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  1. Msk

    Combi Ovens

    Well, to be honest, I'm not sure there isnt anything it doesnt do better than a normal oven. For me, I choose to do certain things other ways (like sous vide + sear on infrared grill) versus using the combi. The cavity is also small, I'm not sure you could do a 25 lb turkey in there. 1 - Reheating. It reheats leftovers and makes them taste fresh, even leftover chinese food. This may sound superficial, but it makes the difference as to whether leftovers get eaten in my house or not. (thich can be a moneysaver) 2. - Roasting, having control over the moisture during roasting is pretty amazing Surprising enough watching the color change before your eyes in a "Moist" environment 3- cooking custards, and baking. It really does wonders for crusts 4. Steaming (Duh!) I steam everything I can now, including buns for burgers (The trader joes slider buns steamed areamazing) 5. Its easy, throw a piece of fish, and some veggies in there, season, and in 10 minutes you have a meal.
  2. Richard Blais "Try This at Home" just hit my kindle. Looks really cool, but then again, I like him alot. Doesn't look overly modernist, just creative. Mike
  3. Msk

    Combi Ovens

    I have the plumbed Gaggenau and I love it. It is a major luxury,not a "must have". It does certain things amazingly well from steaming and reheating to baking. I was lucky enough to build a dream kitchen and chose to go with a steam oven instead of an electric wall. My range has one full gas oven and a smaller one. However, if you were to ask me to choose between my immersion circulator and my steam oven, I'd have to go with the immersion circulator. Mike
  4. Msk

    Peeling cooked eggs

    You can add some baking soda to the cooking water as well to affect the PH MSK
  5. I did the technique for the eggplant parm in a microwave. But I only did the eggplant pieces. This was a revelation for me, it is fast and easy and made delicious and tender eggplant with concentrated flavor. This will be my go to method for making eggplant since it is extremely low in fat, and the eggplant is delightfully tender. Mike
  6. Msk

    Bacon Foam

    I would start with the Jus Gras as a a base and see what the texture is when foamed, there is plenty you can do to amake it foam better if its not the texture you desire . Eliminating the cream and eggs will give you better flavor release (though a bacon and egg foam sounds pretty delicious to me as well---just not sure if you were going for that). I was approaching this from a cream-like standpoint since that what was originally tried. A foamed agar gel of bacon stock might work, but I have heard agar has problems with stock, but I have no experience with that, MSK
  7. Msk

    Bacon Foam

    How about making a Bacon "Constructed Cream" Using Pork/Bacon stock instead of the Chicken stock and rendered bacon fat instead of the duck fat in the attached link Then run it through an isi. http://modernistcuisine.com/recipes/simplified-jus-gras/ msk
  8. I have an original Polyscience, a SVS, and a Sidekic with a Nomiku on order. They all are solid and suited for different circumstances. I do not know anything about the underground unit. I think the Sidekic is excellent for the Price, but has a bit of an unwieldy shape and a heater on the weaker side. There are plenty of workarounds though if budget is the main issue. The SVS is an excellent product, though its big because it has the integrated bath, and can be awkward to empty. I use it alot but do prefer a pump. Polyscience makes excellent products, and I'm sure the creative is great. I'm not sure what in what capacity you are going to use this, but if you can afford it I'd go with one with a pump to get some flexibility on size of containter. When, I'm making 72 hr short ribs or brisket,, I want to do a large amount at a time. Especially since a vac seal and immediate ice chill creates a product that can last in the fridge/freezer without much degradation. Mike
  9. I also have a WFO though not a Forno Bravo. I also have a gas grill, and a Big Green Egg. Let me give you my opinion. 1)Pizza in the WFO is a different level than anything else I have made, and I have been making pizza for decades. The difference between 850+F and 600F is meaningful. 2) While heating the oven takes time (I can be making Pizza in 90 mins) it is not a very active process, and I throw tons of veggies in to roast during this time to have ample high quality toppings. 3) Cleanup is a snap, in fact I don't cleanup I just close up the oven and clean out the as before next use which takes all of 30 seconds with the right tools. I thought this would be alot tougher, and I was worried about all of the above taking away from my enjoyment of it. My family and friends enjoy it so much I am so glad we chose to go ahead with the project. MSK
  10. Msk

    Steam ovens

    My memory is that it was an improvment over a dry oven, but how much over an oven with "Simulated steam" like you tried is uncertain. My gaggenau has a "steam burst" button so thats what I used. The wolf might be worried youd lose all the steam if you pre heated and all the steam comes in the beginning. Mike
  11. Msk

    Steam ovens

    RE: Baking Bread I have on several occasions with good success. However, I have never done a side-by-side with my gas viking range oven. Mike ...edited to direct the response....
  12. Msk

    Steam ovens

    I also have the plumbed Gaggenau and use it frequently. Aside from reheating leftovers and steaming, it also does an emazing job reinvigorating bread. I have done custards, and eggs, and hosts of other stuff. I like it alot, but not sure it could be my only oven. Mike
  13. The Gelatin Suffices for protein. WD uses Geltain in combo with Meat Glue on many different dishes from barley to the peanut butter noodles. The other recipe would likely be easier but you have other options if its not to your liking (and meat-related ingredients aren't an issue) Mike
  14. Gellan would work and be vegetarian. Otherwise you could go the WD-50 Peanut Butter noodle route, and add Gelatin and Transglutaminase. Mike
  15. Msk

    Starbucks Goes Blonde

    Rot, I agree with your points. However, I do think there is some middle ground where overroasting adds to perception of strength. Mike
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