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  1. My first experience at Ray's will be tomorrow night @ 6:00! I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to it. I am traveling from Indiana and will be in DC for a quick business trip. Thanks for the wonderful (and extremely entertaining) read and as always the great suggestions found on eGullet. Chad
  2. Great reviews, Justin! hanks for takin the time to post them. Chad
  3. Some of my favorites have already been mentioned: Fat Tire Amber and Sam Smith Oatmeal Stout, but my all-time favorite is Abita Turbo Dog!
  4. You know, I enjoy Mt. Gay so much, I don't think I could pull myself to try flavored versions! I bet it will blow the other flavored versions out of the water though.
  5. chado


    Susan - that new toy of yours is absolutely incredible!!
  6. chado

    Bad Ass Coffee

    Well, I had a chance to try BAC a couple weeks ago and I was pleasantly surprised. It was a great cup of coffee and it had that smooth Kona taste to it! I will definitely stop by there again. It is also nice to have 100% Kona at my fingertips!
  7. chado

    Decent Beer in Florida!

    Susan - was this the one in Melbourne, FL? Good beer and good BBQ!
  8. chado

    Got Beer?

    Wow, Susan - thanks for the reviews! Yes, I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of DFH in FL! I, too, consider myself a hophead - so I can't wait to try these!! Chad
  9. chado

    Anheuser World Select

    Yes, I has the opportunity to try it a few months ago - and was not impressed at all. It is really too bad as the bottle looks incredible. I guess that says it all for good marketing!
  10. Okay, now I am thirsty (read: salivating)! It will definitely be a margarita weekend!
  11. Wow, thanks for the advice on Scholar's Inn in Bloomington. My wife and I will be visiting there this weekend and will be sure to go! The menu looks great! Chad
  12. I was really surprised too, but this is really good for a diet coke - my new favorite of all the lines (cherry is a close second). I have yet to try the diet pepsi vanilla or lemon, but I can't stand the coke version of these flavors. I do, however, find myself drinking the Coke w/ lime and thinking, damn this needs some rum in it!
  13. chado

    Got Beer?

    Wow, nice work, Susan! And it sounds incredible! Have you tried the DFH (any of them) as of yet? If so, what did you think?
  14. There is a great place down the road (here in Jacksonville) called The Wine Warehouse. The owner of the shop does the exact same thing to me everytime I go in. I am not looking for bottles of wine in the hundreds of dollars, but when looking for a $30 bottle of wine or so, he will always steer me in the much cheaper direction and his suggestions are always right on. It is is incredibly refreshing! Plus, he also puts every wine his customers buy in a database, so if I forget what I bought the last time, he can just pull it up!!
  15. Recently a Bad Ass Coffee opened up in Jacksonville. I checked out their website and it says they only use 100% Kona! Being a Kona fan I was thrilled. So, has anyone tried BAC, and what did you think? Thanks for any input. Chad
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