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  1. I propose that we morph this thread into a running review of wines imported by local importers such as Kacher and Lynch. Right now I am drinking a glass of: Chateau Grande Cassagne "G.S." Costieres de Nimes 2003. A blend of Grehache and Syrah. The lable says: On the western edte of the Rhone Valley near the village of St. Gilles is the small estate of Grande Cassagne. This Robert Kacher Selection exhibits the depth of structure of old vines very concentrated in color and authentic richness. My take: The label is accurate. The color is deep, the flavor rich, the aroma full. I had it with a plate of futuccine bolognese with fresh grated reggiano. I got it from Total in Sterling and I don't recall what I paid for it, under $20, probably $10-12. Tag, you're it.
  2. Actually, I kind of glad that Joe H will not be returning to Ray's the Steaks. It will just be that much easier for the rest of us to get a table. A few negative vibes could have a silver lining. And perhaps he is sour enough on the operation to stay away from the upcoming Ray's Classic as well. Joe, you just can't accept a small neighborhood place for what it is and its desire to serve as many eager customers as with what you yourself describe as a superior product. Michael only has 12 tables. Lighten up, will you. Edited to add: This thread should be renamed "Joe H vs. the Volcano."
  3. That is a well marbled piece of meat. In your initial post, you state that Costco sells top of the choice range. The ribeyes at Costco come from either Iowa Beef Processors or Exel (I think) and are run of the mill choice. I procured some wet aged tenderloins from a local restaurateur for Christmas dinner that were phenomenal.
  4. I'm partial to Wide World of Wines on Wisconsin, below Good Guys.
  5. I've been going to new Heights for several years and always find the food to be excellent, despite the changes in chefs they've had on occasion. edsz -- very surprised to hear that your complaints to the manager (was it Bill?) were met with indifference. Bill is always concerned about the quality of service and the food at NH and works hard to make sure the customers are happy. The latest chef is incredibly talented (formerly the sous chef at B9). I recommend that you give NH a try. I doubt you'll be disappointed. ← I see from the New Heights menu that they also serve the now ubiquitious grilled ribeye steak with bleu cheese and sauce diablo. And, does anyone want to take bets on how long it will take Rocks to split all of this discussion about New Heights into a separate thread, or, a make separate thread on the ubiquity of the grilled ribeye with blue cheese and diablo sauce?
  6. Frankly, I think it is the diner's interest to wear jacket and tie to a fine dining establishment, include Restaurant Eve. I think the staff subconsciously treats better dressed patrons better. You get more respect if you show more respect. I think a lot of guys are either too lazy to put on a jacket and tie or lack sartorial confidence.
  7. It's hangEr, not hangAr. A hangar is a type of building in which one stores aircraft. A hanger steak is so named because, I think, it 'hangs' between some internal organs. I think there is an eGullet thread devoted to the critter. An even more unusual steak you might want to consider is the flatiron, which is on the menu, but also one that he runs out of. Very beefy flavor, but has some of the tenderness of the filet.
  8. Total in Sterling used to have a section devoted exclusively to Kacher wines. But they reorganized the store and now they are scattered. Usually you can find a batch of them in the Rhone section. One of my favorites is Chateau du Campuguet (sp), Cuvee Prestige.
  9. The hanger steak does not have any layers of fat like the ribeye or the strip steak. Actually, Michael does a very good job of trimming the edge fat from most of his steaks. I don't recall his strips having that characteristic layer of fat along one edge. And the ribeyes are well trimmed as well. My favarite is the 20 oz strip, black and bleu. They do have mushrooms and the carmelized red oninons availabe on the side. Consider getting the crumbled blue cheese. I always have leftovers and they put the leftovers in one of those styrofoam clamshell containers and giv eyou extrra mashed potatoes and creamed spinich.
  10. For some reason, I thought Firefly was closed on Sundays. Am I wrong?
  11. Hey Murky: How does the coffee that you get from your sources compare to Misha's in Old Town where by roast their own coffee on the premises?
  12. I would not be so quick to rule out Ray's the Steaks. If you are willing to dine during the "early shift" and arrive at 6:00 and be subject to the 90 minute rule, you can eat at Ray's just about any day you like on short notice. Or. alternatively, ask for a late reservation, say 8:30 or 9:00, then you can stay as long as you like. The hardest time to get is the popular 7:00 or 7:30 time slot. If you are willing to work around that, you can enjoy Ray's to your heart's content. And don't forget to order the scallops as an appetizer.
  13. The coffee at Ray's is crap. Good coffee would just encourage people to linger. ← Shoot, I didn't know that they served the special "cat crap coffee" at Ray's. So that explains the bad breath after drinking a cup.
  14. I don't know about anyone else, but whenever someone says that they are giving something "an innovative expression of respect" I suspect that they have found a new way of giving it the finger.
  15. I would check with the folks at the liquor store in Cleveland Park where they carry the Pyrat XO and with Bell's on M Street next door to the Camelot. Even if they do not have any on the shelf, they will be able to tell you if any of their distributors have it. If a distibutor has it in stock, they should be able to ge it in in a day or so. If a distributor has access to it but not in stock naturally it will take longer. At Bell's, they were able to get me some St. James's rhum in short order. Just stop in or give them a call.
  16. One might argue that there is an aspect of "idiot savant" going on here, but the case that Landrum is a very astute businessman and taletned chef and knows full well what he is doing would win out.
  17. It sounds like Kliman and Rocks agree. I wonder if Tom and Joe H will be in agreement.
  18. How does a restaurant prepare rissotto? Does it keep a tank of "just shy of done" rissotto handy and then finish it off serving by serving?
  19. Hey Todd, I noticed your new signature line. What does it mean to be a "head" painter? Is that some sort of "bald" joke? Because if it is, some of us might not think it funny.
  20. Perhaps some of our Baltimore brothers and sisters could organize an expedition to this outpost. It appears to be northwest of Baltimore.
  21. yeah, and I heard that the price tag was $120 w/o wine, $190 w/wine.
  22. To bring this full circle, what kind of grapes was the bottle of '61 Cheval Blanc made from that Miles drank in the diner from the styrofoam cup while he ate his cheeseburger and onion rings?
  23. If you have good Hair Flair it gets you everywhere! ← Listen to this man, he knows what he is talking about.
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