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  1. thanks for reminding me that i don't know how to pronounce this--can you elucidate beyond the s/no s? thanks! taaah(s)--vahn? taaaahst--vahn? taahs(t)-VAHN? (that's me, practicing...)
  2. dfunghi, are you okay with this? if so, i will add my email tonight. (what contact info should we give? pm the reply, if you like.)
  3. mine is from the local asian market---well under $20, and it's been in use about 15 years...get a cleaver there, while you're at it!
  4. wow. sounds like you have dotted the i's and crossed the t's, to no avail....time to get one of those tv news crusaders on the case. who is the guy who does the "filthy restaurants---are YOU eating vermin?" stories locally? or one of the chefs who has a segment--mario martinolli or ?? i want to see you get this resolved....let me know how to help. (have you contacted the l.a chapter of the mushroom society? i was a member for a while, and have the info somewhere, if you 'd like me to dig it up....i think there might be some notes on mushroom experts i took classes from---but you probably already have all the experts you need---sounds like you ARE one, for that matter.) best of luck---don't give up.
  5. turtlemeng-- where do you live? i ask because there are a lot of ethnic markets that sell the pre-roasted, pre-skinned hazelnuts for waaay cheaper than surfas (and i LOVE surfas--was actually there today, picking up, among other things....valrhona cocoa powder! no lie!) a couple places i get mine are sunland produce (at sunland and glenoaks) and....gawd. the name of the other place slips my mind at the moment...but they have a lot of middle eastern stuff. the turnover is really high, which is nice if you don't like rancid hazelnuts. i don't! i hope your lasik went well, so you can read this!
  6. sure seems like it. are you in touch with other wild mushroom purveyors to see whther they have been affected as well? if they have not, it certainly seems as though you are been singled out for some unwanted (and maybe unwarranted) attention.
  7. david-- very sorry for your trouble with the powers that be. is there some certification that you need that you can pursue in order to become certified? something that other purveyors have been able to obtain? as it seems that other vendors are (currently) okay to continue. perhaps there is a way (though probably not easy or instant) that will allow you to continue to ply your trade? i DO understand the concern about who is selling what, especially since a bad mushroom can take your liver out....and after attending a few mushroom-foraging classes, i wondered what safeguards were in place at grocery stores (not to mention farmer's markets) to assure that the mushrooms were properly identified. however, there have been wild mushrooms foraged, sold and consumed for centuries, so there should be a certification or something that you could get? i'm very interested in this topic, and would love to know what they require you to do. yes, wild mushrooms can be dangerous. so can raw oysters (as i believe you or someone pointed out, upthread). so can raw meat, and i don't see a warning posted about that above the meat counter. heck--we KNOW cigarettes can kill ya but they still sell those...just the warning which i'm sure no smoker even SEES anymore, let alone reads... sorry for your troubles, and i hope there is a way to get the paperwork you need to continue. i am relieved, however, that things do not seem to be as dire as your original post suggested, i.e., an overall ban on the sale of wild mushrooms in l.a. county. good luck with the county. edited to fix some (but maybe not all) typos.
  8. just called around, and according to the above listed mr de la cruz, there is no ban currently. i spoke to three county officials before him, none of whom had heard of a ban, or knew who would know. when i spoke to mr. de la cruz, he was a bit curious about the source of the information ("an email"), and after a short conversation, he allowed as how one purveyor ,whom he, rightly, would not name to me ("ms. consumer") apparently did not jump through the right hoops, and was ordered removed from the certified area...but he says that there is no ban currently in effect. whew....i think??
  9. i'm in la canada, but i go to a lot of different markets, depending. this infuriates me....really. let me know what i can do, besides make phone calls
  10. bastards! i bought some gorgeous ones at my local farmer's market two weeks ago ("winter chanterelles" and hedgehogs), and you can bet that i will dash between the raindrops to see if the mushroom guy is still there this week. i will use the phone numbers you posted tomorrow, with righteous indignation!!!! bastards! first foie gras, now mushrooms...keep your hands off my plate!
  11. 4 pages since this morning--is this a record? (WRECK--erd)?
  12. on salads, like teeny little croutons.
  13. is sonoma foie gras also defunct? say it ain't so, although i would certainly understand if the (stupid, supid) political pressure proved too much.
  14. There are two older threads about tante marie, but neither have much in them - in the 2nd one JAZ says: The threads can be found here and here ← i believe jgarner53 is attending now.
  15. i love the food lover's guide, and have gone through two copies. while i still carry it to paris, it has not (and apparently won't be) updated in quite some time, and much of the info is outdated. that being said, i still enjoy walking the neighborhoods, looking for some of the places wells loved, and if they are gone, usually there is something else interesting going on..so for background and "color commentary", i say food lover's, but for up-to-date info, maybe zagat. edited to add: i had good luck with a paperback called "bistros of paris", last time i was there. not at home to check right now, but i seem to recall (oddly) that the author's last name was hamburger....(no, reallY!)
  16. in case you are trying to source it, i spelled it wrong--it's trablit. it's french.
  17. i use an italian espresso powder called megalio de oro (sp) that is available at most grocery stores, and a french coffee extract called trabilt that i get from a baking specialty place.
  18. i live within walking distance of taylor's other location, in la canada. when i need a steak, cooked by somebody else, as i sometimes do, it's arroyo chophouse, hands down. twice as far, twice as expensive, and worth every penny. it's where i first encountered spiegelau glassware, and where my husband learned about the difference prime makes, and that when it comes to beef, ya get what ya pay for.
  19. those are lovely loaves. congratulations! i think i need to pull out my copy of the bread baker's apprentice now. nice job, and welcome!
  20. Thank you very much! ← wow..now that's the power of egullet! kewl.
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