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  1. I did just sign up for this, though not sure how closely I will follow it. I wish I could see a month of the plans instead of just 2 weeks. And we get a Butcher Box from a local butcher every 2 weeks. We don't know what is in it until we pick it up, so I will have to do a lot of switching out of proteins.


    I figured for the same thing I pay for Sirius, I can at least get some cooking inspiration.

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  2. My Mom's family lived in the Kansas City, MO area for a number of generations. At one time, they lived on a farm that was neighbor to the James family. Jesse and his brother Frank would stop in occasionally for a cup of coffee. Mom had the sugar bowl that they got their sugar from for their coffee. This was always a delightful story to share with friends and show them the bowl when we were kids and I still have friends ask about it. I wish I had a photo of it, but Mom (she just passed on Oct. 4) had dementia and about 3 or 4 years ago, she gave it away. I was so distraught since I didn't even have a photo of it and no idea where it is or with whom. Let that be a lesson to all--if you have a family member with dementia, be sure to get anything meaningful away from them, even if they are "not that bad yet."

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  3. I searched for a very long time for something like this, tried the Kind bars and some other "savory" options. I just never found what I really wanted. In a perfect world, there would be a bar that tasted like bacon and eggs. Yes, I know I could make a sandwich of some sort, or little quiches, but those would need refrigeration/re-heating if I wanted to take them with me for travel.


    For the present time, I've just given up on the bar/recipe search. I eat a few crackers and a handful of nuts or something like that. If I'm not going to be too long, I might make a little cheese sandwich to take along.

  4. I can't find who originally posted about it, but I had also picked up one of the Cauliflower Pizza Crusts a while ago. I finally found a use tonight. By no means an authentic Indian meal, but I was using up leftovers and an emergency Butter Chicken packaged dinner. I nearly always have one of the packages of TJ's frozen Naan in my freezer, but I did not. YIKES! I spotted the cauliflower crust. Baked it as instructed, then put on melted butter, sprinkled with an Indian spice blend and sprinkled over some feta. Ran under the broiler for a few minutes. We both loved it. Much more so than the stupid mix with leftover chicken. LOL!

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  5. On 7/20/2017 at 9:29 AM, Maison Rustique said:

    I bought this yesterday. No immediate purpose in mind, just spotted it and thought it was worth a try.


    I meant to report back on this sooner. I used it in on a tomato/cucumber salad with a little sesame oil. Very tasty!!! I would say a very slight taste of soy sauce, but not nearly as salty and much yummier! I will definitely be picking more up when I go. Just in case!

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  6. I have to tell you about our "adventure" yesterday, as it does pertain to Trader Joe's. I took Mom to lunch, then we went to Trader Joe's. When we came out, there was a car angled in back of my car and the one next to it. Emergency flashers were on and no one in it. I glanced around and didn't see anyone, but proceeded to put my groceries (including frozen/refrigerated items) in the trunk. Still no one. Cars were fighting to get around the car. I told Mom to get in the car and stay there (She has dementia and isn't terribly steady on her feet--wanted to keep her out of harm's way.). I took the cart and went back toward the stores. Saw a woman unloading or loading kids and stuff into her van. I asked if she had seen anyone that looked like the car belonged to them. No, but she suggested I ask in TJ's or Maurice's next door. I went into TJ's and told the guys in the management cubicle. One said he'd call Mall Security, but they take so long to show up that it would likely be gone before they got there. Another one said he'd come out with me and see if he could figure out what to do, so that I didn't lose all my food I'd just bought--it was 93 degrees.


    As we walked out, the woman in the car next to mine (also blocked) was just walking up and went ballistic. The TJ guy walked up to the car and was starting to open the door when a little old man (with all sort of medical equipment attached to him) came tottering out from somewhere and said he couldn't get the car to move. (Where was he and why didn't he come out when I was wandering around trying to find the owner?) The other woman started yelling that he shouldn't be driving and she was right. She was not young either, but there are just way too many elderly people who are convinced they can still drive, but can't drive well and in the case of an emergency do not know how to handle it. I hope he has family who will take care of him and take away his car keys.


