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  1. An early spring meal.... Red lentil-vegetable soup Slow cooked salmon w/salsa of pineapple, kiwi, red onion, and mint Mustard green fritters Roasted potatoes w/sea salt Pomegranate-cherry sorbet
  2. Another vote for the Vegetables Everyday. It's a great resource - I turn to it significantly more than Vegetable Love. I also own Local Harvest and rarely turn to it - for a greenmarket inspired book I prefer The greenmarket Cookbook by Petraker and Schwartz.
  3. I actually printed out that recipe last week thinking it looked it good. Thanks for the confirmation.
  4. We're also trying to get through all the open bags of corn meal, flour, rice, etc. Additionally, our weather turned for the worst - where it had been in the mid-60s earlier in the week, it started to snow over thursday night which meant wanting something a bit heartier. We ate - Lentil soup Veal Schnitzel, using a combination of corn meal and bread crumbs Wild rice pilaf 2005 Portugese red from the Duoro - I can't remember the winemaker.
  5. I believe you're thinking of Neshama. In the NY area, you can find their products in all the kosher markets, Zabar's, and some supermarkets such as Shop-Rite. Among their products is a kosher andouille that is quite spicy. There's also Daniel's Kosher Charcuterie. I've tried the saucisson de Marsaillaise which was pretty good. Rue Lafayette is also a good source for many of these products.
  6. We had a very simple meal this week: mushroom soup london broil marinated in soy, honey, and garlic roasted carrots and cauliflower israeli couscous with toasted almonds and dried cranberries The one good thing about this clock change is that I'll have more time to cook when I get home on friday afternoon. Maybe I'll actually be able to return all these invites we've received the past few months.
  7. Pam, if you can get your hands on Domino Brown Sugar, it's KfP. There's a little thing on the box.
  8. Gotham on Bway at 94th st - just bought a bottle of Oak Cross on thursday. (BTW, if you see Orangerie buy it - the supplies are running out and the earliest they'll be making any more is '09)
  9. much more ... ← I was actually at Moishe's today - to pick up challah (so fresh, they put it in a wax bag because it was still steaming). I've had their hamantaschen and while I like the texture, I don't love the flavor of the dough. I find it too salty.
  10. We've been invited out for the third week in a row. This is a good thing since it means Blovie can clean the oven in time for hamentaschen baking on sunday. (and he won't be underfoot while I make my batters on saturday night).
  11. I've made them with gingerbread dough. They're very rich and intense.
  12. Have you seen Laura Frankel's Jewish Cooking for all Seasons? Frankel owns Shallots, a kosher restaurant in Chicago (there used to be a branch in NYC). Frankel's philosophy is to cook seasonally using the freshest ingredients available. She doesn't do "traditional" jewish cooking. I've cooked quite a bit from the book and although I think her serving sizes are way off - enormous quantities of food - everything I've made has been a hit. We're particularly enamoured with her recipe for pomegranate molasses bbq sauce. Quite simple to make and dresses up roast chicken nicely.
  13. No cooking for me - we were invited out for both dinner last night and lunch today. But, I picked up a new bottle of wine that I had never seen before. It was Yogev Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz blend. The wine needed to open up a bit, but it was quite nice.
  14. This week's dinner was a joint effort between me and Blovie - Mushroom barley soup Chicken with honey and saffron roasted peppers and carrots corn souffle He's really been wonderful with helping on Friday. I'm looking forward to shabbat starting later because it gives me more time to do things when I get home.
  15. Sounds like a great meal. How many people were you cooking for because I'm feeling full just reading it.
  16. Rebecca, I'm so happy to see you posting. I hope you're holding up ok through the treatment. --------------------------------- My spicy black bean chowder (with Rancho Gordo Black Valentine beans ) is simmering away on the range-top. The house is smelling wonderful.
  17. My dad is 90. The only thing he's capable of is re-heating already prepared food and baking potatoes. On those rare occasions we ate salami and eggs it was made by my mother. There is a kosher butcher in Brooklyn that cures its own smoked hard sausages. Whenever we buy them, we'll have a dinner that week off salami and eggs.
  18. You made mujadra? Mmmmmm. My favorite. I had some disappointing mujadra the other week - not enough caramelized onions. Very disappointing. Our shabbat dinner was Bean and vegetable soup (and to make Miriam jealous - with Rancho Gordo beans. ) Lachmajin (I know I'm misspelling this) Lamb chops rubbed with thyme and garlic Kasha Varniskes Left over birthday cake for dessert Baaksburg Pinotage 2004 (south africa)
  19. Miriam, I find that the key to making a moist oven-roasted turkey breast is to use a meat thermometer. Cook it until it reaches an internal temp of 168F and it should remain moist. I'm about to be evil, but I recently made my first Rancho order and we've been in bean heaven. You should check as to whether or not he can ship to Israel because I know Canada is out of the question. Otherwise, do you know anyone who is coming to visit in the near future that can bring them for you?
  20. Know the feeling. I leave a couple hours early on Friday which gives me some time in the kitchen but the shopping is done a couple of days ahead and prep work and some cooking is usually done Thursday night. Then it's in the kitchen Friday after work and go full blast till people arrive at 6 pm. I'm usually thinking what's on the menu by Tuesday so I can plan ← You've captured the situation perfectly. I feel like I'm constantly preparing for shabbos.
  21. I went back to working full-time several weeks ago, so this cooking for shabbos thing has been complicated as I no longer have all day friday to shop and cook. I'm fortunate in that Blovie has been absolutely wonderful - for all the dishes that can't be done in advance I do all the prep and he does the cooking on Friday. This shabbos our meal was - Vegetable and bean soup (using Rancho Gordo Yellow Indian Woman beans) Roast chicken with a pomegranate molasses glaze Kasha Varnishkes Roasted fennel, parsnips, and carrots tossed with balsamic Pear and prune compote with cognac Abarbanel Alsa
  22. All the kosher stores carry them but I always find them to be disappointing. For a sufganiya to be really good it has to be eaten still warm. Once they cool they become kind of leaden. It's possible that in parts of Brooklyn they doing designer sufganiyot, but they haven't it made it into Manhattan. But then, we have a paucity of kosher bakeries.
  23. Wow. Those sufganiyot look fabulous. I'm tempted to lick the computer screen.
  24. Pam, thanks for the demo. Maybe I'll actually make them this year.
  25. Tonight we'll be eating: Morrocan spiced lentil soup Tagine of Lamb and quince Roasted cauliflower Boiled peanuts for dessert. I'm not sure about the wine.
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