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  1. Do they have other "services" as well?
  2. Was there any discussion of the Ray's the Steaks reservation system today?
  3. For what it's worth, I thought a civit was a spotted skunk.
  4. I think most would agree that Dr. Hall's behavior, as described in the article, is somewhat, shall we say, abby normal.
  5. I've talked with Dr. Hall a couple of times - he's an interesting conversationalist and a gentle soul. Very receptive and approachable, too - the first time I ever met him we ended up talking for over an hour on a variety of subjects ranging from test-rat ethics to peptides. No pun intended, but, um ... Cheers, Rocks. ← I didn't realize that test-rats had ethics.
  6. This guy would become a basket case in short order and in need of the services of his colleagues if Marcel's were to close.
  7. I think Galelio belongs on your short list.
  8. I would put Restaurant Eve (Old Town Alexandria) on your list of potential places to try. If you need some help getting a table at Ray's the Steaks, PM me. I will see if I can help out.
  9. I, for one, am able to dine as frequently at Ray's the Steaks as I care to. Perhaps it is because I fully understand the reservation policies and process that I am able to do this. More often than not, I snag a 6:00 reservation with the understanding that I will have to vacate in 90 minutes, which so far, has never caused me a problem. Also know that the best time to call is on a weekday between 12-2 in the afternoon. Those who can only dine during peak times will be consistently frustrated. I find flexibility to be the key to enjoying the full Ray's experience. Ask for an early or a late tee time and you will not be disappointed. As Joe H himself freely admits, the steaks are some of the best in town and the key lime pie and scallops are special. But I don't understand the bit about increasing prices. Joe H, how the heck would you know?
  10. Firefly has upgraded its Sunday brunch, including the addition of a whole bunch of champagne cocktails. Check the menu on their website, www.firefly-dc.com.
  11. McCormick & Schmicks has dungeness crab cocktail on its menu.
  12. The lobster burger is roughly a half-pound of large chuncks of lobster meat held together with anti-gravity and a tomato slice.
  13. Heather, you obviously have not been reading closely enough. The earlier reservations do not have different rules than the later ones. It's just that the later reservations fill up much, much further in advance than the earlier ones, especially on a Friday or Saturday evening. Getting an "unrestricted" 6:00 reservation on a Friday might be 6-8 weeks outs. The prime reservations are all filled up before then making the 90-minute limit for a 6:00 slot de regieur. Michael explained this several post up-thread. Damn this his hard to type after several glasses of wine and a lobster burger at Citronelle.
  14. My standard response to this question is: Oceanaire Seafood Room. Downtown, not Dupont or Adams Morgan, but worth the cab ride. Hard to get a res this early though. But, they will serve you at the bar. Good oysters too.
  15. I wish there was some way to put a steak in the heart of this issue.
  16. And I wonder if he will reprise the Devilishly Good Eggs (deviled eggs stuffed with hand-chopped steak tartar).
  17. When I first called to make the reservation I asked for a time around 6:00 or 6:30 since my wife works in Ballston and get off from work around 5:30. I was told if we came that early we would have to be out in 90 minutes. When I asked for 7 or 7:30 on a Saturday night instead I was told that it would be five or six weeks before a Friday or Saturday would be available where we would not be limited to 90 minutes and could arrive later. My problem was wanting to come early. It seems that ALL of his early reservations have 90 minute limits. I don't believe you can go to Ray's at 6 and stay longer than 90 minutes if you want to. He and I also had a disagreement in that first phone call. Some of this isn't worth going into but what's important is that I asked for four consecutive Friday nights at 6 or 6:30 until I learned that he did not have any early times that did not have a time limit. ← Joe: Frankly, I'm shocked at your position here. You accepted the reservation knowing of the time limit. What gives you the right to complain about the restaurant under these circumstances. Please explain your position more thoroughly so that I can understand where you are coming from.
  18. Joe: Your response begs the question: What time was your reservation? If you had a reservation at 6 or 6:30 and were notified that the restaurant had to have the table back in 90 minutes, you don't have a leg to stand on. If, on the other hand, you had a reservation at 7:30 or 8:00 and/or were given no notice of a 90-minute time limit, then your position is righteous. Tell us more about the circumstances so that we can make a better informed judgment here.
  19. The simple answer is that the complainer in today's chat is eternally pissed off for having his standing reservation revoked and will take any opporutnity to bad mouth Ray's. No reasonable person could complain about Michael''s system.
  20. Lunch on Saturdays in the downtown region is a tough one because many of the usual suspects are closed. There is the DC Chop House, Jaleo, the Ventworm Nut place, Poste might be a good choice. I don't know if any of these places are open on Saturday, but since Poste is in a hotel, the odds are better.
  21. What the heck is up with that? Someone really has their organ in a grinder over Ray's. This must be the same guy that abused his "standing reservation" prividges. And the line about "paying bills" is a dig at a certain DC restaurant that is in bankruptcy.
  22. _______ Three Ways (insert lamb, pork, brussels sprouts, orangutan, etc.) is qucikly becoming one of those menu standards (cliches?) like mini-burgers, foie gras finger sandwiches and a new addition to the list - hot chocolate with house-made marshmallows. Fortunately, I haven't tired of any of them - except the foie which I never really liked anyway. ← Who will be the first to embrace the twelve way format? ← I'll settle for a six-pack.
  23. Hmmmm. Lamb 3 ways. Where have I seen that before?
  24. The bistro at Eve does take reservations (recommended). I generally sit at the bar where the bistro menu is available. There are some small tables in the bar area where they will serve you as well. ← Those little tables are more like coffee tables in height. Can make it a little awkward to eat. Try to get a spot at the bar if at all possible. ← Joe is right, those tables are very short and I do not recommend attempting to eat there, although people generally do eat there. The bar is much preferable.
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