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    Hash Browns?

    What kind of potatoes are better for making hash browns: russets or "white" potatoes?
  2. I don't think 90 minutes is a "policy" at Ray's. If they are squeezing you in they may tell you that they need the table back by a certain time because they have another party coming in. Also, in my experience, 90 minutes is plenty of time to consume all the things you mention and to have a snort of port to boot. They don't horse around, your app's will be delivered in short order and your steaks will come out shortly after they clear the apps. I wouldn't worry about it.
  3. You should consider sliding into Firefly. On New Hampshire below Dupont Circle. They are not doing restaurant week so you might be able to find a table. Check out the separate Firefly thread on eGullet for more info. edited to add: And Ray's the Steaks is a good choice as well. Best steaks in town and great, reasonably priced wine list, and the proprietor is an avid eGulleteer, as is the chef at Firefly. Best to try to get into Ray's either early (6:00) or later (after 8:30 at this late date).
  4. Mr. Morris: Welcome to eGullet. Great post on Eve, thanks. I look forward to reading your future posts.
  5. Stretch: Too bad you missed the goose. I had it the week before Christmas. When they brought it out I told them that they had made a mistake, I ordered the goose not the venison. It came out rosey red on the inside and crispy on the outside as goose breast is dark meat not white. The only goose I have had before had been wild canada; Chef Cathal's version of the proverbial "Christmas goose" was wonderful. Did you get a chance to try the "hot chocolate?"
  6. I know this isn't the appropriate place to ask this question, but does it strke anyone else as odd that the OpenTable main page lists Ceiba, TenPehn and DC Coast (all run by the same company) as the first three of their "weekly top ten?" I don't believe in coincidences. Does Tunks own an interest in OpenTable?
  7. What's the difference (if any) between celery root and salsify?
  8. Damn, idn't that stuff good.
  9. Jenny: Great review. I am a little concerned about the "Inn," wine + vodka??? It sounds to me like an upscale M.D. 20/20. Did they serve it in a brown paper bag?
  10. Balducci's (the extablishment formerly known as Sutton Place Gourmet)
  11. Sweetwaters might make an exception to their "no reservations" policy for a large group. It's worth a phone call to find out.
  12. Don't forget Cantina d'Italia. I remember, after eating there one eveing in the early 1980's, a colleague asking me the next day if I had had any garlic for dinner the evening before. The garlic bread was "powerful." The food was the best Italian I had had up to that point.
  13. Could Sweetwater Tavern in Sterling be a possibility?
  14. Stretch, if you have a preference for a gander instead of a goose, Busboy's method could prove problematic as it is imposssible to discern one from the other while still on the wing. (However, somehow, they are able to figure it out)
  15. Consider ordering the pork ragout with polenta. I had it on Wednesday evening at it was wonderful. It has a bit of a spicy kick. The fried oysters also are one of my favorites.
  16. Opentable lists 9 places open on Christmas day, including Citronelle and the Morrison House in Alexandria.
  17. I agree with Slater, the Wine Specialist has the best selection in town. Can't vouch for their prices. However, they have a nice array of unusual and hard to find single malt, single cask, cask strength whiskeys.
  18. Ikea has a special kitchen catalog that has all of their cabinets pictured. They will mail it to you.
  19. I was going to suggest that you consider moving the dishwasher over near the sink. But, I see that you have moved the sinks over near the dishwasher; a move you will not regret.
  20. The lamb 4-ways--What fimbul said. The risotto, unbelievalbe. Made with a carrot stock and laced with walnuts and apples. Great with the lamb special. Once again, I will order the bacon, egg and cheese salad as long as it is on the menu. Ran out of time to have a "hot"chocolcate; had to get home to watch the Chiefs on Monday Night F-Ball.
  21. Tried the "hot" chocolate last night. Wonderful blend of heat on the back of the tongue from whatever it is that Todd puts in it to give it that kick, with a creamy white chocolate drink. I can't wait for it to be about zero outside to come back and try one. PS: fimbul's lamb will be back on the menu Monday evening. Anyone care to join me at the bar after work?
  22. I have "hit" it and would not again, given a choice. Go to Chick Fil A, instead.
  23. Hey Mike: I'll see you there between 5:30-6:00, depending on the traffic, which has been rotten the past few evenings.
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