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  1. fernand point, not ferdInand. that may be the problen when googling?
  2. have you tried microwaving it a bit? that seems to help me get it into workable consistency.
  3. please excuse my intrusion..have had a bit too much wine, and have not thoroughly devoured all posts herein... have you considered purchasing the best quality vanilla ice cream currently available commercially, placing it in the bowl of a Kitchenaid mixer (or equivalent), and paddling it with a judicious shakering of best quality cinnamon, then refreezing? i used to have a local place that produced wonderful cinnamon ice cream in small batches...but i moved. so i punted--and this works well. not only with cinnamon. marsala. espresso. (vamp here) edited to improve drunken spelling
  4. oooh this thread is going to kill me. i love bb, but live in southern ca, so i only get there a few times a year (along with the pasta shop, monterey market, etc.) i have to pack an extra carryon just for goodies. i always have a new friend or two by the time my flight home lands. ("would you like an olive? how about a lovely piece of acme bread? salumi?")
  5. drat! the book is here from the library, and because of the photos on this thread, i've been thinking of trying the lemon creme first. (i have a recipe i love for lemon curd, but that photo was divine.) of course, had i read the thread with greater care, i would have known that it was the other book. oh well, i guess i'll have to "settle" for hazelnut chocolate....not a bad "settle".
  6. love the updated avatar, tanabutler! i was at boule on friday, but nothing survived long enough to photograph! the fleur de sel caramels were swoon-able.
  7. that would be fun! i wanna play....
  8. i have a lightweight cooling rack that just fits on a sheetpan. i place that on top of the puff, and it doesn't even need to be sprayed or buttered. it sometimes leaves a slight "grid" impression on the puff, but that either looks cool or is masked with powdered sugar or cocoa. yes, egullet rocks.
  9. most seem to require a waiver relinquishing rights once you get through some of the elimination rounds. (the cooking light one is one of those--finalists complete a form doing so.) your mileage may vary.
  10. oh, how i want a ticket for that trip!
  11. Well you're in luck! There is now a Hooters near the wharf, if you are looking for some wings. In the mood for Mexican food? Try Chevy's in the Embarcadero Center #2. How about a hamburger? We have some of the finest McDonald's stores around! Brooks, feel free to contact me for more recommendations. I have plenty. ← and starbucks--don't forget them! the hotel we stayed in last time literally had TWO starbucks across the street. i wonder how customers choose between them?
  12. i'm pretty sure cameras are banned. is that naive of me? i mean, i know there are camera phones (and shoe phones---yes, i watched "Get Smart"), but i've never seen anyone taking photos there, tho it would be very handy.
  13. chezcherie

    Injecting food?

    when we roast a pig, we inject it with a mojo solution 24 hours before we light the coals. i am extremely needle-phobic (have actually fainted at the mere sight of a hypodermic), but that thing is soooooo oversized that it makes me laugh. can't even imagine that coming towards me.
  14. ny son is turning 20 next week. (silent weeping--"HOW is this possible?!") he is not a planner...not a thinker-ahead, as is the case with many his age. last month, maybe 5 weeks before the day, he asked me if i would get him a pig for his birthday. he wants to throw himself a pig roast. he has been dreaming of borrowing the caja china and roastin' him some pork. i really love him. piercings and dreadlocks and all, he has a good heart, and loves him some pig. that's his first one. the next one is being delivered tomorrow. happy birthday, kiddo!
  15. if they ate the others, how about augmenting the plain with the flavors they liked--maple syrup, brown sugar, dehydrated apple specks? would they go for that?
  16. i say, if they sit at the table, they share in splitting the bill.
  17. chezcherie

    Extra Fois Gras

    huuuu-ooof. that was my first reaction when i read the title. the sound of the wind being knocked out of me. then it occurred to me that that is my new favorite oxymoron. "extra foie gras"...it would make an excellent band name, too. sear it and schmear it, man. om hazelnut bread, in my personal daydream. if you have any pomegranates around, they are gorgeous with foie gras. i made a salad over the hols with a drizzle of pomegranate vinaigrette and a sprinkle of pomegranate seeds. delicious and gorgeous.
  18. did i read somewhere that "santoku" means "does three things" or somesuch?
  19. "shorthanding it to "amuse," however is a huge pet peeve, similar to Bourdain's degradation of "mise en place" to "meez." " we can't say meez??! i think i have saved three years with that verbal shorthand.
  20. chezcherie


    i'm almost afraid to ask how you found out...?
  21. surfas is in culver city, 10-15 minutes from downtown l.a. it's got a lot of great specialty food stuff, as well as really good prices on bakeware and other cooks' goodies. i love surfas.
  22. chezcherie

    Confit Duck

    mmmm, fried bread taste test....i can do that. and look, it's breakfast time! good suggestion--thanks!
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