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  1. I've had trouble finding powdered milk, too. Who knew!


    The other day I made Sourdough Tomato Feta Bread in my old bread machine. I added fresh basil from my little herb garden. The recipe is from this book. I seldom bake in the machine, but did this time. It turned out great and that recipe makes wonderful garlic toast!

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  2. 18 hours ago, blue_dolphin said:

    This lovely little soft cheese called Keep Dreaming from Dorothy's Creamery was displayed as the "Spotlight Cheese" at my TJ's when I visited on Monday.  The Dorothy's Creamery Facebook page says it will be at TJ's through the end of May.  

    It's very nice.  The one has a "best by" date of June 4.  It's clearly soft and ready to enjoy.  I recommend trying it if you happen to see it available. 




    It is lovely--use it promptly. We had it last Saturday. I pulled it out to eat some of what is left and it is on the edge. I will finish it today or it will be too late. I would definitely buy it again.


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  3. Here in Kansas City where everything is up to date, this has been all the rage, though it has moved into the cocktail phase. Topping Bailey's Irish Cream, vodka or whiskey with it. I have not yet tried it, but did buy instant coffee for this purpose. By the time I feel like I'm ready for something like that, I don't want caffeine. Maybe I should have gotten decaf instant coffee.

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  4. I recently made a bread recipe with the opposite results! It was supposed to be bread dough and looked like that initially, but by the time it has gone through the second rise, it had turned into a batter. I hadn't added anything and can't for the life of me figure out what went wrong. It was a rainy day--can the humidity work its way in and turn dough to batter? Maybe gremlins were at work and they switched your batter with my dough!!

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  5. I've been cooking that "famous" hominy for several years and have never had that issue. Have you moved recently to a place where your water might be harder? Have you tried dried beans recently to see if you might have the same issue with them? 

  6. 15 hours ago, scubadoo97 said:

    Yes you can use the pharmacy  as well as the liquor store  adjacent to the main entrance without being a member

    Our liquor department is in back of the store and is a part of the store--not separate. Probably varies according to state laws.

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  7. 11 hours ago, heidih said:

    What are you blending? Our 2 Brauns are 30+ years old. Not as much used as yours but steady beasts. Maybe lay in some lightly used older ones when they were better made.  Probably cheap. 

    I can't recall if mine is Braun or Cuisinart, but I've had it at least 30 years with nothing breaking. But, I also do not use it as much as you do.

  8. No glue traps and no poison. The problem with poison is that the mice will go out after consuming it and then be eaten by a predator--possibly your cat--who will then get terribly sick and also die. Snap traps seem horrible but that or live traps/re-locating are the safest, most humane way to go.

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  9. I am new to clay cooking. I just got a Romertopf for Christmas and look forward to breaking it in soon. I am finding a wealth of information in the Cooking in Clay Facebook group founded by Steve Sando and Carolyn Tillie. If you aren't in that group, you may want to check it out. I hope I'm not breaking an eG rule by posting that.

  10. 17 hours ago, blue_dolphin said:

    I had some friends over last night and picked up a few snacks from TJ's.  Among other things, these little Langres cheeses were $6.99 each and absolutely delicious.


    Murray's describes this cheese thusly: "The elegantly wrinkled rind adds textural interest and develops a dense cream that is cakey at the core with a luscious creamline and distinctive porcine savoriness."  

    They went on to offer this serving suggestion, "Langres's signature, though, is its concave cap, designed to cradle a splash of terroir-appropriate Champagne. Cut a small slit into the middle to allow the bubbles to transform its demure fudginess into a brioche-laden creambomb," which I neglected to read about. I went back to TJ's and picked up 2 more so maybe I'll try it with them. 

    Everyone was taking pictures of the cheese so they'd remember what to ask for. 


    The rosemary mixed nuts were good, too.  The label says, "subtly sweet," which concerned me but I found the sweetness barely detectable and not off-putting at all. 





    I have had both of those and they are wonderful. We had the Langres at Thanksgiving and it was delicious. I'd hoped to get another, but every single one they had when I went a week or so ago was already past the best by date. It was not going to last until we would eat it for the holidays. I hope they will have a new batch in next time.


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  11. Just reporting in. I didn't get my vinegars started as early as I wanted, but I did get them going. I tried some experiments - Vanilla with strawberries (using TJs freeze-dried strawberries) and vanilla with lavendar. Will be anxious to see how they turn out.


    Yesterday was our annual Christmas lunch party with a local hardcore food group. We do a gift exchange. My gift was a grinder filled with the Flower Pepper, a bottle of Vanilla Vinegar, a bottle of Lemon Rosemary Vinegar and a jar of Thai-spiced peanut butter that I bought on Amazon (iI popped up when I was looking for something else and I couldn't resist. We have our parties at a wonderful place in KC (Waldo Thai) and everyone in the group loves Thai food. At the last minute I made some of those super-simple Pretzel Turtles and put them in a little box to add to the gift. The recipient was so thrilled! She messaged me all night after she got home telling me how excited she is to try everything.


    Now, the bad part of this was that my sister and her husband were also at the luncheon. I hadn't told her about anything I'd made because she is getting all that stuff for Christmas, too. I was hoping it would be opened far enough from her that she wouldn't see, but it was right by her. She didn't say anything--pretty sure she figured it out. LOL.

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