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  1. Sorry for the bad link before. But de Buyer carbon plus is available from this place in new Mexico.
  2. essvee: Click here for a selection of very heavy carbon steel skillets, etc. I don't know whether scotch brite will rub off the seasoning or not. I have three of them and they clean up nicely with a rough plastic scrubber/sponge thing. Just wipe with a paper towel after scrubbing under hot water.
  3. My father relates a similar experience regarding mutton and his service in teh Air Force. Mutton/lamb never graced our table as I was growing up. Now, lamb chops are my favorite meat.
  4. This thread has led me to conclude that there are several ways to cook a standing rib roast. Which method to follow likely will depend on the facilities one has at hand and what else one intends to serve with the meal. For instance, if one only has a single oven and intends to serve roasted potatos with the meal, the low heat (Alton Brown) method probably will not suffice and the high heat sear followed by the medium heat roast will be the default.
  5. Here is a link to a transcript of the Alton Brown show on rib roasts.
  6. Do you cook with the bones up or down?
  7. I would see if Reeves is still around (13th and G I think). They used to have great sliced chicken sandwiches with homemade mayo and their strawberry pie was famous. I fear that they may have gone out of business.
  8. I acquired some of the Cope's toasted dried corn the other day and made creamed corn from the recipe on the back of the box. Soak the corn in 3.5 cups of milk for at least 4 hours (in refridgerator of course). Add 2 tsp each of sugar and salt and 2 tbls. of butter. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 30 mintues. Tasted great.
  9. I see various grocery stores in my area (DC) such as Safeway and Harris Teeter marketing beef under what appear to be proprietary names such as "Harris Teeter Rancher" and at Safeway "Ranchers Reserve." Giant seems to have dropped their proprietary designation and now seems to market only "USDA Choice" beef. I wonder what USDA grade the others are selling? My guess is USDA Select even though the marketing hype wants you to think that they are selling something better than choice when what they are selling is probably something inferior. If this is correct, it would seem that Giant is the place to shop.
  10. I received my toaster bags in the Saturday mail. I roasted a chicken for dinner on Saturday evening and made sliced chicken sandwichs for lunch on Sunday for my kids. The bags definitely are made for standard-sized "wonder-type" bread. The first sandwich I made kind of stick out fo the top of the toaster because I had to turn it on its end to get it to fit int he bag, the part that stuck out did not get browned. I had to cut the rest of the sandwichs in half and toast one-half in each bag. The kids were impressed with their lunch, as was I.
  11. I would take a look at what Costco has. I got some Reidel glasses there for a very good price.
  12. Veuve Clicquot NV Yellow Label sells for $29.79 at Total Wine in Northern Virginia: www.totalwine.com and for $31.99 at Calvert Woodley in DC: www.calvertwoodley.com
  13. mnebergall

    Roasting a Chicken

    I tried, and failed, to duplicate the Chef Fowke trussing method this past weekend. I need more detailed instructions. The pictures and the descriptions given so far just don't do it for me. What do you use, pullies or something to get the wings to go forward and the legs to go backward. I wound up (no pun intended) tying the tips of the wings together over the breast. But I was unable to find a way to get the legs to stretch out. Do you guys use magic twine? Is this why Vengroff thinks he will get run off of this site if he gives us pictures of the back side of the bird?
  14. mnebergall

    Roasting a Chicken

    Could we get a picture of the backside of the trussed chicken so that we can get a better idea of how the strings run?
  15. Oraklet: I wonder if those prices quoted in euros include VAT. If they do, your export price is likely to be significanlty lower because they will not charge you VAT.
  16. mnebergall


    There are many chili recipes availabe on the web. One example is: http://www.mega-zine.com/kitchen/chili/ A good source for different chili powders is: http://www.mexgrocer.com/catagories-spices...rbs-ground.html And, Gebhardt's Chili Pwwder appears to be a brand preferred over the commercial brands such as McCormick's.
  17. SG-- Have you considered either the Big Gree Egg: www.biggreenegg.com or the Kamado: www.kamado.com
  18. For a good selection of very heavy, carbon steel pans at what appear to be very reasonable prices, visit: http://www.goodcooksonline.com/Shopfactory...kwareSteel.html
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