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  1. I'm with Oakapple. A great read. Three of my favorite subjects, food, history, and NYC.
  2. I just saw a headline on my newswire saying that Conde Nast is going to be shutting down Gourmet, as well as a few other magazines. Anyone have any more info on this? It was just a headline with no story behind it.
  3. Well, judging by the complete lack of discussion on eG, there must not be must interest, implying it's not such a great idea.... FWIW, I love Ronzoni, even better than the pricey stuff at the import store...
  4. Sam, I hear what you are saying, and if most home extruders suck, then I will avoid them. But, there are people, like me, who enjoy doing things for themselves at home. It isn't always about better quality, its about satisfaction. Now, if the quality of homemade extruded pasta is that bad, then that's a different argument.
  5. Not a lot of discussion about extruders here. So far, most people say the KA extruder sucks, and the Kenwood attachment is fine. Anybody else have a standalone extruder they can recommend??
  6. I just started using the Kitchenaid rollers. I love having the extra hand free, but have a bit of an issue with the spaghetti cutter. instead of cutting individual strands, it cut strand pairs. I could pull the pairs apart, but that would be tedious. Any hints on what is wrong? I have a feeling my dough may have been a little too moist... tia
  7. A Scottish acquaintance once told me a of a first date gaffe. When asking the waiter whether or not the venison was aged, she inquired "The deer, was it well hung?" Nuff said
  8. Yeah, the brisket is probably the worst thing on the menu. I'm not praising Max's here, but their pork is much better than their brisket. I've heard decent things about the barbecue place on 28 in Kingston. That might be a bit of a hike for you though....and I've never actually tried it to recommend it...
  9. I went for lunch many months ago. I don't know if it was the bass fishing on tv, my overcooked burger made from low quality meat, or the lamest martini I've ever had, but I won't be back...Go to Prime right around the corner. It's lightyears better...Actually, McDonalds is better too... Yeah, that's a big thumbs down
  10. I mentioned it to the waiter, but it wasn't bad enough to send back. I have a hard time sending something as high cost as a steak back, unless it's really bad. This was certainly edible, just not as enjoyable as it could have been.... One would think with the CIA a few towns south that we would have more restaurants. I guess we need a more vibrant local economy for that... Honestly, I think this place has a chance to be quite good. The problems I noted are all easily corrected, and not totally uncommon for such a new establishment.
  11. Our lovely town of Red Hook suffers from a severe lack of local culture. The handsome downtown area has a difficult time supporting anything worth going to. For dining, most people head down to Rhinebeck, or up to Hudson. Recently, a new restaurant called Flatiron opened, and judging from the menu, it has promise.. I heard good things about Flatiron from two different people whose opinions I respect. The pair who opened it have some strong restaurant and hospitality experience, so I was looking forward to a nice experience. The menu is mainly steakhouse a la carte fare, with a very nice select
  12. In the years since I first arrived in this lovely upstate NY town, I have seen a bunch of restaurants come and go. Some just changed names, but not their mission. One place that has used several names is the current Starr Place, just north of the light in Rhinebeck NY. Passing by, it doesn't look like much, with tables outside an old Rhinebeck building. Even the first impression of the space inside does not give an indication of the quality of this joint. Belly up to the bar, and all preconceived notions of what this place is fly out the window. Stocked higher than Yao Ming can reach are a wid
  13. Kelloggs just announced that they will be bringing back Hydrox for a limited time. Due to popular demand, the cookie will make a comeback for its 100th anniversary. Over 1300 telephone calls and 1000 petition signatures pushed them over the edge... I'll post a link to the story when it becomes more widely disseminated
  14. during this whole thread I was sure mine would have been a big piece of beef tenderloin with a huge slab of foie gras on top...but now I think I am going to sit down with you instead...
  15. Slightly off-topic question here, but does Benoit offer takeout? I'm donating a kidney in a couple of weeks, and the thought of a charcuterie plate as my first full meal afterward is very appealing...
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