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  1. I second mktye's suggestion on the key lime pie, the best in town. As for topping for your steak, consider the crumbled bleu cheese. If you've never had bleu cheese on steak before, ask for it on the side to see if you like it or not, it really adds another dimension to the flavor of the steak.,
  2. Bill: I will back you up on this. Chef Michael will tell you that the best steaks in the house are the "butcher cuts" which include the flat iron and the hanger steaks. On the flavor meter, the filets rank near the bottom. The flat iron and the hanger peg out.
  3. I stronly recommend having a half-order of the blackened scallops for an appetizer. edited to add: And welcome to eGullet ljauss.
  4. I had a chance to sample the new beef shortrib on Eve's Bistro menu the other evening. A great choice for combating the current spate of cold weather. Served with root vegatables and pommes mussolini (did I spell that right?). The shortribs are a dark choloclate in color and perfectly braised what with all the colagen converted to gelatin. Mmmm, they melt in your mouth and warm you up.
  5. Was Flay "overcompensating" with that "stick" blender?
  6. You obvioulsy have never been to Ray's the Steaks. Fred's Ribs were modeled after the Ray's signature Cowboy ribeye.
  7. Finally, this thread has morphed into a discussion of food.
  8. Or put another way, does one of Michael's steaks weigh as much as 90 minute-steaks. edited to add a hyphen between minute and steaks.
  9. Can we consider the 90-minute limit at Ray's "case closed?"
  10. I agree and, after actually reading it, I'd say she got the latter mostly right too. That said, I stand by my impulsive, obnoxious and mostly unsupported earlier assertions of bias and chicanery because, well, never apologizing for anything is a well-loved and, clearly, winning strategy in this our fine hometown. ← Is this the "unmitigated gall" that you so proudly boast showing through?
  11. Pentagon Row also has a Harris Teeter grocery, a Sur la Table, and a World Market. Also Baja Fresh.
  12. Venturing out a little ways from Shirlington will inevitably take you to Arlandria, the area of Mt. Vernon Ave that straddles Alexandria and Arlington, and further down Mt. Vernon to the Del Ray section of Alexandria. In Arlandira, RT's has been there since Christ was a corporal and is fairly consistent creole style food. I also like Po Siam across the street from RT's. Del Ray has good indian and tex mex Taqueria Poblano, Los Amigos and Los Tios. Also, Cheesetique is on Mt. Vernon Ave. You also will be fairly close to Crystal City which now has a fairly vibrant restaurant scene with Oyamel, Jaleo, Legal Seafood and McCormick and Schmick's. You also will be real close to Slavin's fish market.
  13. Dude, the baby's only been home two days and already he's working baby food jargon into his posts.
  14. What, your coming from Good Guys? ← ← 3155 Mt. Pleasant between Kenyon and Kilbourne. If you come up 16th street, Mt. Pleasant is an angeled left (there is a traffic light) just after Columbia Road. If you hit Park, you've gone too far.
  15. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.
  16. I dunno, ask either DCMark or Al Dente.
  17. Ahh, shortrib, just in time for the cold weather. I had a chance to sample the venison from the tasting menu the other evening. Paired with a morsel or two of stilton cheese with a wonderful venison jus, absolutely outstanding. Unfortunately, the "hot" chocolate is no longer.
  18. I think Al Dente could give you a line on where to find some two year old sheep.
  19. I generally use chuck for things like pot roast, beef stew, goulash, carbonnade, chili. I prefer buying a big roast and trimming it myself and cutting it up or running it through the food processor to buying precut stew meat or chili grind. I'd be interested in more details on how you "cut the dark gristly heart" out of the thing. Also, how big was it and what internal temperature did you cook it to.
  20. Does Ivy's Place still exist on Ct. Ave. up from the Uptown Theater? They used to have a rijsaffel.
  21. Beware the apparent sales tax savings. You are obligated to pay North Carolina use tax (probably the same rate as the NC sales tax) on your out of state purchases. There is probably a line on your NC state income tax return where you can report your use tax obligation. I recently bought some furniture from a NC company and reported the VA use tax on my VA income tax return (because I know that NC and VA taxing authorities share information on this type of stuff).
  22. Stretch: Congratulations to you and Mrs. Stretch and welcome to the little Stretch. When do I get to collect my cigar?
  23. I went yesterday and while there were only 4-5 people in line in front of me, the line was snaking around the room by the time I left. My sandwiches were the same as usual. I think some people call in their orders.
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