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  1. I would check out the bar at Firefly. They have a daily wine happy hour with a couple of unusual wines that you're not likely to find elsewhere and at a decent price. If you happen in there, don't pass up the fried oysters. Dinner wouldn't hurt you either. A very trendy clientèle. If you wind up at Corduroy for dinner, ask Ferhat (eGullet's fero style) if Chef Power can make his scallops tar tar for you. If you want to go to Ray's the Steaks (closed on Mondays), call early for a reservation and between 12-2 in the afternoon.
  2. Consider also the bar at Restaurant Eve. I would try to get there early (6:00-6:30) to be on the safe side. Full bistro menu is avalable at the bar. If you get there later, you might have to wait for some seats to open up. People with reservations who are meeting others typically wait at the bar for the rest of their party to show up. Once their party is there, they leave the bar for the restaurant.
  3. Can this be true? Scroll to post #19.
  4. mnebergall

    AGA Ranges

    Many people look into getting a commecial range because the prices are so much lower than the pro-style residential units. However, the cost saving is probably illusory becasue you have to spend extra for oversize ventilation and increased insulation and probably something to provide "make-up" air. All in all, it's probably a push.
  5. mnebergall

    AGA Ranges

    On the insurance issue, the terms of your policy will control. Whether or not installation of a true commercial range will violate the terms of a homeowners insurance policy can be determined by reading the policy. So long as the commercial range is installed according the manufacturers instructions, there likely will be little issue with the insurance company in the event of a claim, unless there is some sort of specific language in the policy that touches on the issue commercial ranges. On the issue of building codes and inspectors, they likely would not be implicated or involved unless you had to get a building permit to install your stove or to make modifications to your kitchen to meet the installation instructions. If no building permit is needed, none of that other stuff comes into play. That having been said, commercial ranges are generally not suitable for home use. If you need some extra high power on the range, it appears that competition in that area is heating up among manfacturers of residential "pro-style" ranges. Bluestar recently came out with models that have 22K BTU/hr burners on the range. I would look for others to either follow suit or leapfrog the competition. There is less and less need to look to commercial ranges to obtain commerical power.
  6. How about the Well Dressed Burrito, across from CF Folks? I wonder if they cater.
  7. I had lunch at Charlie Palmers a week or so ago and they still had the $20.05 three course lunch special on the menu.
  8. My God, using single malt scotch for anything other than its intended purpose should be grounds for excommunication.
  9. I got an email from Galileo this monring. The grill will be open today with all of the usual items. Given the weather, it promises to be a brisk walk from the office and back.
  10. There are several varieties of Ro-Tel. Some are much hotter than others. ← Ro*Tel Tomato Varieties.
  11. Isn't North Lousiana (Shreveport) also known as "South Arkansas?"
  12. And you can book a table for 11 at OpenTable.com.
  13. From the original post: But if that is the only place that can give you a reservation.... But perhaps the fact that it is the only place that can give you a reservation tells you something.
  14. Niki: You should visit the eGullet threads on some of the restaurants mentioned above.
  15. Well, then that is an entirely different matter. I'd see if John W at Firefly can fit you in. Sort of between G'town and DuPont Circle.
  16. I think David Greggory might be outside the price range. And the one time I ate there I was disappointed. With $40/head wine tax and tip, we are treading on cheap eats territory which is hard to do in the dupont circle, G'town neighborhoods.
  17. I'd send 'em down to Corduroy.
  18. mnebergall

    looking for this book

    There is a great used bookstore in Portland, Oregon called Powells. You might give them a call to see if they have it.
  19. Well, I took to of my kinds to Ted's for dinner on Friday evening. The movie theater around the corner seems to provide plenty of patron for the Ted's because we had to wait about 10 minutes for a table. The atmosphere has sort of an "old San Francisco" feel to it. I seem to recall a fish place in SF called Sam's that Ted's rips off to a T. The music that they play is sort of a cowboy type (lots of Hank Williams, the Bonanza theme). mdt is right about the menu. Lots of steaks, each available in either beef or bison with $4-6 upcharge for bison. Bison pot roast and meat loaf, chicken, cedar planked salmon fillet. We started out with an order of the onion rings and the chili cheese fries. Big mistake. First of all, they are going for the world record on the onion rings, I have never seen such big ORs. They are good but if you order anything for dinner you will only be able to eat about half of it. Plus, you can get rings with your dinner if you really like them. Huge order of chili cheese fries. I was hungry and ate a bunch of them. I would not order these again and this just presents too much food. Although a platter of them for a table of 4 would probably be OK. My daughter had the Delmonico beef steak which came our rare like she ordered it. With garlic mashed potatoes and some more of those huge rings. 10-year old son ordered the pot roast. This was the best thing on our table that evening. Really tender bison chunks that daughter tried to get my son to trade for bites of her steak. The boy wouldn't go for it. His came with more fries. I had the meat loaf, bison as well. It was OK with a sort of sweet gravy. I ordered fries as well. We had fries coming out the wazzoo. The service is about what you would expect in such a joint, mediocre at best. The place is not bad, if you are going to the movies and need a bite before hand, it's OK. I would not make it a destination. edited to run spell checker.
  20. The folks who work at all the new office space down there must love it, they don't have to cross Duke Street to eat lunch anymore. I'll bet Stella's and Joe Theisman's are hating it. I'd also bet that they do a much lighter business at dinner. That section of town probably dries up and blows away after rush hour. It's kind of hard to get to. Maybe I'll take my two boys down there for dinner tonight.
  21. I'd like to find out where I could get these at retail. They sound suspiciously like burgundies.
  22. Busboy gets my vote for eGullet DC Delmarva social director.
  23. Of course he sells to restaurants. Some of his wines I use: Henri Boillot, Toques et Clochers, Domaine Hamelin, Chauvenet-Chopin, Jayer-Gilles, Bertrand Ambroise, Marc Morey. ← That just goes to show you, I don't hang out at the proper class of establishment. They certainly are not on the wine list at Archibald's.
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