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  1. I was just thinking that I don't believe that I have ever seen a Kacher wine in a restaurant. Perhaps I just haven't been to a place that serves them, or perhaps he just does not distribute to restaurants. I know that sell Kacher wines at Total and Calvert Woodley. What other places have a good selection? Edited to add: I wonder if Rocks could convince him to do a Q & A?
  2. Plan on 2-3 weeks in advance. Call between 12-2 in the afternoon for a reservation.
  3. Stretch, you don't need any help from Rocks. Just keep on being yourself. On another note, there has been no confirmation that Archibald's is still in business. Does eGullet need to send a delegation for confirmation that the 'burgers' are as good as they used to be.
  4. I think the 2002 vintage got hit by a real bad rainstorm (1'-2' of rain) as the grapes were ripening. I think there also was a hail storm. There are plenty of 2001's around and I think the '03's are starting to appear. As a general rule, I avoid the '02's.
  5. I too look at the Robert Kacher Selection label as a symbol of quality and value. I seem always to have bottle or two of his Cuvee Prestige on my shelf and those to whom I serve it always like it. My understanding is that he is in the DC area and I get the impression that Rocks knows him.
  6. Hello, you've reach Restaurant Eve. Please listen carefully to the following options as our menu has changed. For reservations, press 1, for a description of today's specials, press 2, for directions, press three, for hours of operation, press 4, to complain about the food or service, please call 1-800-256-9633.* *Bonus points for those who can figure out the significance of the phone number.
  7. I seem to recall a thread about a news report of someone finding a condom in their soup.
  8. You should call them up and ask them to fax you a bistro menu. The special on Monday was a duck magret with seared fois gras on top and mushrooms and sautéed greens on the bottom. It was served sliced and was rosy pink on the inside and well seasoned and browned on the outside. Kind of reminded me of the mourning doves from last September. Very tasty. As for Todd's special drinks, there was nothing available on Monday evening when I was in there. I think the "not" chocolate might be making a guest appearance soon.
  9. That certainly does reflect one popular vision of manhood, gustatory or otherwise! ← Reminds me a lot of that place Archbishop's or whatever it's called over on K Street... ← Archibald's, K street between 15th & 16th, south side of the street, middle of the block.
  10. I guess this takes the "smooching booth" concept to its logical conclusion.
  11. MaryLisa: First, welcome to eGullet. Excellent first post. The question I have is: why did you post it in the DC DelMarVas thread? I don't see the issue you raise is geographically limited. I think others would be interested in your issue.
  12. Already there is hype with respect to "the hype."
  13. I see that Todd is reading this thread. I only hope it gives him inspiration to develop a new cocktail and name it "the hype."
  14. I hope that by characterizing as "hype" what has gone before on this thread with regard to the food, service and ambience at Restaurant Eve, it is not inteded to ascribe dishonesty to the various posters on this thread: Hype: 1 : DECEPTION, PUT-ON 2 : PUBLICITY; especially : promotional publicity of an extravagant or contrived kind. The posts here represent a portrayal of various diner's experiences at a particular restaurant on a particular night at a particular table. There is no suggestion that I am aware of that those descriptions are in anyway deceptive, extravagent or contrived. Use
  15. You know, Michael Landrum over at Ray's the Steaks has a way of dealing with diners "from" eGullet. He has this special "second-class" service reserved specially for them. I seem to recall a thread on "diners from eGullet." Can't seem to locate it right now though. And Eve's "birthday cake" is the essence of truth in advertising. edited to add s
  16. Corduroy is definitely worth the occasional happy hour visit. And the hotel in which it is located has parking that the restaurant will validate.
  17. mnebergall

    When you braise

    My favorites are pot roast, carbonnade, goulash, boeuf bourguignon, lamb shanks and osso bucco, (not in any particular order). When I find beef chuck on sale, I usually buy a couple and slap them in the freezer so that I have them when I need them. For the beef braises I do, beef chuck seems to be the most versatile.
  18. I finally made it to Palena for the first time the other evening, with mdt and the Busboys. The cafe menu seemed to have all the stuff on it that has been mentioned on this thread. There was the burger, the "hot dog," some pasta, pate. I had the chicken, the pate and the cheese plate. I won't go on about the chicken except to say that the previous descriptions are not exaggerated. The busboys split the hamburger and the hot dog (looked more like a big old brat to me). mdt had the burger and some boudin from the regular menu. Wine was poured and brain cells died. I'd definitely be incli
  19. And let us know what the low down is on those "smooching booths."
  20. Letting people take their unfinished bottle of wine home makes sense from a public policy standpoint. If the practice was prohibited, people would be loath to leave wine on the table and drink up before leaving the restaurant and thus have more alcohol in their blood when they got behind the wheel of their car.
  21. On the question of whether you can take an open bottle of wine with you from the restaurant, following is a quote from the Virginia ABC's website: The waiter at Ray's was misinformed on this point.
  22. FYI: There are three recipes for boeuf bourguignon availabe from the Washington Post. The recipes are from Bourdain, Ina Gartena and Keller. Clickamundo
  23. I find it astonishing that one restaurant, Ray's the Steaks, is constantly singled out for criticism week after week. He ought to just stop taking questions about Ray's.
  24. To be on the safe side, you should call the restaurant and ask them what their policy is. If jparrot is right, the restaurant has no discretion in the matter and you could put the management in an awkward position should you bring in a bottle.
  25. I think Reeves, on G St, downtown has an all you can eat breakfast buffet.
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