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    Whipped Cream

    the cream will dewhip in two days, no question. overwhipping will not help---it will just make butter. but if you have access to a cooler, can you stick a whisk and bowl in there? or in the glove box, or ??? it takes about 2 minutes to whip cream by hand, assuming you are using it for garnish and don't need 2 gallons.
  2. i got my copy from jessica's biscuit yesterday, so maybe things aren't as dire as they seemed.
  3. chezcherie

    Prawn bisque

    usually, oui. but not always. for example, when i tempura batter shrimp, i peel them first. but always save the shells in the freezer, for just such a bisque event!
  4. chezcherie

    Prawn bisque

    i like to saute the shells first in some butter, to extract the flavor into the fat. i think that carries the flavor through the stock really well, but then, i like everything better with a little butter.
  5. this post reminded me--when i was 18 (long, long ago) and had my first apartment and roommate, the metric system was threatening to take over the u.s.....(what ever happened to that?!) my roomie was absolutely panicked about this looming threat--actually spent time worrying about how to handle it , until i pointed out that the kitchen police were not likely to come and wrestle the teaspoons (and 1/3 cup measures) from her bony grip. i think she found something else to worry about then.
  6. send that one to me, please...i have about 4 of those, and use them constantly, as they have oz., tablespoons, teaspoons, cups and other measurements i don't even know what they are...they are top rack dishwasher safe, but several have "found their way" to the bottom rack , and therefore can no longer be used for liquid measure (unless i am lightening quick, the liquid being measured oozes out of the crack in the bottom!) i love those, and the measuring spoons that are elongated rectangles, rather than round-bellied--the ones where even the tablespoon will fit inside a narrow spice jar, so i can measure one tablespoon, rather than a teaspoon three times!
  7. chezcherie


    saw it this afternoon after a visit to our fav wine store. snuck in a bottle of zin (grabbed from the trunk in a hurry--wish it had been a pinot, but hey---in the movies, ya take what you have, and enjoy it!) i recommend doing this, as it makes you feel like you are getting away with something. i wanted to love the movie more, but it was certainly bearable, with some enjoyable wine scenes. i've seen much worse!
  8. chezcherie


    Could you indulge a wine newbie and tell me more about that last sentence? That's something I have not heard about before. Thanks! ← i'm not bugsy, but we have the same policy, chez moi. it's because the more wine you have enjoyed that evening, the more likely you are to be careless in the washing process. bashing them in the sink, smashing them against one another, etc. i find that we break considerably fewer when we wait until the dawn's early light!
  9. chezcherie


    i've been wondering, since reidel recently bought spielgelau, whether we have seen the last of these deals? i've been watching, as we need some replacement reds..
  10. so you can't/won't stuff it...sigh. it's just so much better when it gets all slickery. i'm not hosting this year and my host plans to grill the bird...would that mean we can't stuff? if i were to host, here's what i would do: make rich, luscious turkey stock - which is also essential for decent gravy...especially if you stuff. cube a couple loaves of good white bread and let the cubes dry overnight saute lots of pork breakfast sausage add chopped onion & celery and some criminis to the rendered fat, add chopped sage and thyme. stir in the cubed bread and moisten with a mixture of butter and stock. fill the bird. several hours later cause major distraction in kitchen and gobble crusty stuffing cap while eunny and chezcherie aren't looking. ← i am always looking.
  11. anyone looking for a sig-line? beautiful, eunny!
  12. is it possible that they do not have seeds? i have a lovely potted "wild lime"* tree, and love using the leaves and rind from the wrinkly little limes, but i'm not sure i've ever seen one seed! * this seems like a good place to ask this question..i remember reading somewhere that the "k" word is quite derogatory and offensive to a certain ethnic group, similar to the "n" word in the u.s. has anyone else heard this, or have a source for the information?
  13. ummmm...is that one-size-fits-all?
  14. redsugar, this looks great, but i have a question. is this recipe to be made using fresh, uncured olives (i.e, without the preliminary rinsing, water or brine soaking, etc.)? i have a few lbs of fresh green olives soaking in water that i have changed daily for a week or so. the method i saw said to do this for about 10 days, and then test for bitterness. i'm wondering if, after i reach the 10 day point, i could then continue with this flavorful-sounding method. thoughts greatly appreciated---my olives look so gorgeous in their glass-and-water "arrangement, i may need to get more, once these go into brine or olive oil!
  15. ahhhh, thanks! it's one of those head-smacking, why didn't i think of that tricks that i love. happy thanksgiving!
  16. i first heard about these from my 17 yr old culinarian, who spoke in rapt prose about these delicacies---best, he claims, when cooked in a parking lot, over an open trashcan (or oil drum) fire. i thought he had been smokin' something. i have come to know that there are others who are aficianados of these 'dogs. (i eat a lot of weird stuff, at least according to my children, but i can't bring myself to eat a hotdog...bacon-wrapped-just-about-anything-else, bring it, but hotdogs, i'm gonna pass...) i once stumbled across a recipe that he said looked like a good start. of course, i can't find it now, but googled this up--gives a description, and a jumping-off point. clickety
  17. i will fight you for that cap!
  18. my take on the "stuffing vs. dressing" thing is that it all depends on where it's cooked. stuffing is inside the boid, dressing is in a dish. crispy skin and stuffing is IT for me--keep the turkey, just gimme the crackling skin. (my best tip, if you are going to stuff the bird---line the cavity with (butter-soaked!) cheesecloth, then stuff that. sooo easy to remove the stuffing in one tug, rather that pulling and spooning it out.)
  19. some pureed chipotle in adobo might do it?
  20. oh, this will be fun! post on....my little panini grill is preheating!
  21. there is a delicious recipe in the new gourmet cookbook for a green bean salad with pumpkin seed dressing. of course i have just lent my copy to a friend for the weekend, so can't cite chaper and verse, but it is a dressing made by combining toasted, hulled pumpkin seeds, some garlic and cumin and some olive oil in a blender. (that's close, anyway.) the first time i made it, i ate several spoonfuls straight--not something i usually do with sauces or dressings!
  22. the day i saw the light i so clearly remember this day. i felt like a character in one of those '50s movies, you know, where the junkie is shooting up in squalor, and catches a glimpse of her reflection in a piece of broken mirror. "that's me---an addict. it ain't pretty, but it's true." there i was with a 67 lb pig in the bathtub (something i'm fairly certain would never have happened w/o eG!), and in need of aid. help! without eGullet, i don't think there would have been a sight like this (and many more to come) in my very own backyard. pig, glorious pig! and very soon after my inaugural roast, several eGulleteers contacted me for advice on their first go at it. that was sweet, to be able to share the experience and encourage someone else, as i had so recently been encouraged. i truly think i've learned as much on eGullet as i did in culinary school. that's why i was in such a rush to become one of the first "society donors"....not for the eGullet thong, i assure you (where IS that, btw?), but because it has really been a tremendous resource, therapy tool and generally enjoyable time waster for me. (in the course of constructing this post, it occurred to me that i never would have learned all the cool little clickety stuff, either, if it weren't for eG!)
  23. napa rose, in the disney grand hotel, is (no, i'm serious) quite good, with a super wine list. so anaheim should not be a dismal blank.
  24. all the scallops i've eaten in paris have had the roe intact. my understanding is that it is an instant indicator of freshness, as it is so perishable, more so even than the scallop itself. i'd be interested to know if this is not your experience.(not the freshness, but the presence.) maybe i've just been lucky in dining, because i adore scallops, and the roe, which we very rarely see here. bon appetit et bon voyage!
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