewed. A pound of tea will typically yield 200 cups (vs. 40-50 cups from a pound of coffee). Also, many of the teas in our collection will yield as many as 4-6 infusions from t
  9. Any favorite books that give an overall education of coffee?
  10. eG Society member Kyle Stewart at The Cultured Cup is contributing three Japanese green teas for tastings here in the Coffee & Tea forum. The first is a Kukicha Fukamushi. In the interest of having tasting discussions about more teas this year while holding down my cost of shipping samples, I am now asking participating tea merchants to supply samples for three members plus me. So Kyle has provided three samples of 10 grams each that I will mail to the three eG Society members participating in this tasting. While the tasting is open to all members who have posted at least five substantive
  11. I'll keep this brief, and add/answer questions as relevant: I have a supposedly good Krups espresso machine that we've not taken good care of for the past few years. We stopped using it about a year ago, when coffee stopped coming through the main drip, spigot or whatever it's called. It's also possible that it IS coming through the valve, but not making it through the Basket mesh. Sorry, i don't know the technical terms. Any suggestions for 'unplugging'? Descaling agent? New basket cup? I don't know where to start... thanks everyone/kanga
  12. Does freezing ground coffee help it to stay fresh for longer? or is this a myth? What is the best way to store freshly ground coffee?
  13. Has anyone either installed a new thermostat or upgraded one on a Francisfrancis X5? Or, for that matter, know of anyone who has? Mine is going, the boiler is cycling on and off every second in the espresso mode, and taking about three times greater than normal to reach steam temperature. I searched the net this afternoon with little luck specific to this model and learned after calling Illy, that the minimum charge will be $100 just to look at it. And that doesn't include the parts that they won't sell to individuals. I found a posting online that refered to a group of finatic X5ers that
  14. Hello all eG coffee forum members. After a long hiatus I have renewed my membership. I am interested and curious as to what your best specialty coffee experience may be? No restrictions, can be any experience...... Cheers! Spence
  15. I will be in the Pacific side of Costa Rica for some tasty waves next week and compromised with Mrs. that we will check out the butterflies farm and tour a coffee plantation. Are there any smaller coffee planters out there? I know there are some coop farmers but need the farm/plantation name. Any recommendation?
  16. New research suggests coffee prevents liver cirrhosis caused by alcohol. Thought you'd like to know!
  17. So sorry to generalize, but I'm assuming all of France is like this. I know every place in Paris was. To a certain extent, the coffee (non-laced version) in Amsterdam was the same, but not as good. How do they brew in France? It was like heaven for me. I use a French Press in the morning, but it doesn't do it justice. It's something they do with the milk...I don't know. Needless to say, I can't recreate it. And it's not espresso (I don't think) or anything like that. I loved it and I can't make it? Why? ....
  18. "Starbucks Raises Prices of Coffee Drinks" No big deal? Or will this impact your coffee buying habits?
  19. Most of the week I drink coffee out of a paper cup with one of those corrugated slip on holders but on the weekend I prefer a substantial classic diner coffee mug. I have two. One came from the Split Rock Lighthouse Minnesota State Park and says "History matters, Minnesota Historical Society". The other is from the University of Wyoming. Note the cowboy on the bucking bronco. What's yours?
  20. anyone notice any trends in coffee drinking, making, roasting, enjoying, wherever you are living? should i know about it? tell me all......
  21. I used to use a flannel drip filter (like a flannel tea-strainer), then they went out of fashion and I couldn't buy a new one. Recently my local coffee shop owner assured me that they need to be stored wrung-out, in the fridge. They do??
  22. We truly like are little Yama vacuum pot and now that they (and the larger version) are being imported again, we look forward to many more years of well brewed Intelligentsia coffees -- BUT -- for some reason, we're getting much less life out of our filters than used to be true. The last one was only in two weeks before we saw a severe slowdown in returning to the pot. With a fresh filter, this takes only about 2 minutes, but that last filter was running 6-7 min. Anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas about what's going on? We're hooked on Intelligentsia coffees, but frequently try new offer
  23. Hi everyone. I'm pretty much a newbie around here. I've been lurking for quite a while- mainly at the Pastry and Baking forums- and decided to join recently. That being said, my goal is to open a small bakery in a couple of years. Currently I bake/decorate cakes/cookies and would like to expand that into a bakery. I want to be able to serve coffee/espresso/etc. and have no clue about it. I don't generally drink coffee- maybe a latte or something here and there- but I know nothing on the subject. I need to be pointed in the right direction- where can I get started with the basics, and then mo
  24. So now that Starbucks is trying to revitalize their business with, among other things, the purchase of the company that makes The Clover, I'd like to know if anyone has tried coffee from this machine. Here is a link to the Clover
  25. The article from the Wall Street Journal: Starbucks tests $1 cup of coffee This move is to counter market incursions by McDonald's, etc, as well as the recent downturn in the U.S. economy. Has anyone been "in-the-know" and been ordering the short size all along? Will the smaller, cheaper cup of coffee (with possible refills) keep Starbucks in your coffee routine?
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