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  1. There's a fairly famous restaurant around the corner on Harbor called Belisles. It has steadfastly preserved a 50s family restaurant atmosphere. Their distinction is copious amounts of food for not too much money. Whatever you do, don't eat there.

    :laugh: I'll second that one!! Someone took me there the first time I was in Anaheim. :wacko:

  2. This is interesting. I've been a member of eGullet for at least a year and a half. I only recently (within the past month or so) realized that cooking was discussed in the regional forums. I always thought they were just for discussing restuarants and get-togethers. Most of the cooking discussions seem to take place in (no surprise) the cooking forum.

    I'm a little puzzled about all this. If we discuss the various cuisines in the regional forums, what are we supposed to talk about in the cooking forum? :huh:

  3. I haven't beeen to L'Hirondelle since the new owners took over. Prior to then, there was nothing "wrong" with it--it had just gotten a little tired for me.

    It did occur to me--if you'll be around for breakfast or lunch, you can't beat the Ramos House Cafe. I'll check for a website. Sadly they aren't open for dinner.

  4. I actually shopped at Houlihan's before it was a resto--I worked down the street and lived nearby for a while. But then I did eat there, once it became the restaurant. I haven't been to the Plaza area for probably 3 years (unbelievable for me!) but I think that no, there is no more Houlihan's Men's Shop, and no Houlihan's Old Place Restaurant.

    Is the Plaza still owned/managed by J.C. Nichols Co.? If so they must have a web site with a map that would show what is there and in which locations.

    When I first graduated from high school I worked for Caldwell's Shoes. I worked in the offices above what was then the Muelbach's (sp?) grocery store. They had 3 or 4 stores on the Plaza and numerous other stores in the mid-west.

    I'm burning dinner now or would go check on some of this. I can alwasy investigate next time I go back--Mom's harping at me...

  5. Any particulars we should know about--cost, type of cuisine, etc.? When are you planning this? I've got my thinking cap on. Golden Truffle came to mind immediately, but it's very small and I'm not sure they could accomodate a party of 12 without quite a bit of advance notice. I'm still thinking, but please let me know how much time I have. :smile:

    Edited to add a link to their menu, but it changes all the time. And also, is a full bar necessary or is wine/beer OK?

  6. Steve, I was really just making a point, but now that you ask, we have several rancheros around us. Mind you they are all developed for the most part now, but they include Nellie Gail Ranch (This is our immediate area and a spin off of one of the larger ranches.), Irvine, O'Neill, etc.

    As I said, I'm not a native (been here for 20+ years). Was just really trying to make a point that what "I" think of when I imagine traditional rancho California food doesn't lead me to think that anyone can "create" it now. It was what it was. Now any one of use might choose to "re-create" this sort of cooking, but to think that "we" are creating it, just doesn't cut it in my way of thinking.

    JMHO and YMMV. And as you say, you are the native, so you'd be the one to be offended, not me!

    Anyway, peace my friend! Was merely attempting to raise a different point of view. :smile:

  7. I think we're in the process of creating California Rancho Cooking.

    Now, I don't want to start trouble here :biggrin: , but if I was a native Californian, I might take exception to that comment. I mean really, "creating" it when there have been California ranches and cooking on them for years?

    So, I think that maybe what we are talking about here is "Nuevo California Rancho" cooking. N'est-ce pas? :laugh:

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