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  1. Bialis Farms sells green peanuts at the W. 97th street (btw columbus and amsterdam) greenmarket on Friday mornings. Once boiled up, these babies are addictive.
  2. The Katzrin is hard to find in NY. But I did have an opportunity to sample the red last year. I don't remember which vintage it was, but it was quite lovely. It's been such a long time that I don't remember any details.
  3. I am so unprepared for this holiday - I've done NOTHING. We've been invited out for one meal. And I still have several pounds of rib roast left from Rosh Hashannah to defrost. It's supposed to rain tomorrow night which means we'll probably just say kiddush and hamotzi in the sukkah. I guess I'll throw some things together tomorrow.
  4. Stay away from Talia's. The quality of their meat is susbstandard. I've been there twice and have been disappointed both times. If you want steak go to either Prime Grill or Le Marais.
  5. Crazy busy week. Fortunately, I could "shop in the freezer" for parts of the meal. Dinner tonight will be: Chicken Liver terrine Butternut squash soup Lamb chops rubbed with garlic and thyme Mushroom-onion ragout Ratatouille Poached pears We're going to a Bat Mitzvah tomorrow so no need to be concerned with lunch.
  6. My in-laws stayed with us for shabbat, so we were 4. Corn and potato chowder Picked veal brisket braised in beer Ratatouille Salad of beets, apples, toasted walnuts in a vinaigrette Fig Confit
  7. bloviatrix


    The real reason why many people don't know about the quality of Israeli wines is that most of the wines that get exported are kosher and get placed in the kosher wine section of wine stores. If you're not looking for kosher wines you'll never see them. I know of just one wine store that integrates Israeli (kosher) and other kosher wines with the rest of their stock.
  8. This is the last week we're eating dairy. Dinner tonight will be: Vichysoisse Roasted Salmon with Moroccan Spiced Tomato Jam Edamame Turnip Green Fritters Plum Clafouti Hagafen Sauvignon Blanc to drink.
  9. None of the vineyards of northern or southern Israel have been "occupied" by the army. The few tanks you've seen in photographs are there entirely as a preventive measure and have done absolutely minimal damage to the vineyards. I am quite certain that the army and the wineries are well aware that those tanks also offer wonderful photo-ops. Most of the tanks that remain in the north now are parked comfortably on the side of roads, protected by hillsides and do not interfere either with the vineyards or even the traffic. ← Occupied is probably the wrong tern, but the e-mail I received said
  10. Two more for me: Foster's Market Cookbook (I love the one that came out last year so I had to buy the first one) Jewish Cooking for All Seasons
  11. Dinner last night: A thai insipred corn soup with coconut milk. Keralan Fish curry (a traditional dish of the jews of Kerala, India) over basmati rice Very simple.
  12. Recanati has not been as lucky as Dalton. Some of the vineyards are occupied by the military.
  13. This week's shabbat dinner - Curried yellow squash soup Flounder dredged in cornmeal and chili powder, pan fried Corn Braised beet greens w/garlic Very simple. We also hosted lunch for 6. pre-lunch nibbles of baba ganoush, basil-garlic aoili, butter, sungold tomatoes, seeded rye and sesame pugliese sweet corn and potato vichysoisse poached salmon on a bed of buttercrunch lettuce, heirloom tomatoes, green/yellow beans, and scallions tomato and mozzerella tart - chive/garlic crust composed salad of beets and nectarines peach ice cream Dalton Galilee Rose '05 - I was reading this week that they
  14. Michelle, stay safe. As I'm sure you can imagine, what's happening consumes my waking thoughts. Dinner friday night was: Curried yellow squash soup with cilantro-lime oil Roasted sea bass The BEST corn EVER!!! Caramel Monkey ice cream (homemade banana ice cream with chocolate chips and caramel) Lots of peppermint ice tea to drink. I was particularly happy with our shabbat lunch. A choice of chilled soups (corn for me, curried squash for Blovie) Poached salmon with citrus-balsamic vinaigrette on a bed of red leaf lettuce, striped german tomatoes, scallions and nectarines. Honey-lemon thyme sor
  15. I don't know where you are in Florida, but Sara's Tent in Aventurra might have them.
  16. Simple summer food: basil-garlic mayo on a sesame pugliese (used instead of challah) borscht roasted brook trout rubbed with charmoula first corn of the season buttermilk ice cream topped with raspbery-thyme compote Hibiscus and seltzer to drink
  17. So many of my own memories of my family are tied to sitting at the table at various holidays feasting on the dishes my grandmother, mother, and aunts made. I think of the feeling of warmth and togetherness and most of all generousity of spirit. That's what I want people to think of me. It would also be nice to pass on recipes so that when other people use them they'll be known as Bloviatrix's [name of dish here].
  18. I've just surveyed my pantry. I have only one of their products - a box of matzah meal. I'm suprised I even have that. (I do have boxes of soup mix from their Goodman's line, though.)
  19. The greenmarket is at its height, so I'm taking full advantage: Started with a meze of baba ganoush with fresh rye bread Watermelon gazpacho Roasted rainbow trout, rubbed with charmoula and stuffed with sorrel Garlicy green bean salad Wild rice Rhubarb and currant crumble with polenta topping Goose Bay Marlborough (NZ) Sauvignon Blanc '05 to drink.
  20. My menu for last night: Chilled zucchini and garlic scape soup Tart of mushrooms and mozzerella in a garlic-thyme crust Salad of arugala with a yogurt dressing Blueberries and mascarpone Dalton Rose to drink.
  21. The book is already out. I was looking at it earlier today - it looks great.
  22. Now that the weather's warm.... New garlic and zuchinni soup (chilled) Curried cod, pan seared with raita Chickpeas and onions (a Keralan dish) Minted Ice Tea
  23. Dinner tonight will be: Raw yellowtail with mint, scallions, and sesame oil Roasted rainbow trout stuffed with turnip greens, pine nuts and currents Zucchini sauted in butter Sweet noodle kugle Cocoa Nib Ice Cream Goose Bay Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2004 (NZ) Rye Bread instead of challah.
  24. I have the Deborah Madison book. I made the black bean soup with coconut milk and lime - it did not go over well. Blovie told me never to make it again.
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