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  1. Because the Indian places are all certified by individual rabbis as opposed to the larger certification agencies, you have to be aware that your dining companion might not eat at all the places that are kosher. Chennai Garden which is on 27th street, just west of Lex is quite good - Eric Asimov wrote a very positive review couple of years ago. There's also Pongal. I rather like Madras Mahal, but I've only done take-out there.
  2. I was kitchen multi-tasking, and had the oven set to broil. (my oven has a broiler drawer, so while I was broiling the london broil, the latkes were in the oven taking advantage of the high heat. I did this for about 8 minutes)
  3. We hosted some family this afternoon for a casual Chanukah gathering. Blovie was suspicious when I started to make the latkes about 2 hours before our guests arrived. He thought I should make them a la minute, but frankly, I didn't want to go crazy. So, I made them early and crisped them up in a very hot oven. Perfect. Blovie was pleasantly suprised at how crispy they were. Since we ate a meat meal, I served them with quince applesauce.
  4. I received 3 cookbooks over Chanukah: The Last Course by Claudia Flemming. Over the past few years I've incorporated a number of her desserts into my repetoire. Now, I get to discover more. Vegetable Love by Barbara Kafka The Spicy Food Lovers Bible by DeWitt and Gerlach
  5. A festive Chanukah meal (although nothing was fried ) Mushroom-Barley soup Moroccan chicken tagine w/couscous Roasted acorn squash Molasses Pumpkin Pie w/spiced poached pears Store bought sufganiyot I have no idea what we'll drink.
  6. Milk doesn't come in plastic bags anymore? BTW, I have a container of the same salt. (it was someone's idea of cute thing to give for mishloach manot)
  7. I was drafted into the responsibility of frying up latkes at a friend's house the other night. What I already knew was confirmed - do not use a non-stick skillet. It makes for greasy, non-crispy latkes. My real batch will be made on sunday when I host an intimate family Chanukah gathering for 6.
  8. oh how you rub it in! I was expecting a shipment of milky's today - but it has been delayed in Toronto yet another week. I think I'm the only one bringing them into the city - and when a shipment arrives Israelies pour into the store to get them. Do milkys come in any flavours other than chocolate and vanilla? And you don't eat Krembos either... so ... who does? ← I actually don't eat Milky's anymore. Several years ago I made the mistake of looking at the nutritional content for a Milky and it killed them for me.
  9. It used to be that if I wanted my Israeli favorites - eshkolina, milkys, egozi bars, etc it meant a trip to Israel. Now, I can get everything at my local market. The sheer variety of Israeli foodstuffs available has exploded in the past 10 years. We can even purchase a wide variety of Strauss ice cream products.
  10. A very last minute dinner for 4 adults and one child Spicy Black Bean Chowder Veal Schnitzel Beef Stew Kasha Varnishkes Brussel Sprouts Grape Sorbet Brownies To drink: Abita Turbodog, Damson liqueur, Compass Box Orangerie, seltzer
  11. The New York Times published a recipe for Chopped Liver Pate this week which looks quite wonderful. This is the accompanying article.
  12. I'm a big fan of Butterflake. They do a cinnamon raisin bread and honey rugelach that are quite good.
  13. In W. Orange, there's a kosher bakery in the shopping center at the corner of Eagle Rock and Pleasant Valley Way. Try there. There's also a bagel place in Springfield on Mountain Ave (I can't remember the name) that might carry them.
  14. I made quince comfits per Jackal10's recipes earlier in the week. The bits stuck to the pot were really sweet and good. But I've got to hand it to my friend K. She was over the other night when I made persimmon muffins. As I filled up the last muffin cup she started giving me "basset hound" eyes and asked if she could lick out the bowl. You would have thought the bowl had been scrubbed clean when she was done with it.
  15. My mother makes a fairly cakey mandlebrodt. The dough is egg based, almost like the dough used in hamentaschen. That's rolled out into a large, thin sheet. She then coats the whole thing with either prune or apricot lekvar and sprinkles chopped walnuts and raisins. The whole thing is then rolled into a loaf a baked. Just once. While still soft, she slices it and lets cool.
  16. Dinner last night: Curried Coconut Pumpkin Soup Brisket Rice Pilaf Brocolli Rabe Quince Jellies for dessert a 2003 Chianti to drink - don't remember the name.
  17. We don't have any cabinets about the fridge, so there's a lot of room. In the back is where we keep the microwave, which has probably been used 4 times in 10 years. We keep meaning to toss it. Sitting on top of the microwave is picnic basket and an box with an acrylic cookbook holder. Standing in front of the microwave are assorted boxes of cereal, a tin full of sweet & low, and a bottle of vitamins. We've also got a small toolbox tucked away and a spare 1 gallon jug.
  18. I actually finished cooking early today. I'm in shock. Mushroom Barley Soup (I had 3 quarts left from last week's batch and Blovie requested) Braised short ribs with turnips and carrots in a red wine-mustard sauce Roasted Acorn Squash Brussel Sprouts sauteed in duck fat Chewy Squares for dessert Haven't decided on the wine yet.
  19. Obviously, a magazine like Gourmet has to appeal to wide constituency - from those who read it for the vicarious thrill but never cook to those who are hard-core and passionate about food (like the group you have here). How do you and your staff go about creating content that will please such a diverse group?
  20. Ruth, Over the years I've heard of Ruth Reichl sightings at Fairway. Which leads me to wonder - where are some of your favorite places to shop for ingredients and kitchen equipment in the city? Bloviatrix
  21. 6 heaping tablespoons cocoa (ScharffenBerger) 4 tablespoons sugar 1 cup water. Over low heat combine 3 ingredients into a paste. Add 3 cups milk. Just before it boils add 1 tsp of vanilla and a pinch of salt. And 1/4 cup cream. Heat a bit longer and serve.
  22. GG, your taste buds may differ, but I wouldn't go out of my way to search out the Chardonnay.
  23. This year at Kosherfest Kedem, which is known for their sweet and thick Concord Grape and Malaga Wines exhibited two new grape juices - Sparkling Merlot and Sparkling Chardonnay. I didn't particularly like the Chardonnay, I found it too sweet. But the Merlot was quite nice. It was on the dry side and the bubbles added a lovely touch. I actually would consider keeping the Spakling Merlot on hand for non-wine drinkers.
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