    The TJ's guy said he'd be back. He went in, got 3 other guys and they came out, popped the car into neutral and pushed it into a parking space. My heroes!! I sent kudos to TJ's corporate for hiring great people and next time I go, will try to think of a special treat to take for them. I also got a call from the "Captain" at this particular TJ's thanking me for letting corporate know about their great employees.


    OK, back to talking about food...



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  7. 19 hours ago, Alex said:

    Has anyone tried the Cauliflower Pizza Crust (cauli + corn and potato starches + olive oil + sea salt)? I will if no one else has.


    I just bought one this week, but have not had it yet. Will report on it when I do, though that may not be very soon. Have a lot of dining out/events over the next week.

  8. 16 hours ago, ElsieD said:

    Has anyone tried their Heavenly Villagio MarzanoTomatoes?


    I know I have had them, but not terribly recently. At least a year or so ago, which means I can't remember any specifics. I can say that I didn't race right back to buy more, so would guess that I wasn't that impressed.

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  9. A new Aldi recently opened near us (Kansas City, MO) and it is this new model. It's wonderful! It isn't as convenient for me as the one I usually shop, but when I happen to be over that way, I stop in.

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  10. 1 hour ago, lindag said:

    My friend stopped in at Costco on Tuesday for her corned beef and came away with a package of Bangers too.

    I have never seen these in a grocery store anywhere.

    Anyway, we often go to a wonderful Irish Pub in town and they have great bangers and mash.

    But we have never cooked them at home or made the Guinness gravy they serve with them.

    Is there a secret to cooking bangers or are they done just the same as any other sausage?

    And the gravy? 


    I bought these bangers, too. My husband loves bangers & mash, so will interested to see if there is anything special I should know.

  11. 14 hours ago, Porthos said:

    I use a lot of frozen veggies. I use both individual and mixed veggies. A trend that has made it harder to find mixed veggies to buy is the insidious addition of red peppers to the mixes. My DW doesn't do red peppers because they "don't like" her. Very real issue.


    I have been buying Italian Style Mixed Veggies for decades. I grabbed a bag while picking up a few different bags of veggies. I went to use them last week and found that even this variety of mixed veggies has suffered from the unneeded addition of red peppers.


    What food items have you found to have been needlessly polluted by food trends?


    I completely agree on the red peppers, but will add green in there as well, plus say it isn't just frozen veggies, but also in restaurant meals. We had 2 meals out last week and both entrees I ordered had so many peppers in them that they completely over-powered everything else. I felt like I had pasta primaredpeppers--very few other veggies in it. The other was a stir-fried shrimp and veggie thing that also was mostly red and green peppers--in that one, the green peppers flavored the entire dish.

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  12. It is probably different for me every week and definitely seasonal. During warm weather, we eat lighter and often will just have a nice salad and maybe some grilled sausage and bread. No, I don't make the sausage myself--but it is from a small local butcher using local meat sources. And I don't bake the bread either.


    In cooler weather, it just depends on workload. Sometimes I use part prepared foods (canned, refrigerated, frozen)--maybe refrigerated pasta with either something I've concocted myself or with "emergency" pasta sauce from the pantry.


    We are currently without a CSA membership, but do have some nice places to buy good farm-fresh produce. We get a Butcher Box from Local Pig which has a great variety every time--and always a prepared item, too (Last week was stuffed peppers.), but prepared in a good way. I find that getting things like this and CSAs keep me cooking better and using fewer commercially-prepared foods. If I've paid for it, I'm going to use it!

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  13. 7 minutes ago, lindag said:

    Does anyone have a good method for ridding the IP of lingering food odors?

    I made my Swiss Steak recipe and despite scrubbing carefully, the odors linger on.

    I store it with the lid upside down on top but when I get close I can still smell the meat and veg.



    I haven't used mine enough yet to experience this situation, but would it help to store it with an open box of baking soda in it?

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