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  1. I bought the red palm oil, too. AND, the preserved lemons. I served the lemons with grilled swordfish with moroccan spice rub and similarly-spiced veggies with couscous. Everyone loved the lemons! I used red palm oil in the veggies (eggplant, tomatoes, onions & ??) and I guess because of the tagine sauce I used with them, couldn't really taste the oil. It's certainly colorful! :-)


    Edited to add that now that I know the oil is supposed to help make me thin, I'll be eating a spoonful daily!

  2. i hesitate mentioning these little items :




    they had them yest. for sampling. 


    they are delicious and addictive.  mine barely made it home.


    with a little vanilla ice-cream .............


    they are $ 3    :huh:

    Thank goodness I don't have time to get out there to TJ's for a while. Maybe they won't have them any more by the time I get there. If only they were 3 calories!!

  3. My stepdaughter has a good friend who lives in SLC. She asked him to make some recommendations for us. Here is his list:



    Copper Onion


    Avenues Proper

    Frida Bistro


    New Yorker


    Cucina Toscana

    Market St. Grill

    Oyster Bar

    Red Iguana II






    Paris Bistro

    Cafe Niche

    Log Haven



    Am sure we'll only make it to a fraction of the list, as we won't be there that long.

  4. I can't speak for that small oven, but will say that the Electrolux double wall oven we bought for the California house was the BEST! I loved that oven and hated to give it up when we sold the house. They are making some really fine appliances.

    How much did that bad boy cost you?

    It was around 6 years ago--I think about $2800-$3000 plus installation. Not steam, but still fabulous. I lost some cabinet space to fit it in. That house was built mid-80s and had one of those kitchens that was huge space-wise, but appliances that were sorely lacking. The wall oven was combined with a microwave. The MW was actually larger than the oven! I couldn't fit a large turkey in there. I was so happy to get my nice big new Electrolux--with two ovens, each larger than the old one. I really miss it. In this house, I have a range with oven--had to replace it to get a large enough oven, but the kitchen here is so tiny, I don't have room for anything larger unless we do a full remodel of that whole part of the house. And at our ages, we are supposed to be downsizing, not enlarging. ;-)

    Edited to clarify that the original was an oven/microwave combo. No microwave with the Electrolux.

  5. I am about to take back a product for the first time since I became a loyal customer at their first store in Pasadena in the early 80's. I am not a returner but the coconut oil pan spray just ticks me off. I know coconut oil is solid at room temp - so why did I think this would work? I go to spray and it is clogged solid. Have you experienced this?

    I use this all the time and don't really have an issue. Maybe I keep my house warmer? LOL. It does collect around the nozzle, I just wipe it off and no real problem.

  6. I made braised radishes for T-Day. Most people hadn't had them before and really liked them. Put in pan with just a little water and some butter--whatever seasoning you like. Cover and cook for a bit, then take lid off and let water evaporate, so they are just glazed with the butter. I put them around the turkey platter and they are so pretty and just delicious.

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  7. Grab one of these from Lee Valley. Breaks the seal and makes opening recalcitrant lids a piece of cake.

    Don't know how good it would be for my hands, never having used one, but it will sure come in handy every now and then. Several times a year I encounter difficult to remove jar tops ... Thanks!

    Kerry gave me one and it is one of my most useful gadgets. Hope it works as well for you.

    I've also got one of those and use it so often!!

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