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  1. NapaStyle in St Helena? They sell it through their catalog and website, both of which I have heard (from would-be gifters this holiday season) have terrible delivery delays and worse customer service. Maybe a walk-in would yield different results (and maybe some curd)???
  2. The name of the other victim was Jorawar Gill, and apparently both "vegetarian" victims had eaten beef on an unknown number of occasions.
  3. Thanks, FG. I was googling while you were replying, and am now more confused---did find a great number of references to a vegetarian death, along with as many theories as to how this happened (He turned vegetarian at 18, possibly from gelatin, etc...) but this victim was male, and had a Sihk name. Is there a second vegetarian victim? Will google further...interesting thread, to be sure!
  4. Is this so? I hadn't heard that--can anyone provide a link where I can learn more about this aspect? Thanks.
  5. The corn relish is also great with sausages. My favorite thing to do with corn relish is combine it with black beans, cumin, red onion and avocado (and sometimes sauteed shrimp, chopped appropriately small) for a drool-inspiring salsa. It's 8 am, and I could easily eat some for breakfast!
  6. I'm not much of a Bourbon drinker (never got the hang of "brown liquor", tho I love the smell), but my new Christmas treat, "A Passion for Desserts" (Luchetti) includes a Woodford Reserve Bourbon Milkshake y'all might enjoy. (I was riffling through the book early this a.m., and it even made my mouth water, and as I said, generally, I don't do brown liquor!)
  7. Chestnuts. I want to like them--"roasting on an open fire", and all that--but both times I have had them right off the fire (once outside the Victoria and Albert Museum, where I was struck with the whole atmosphere of the vendor with his roaster on the street..), I nearly had to spit them out onto the ground. Mealy, musty and mushy--what's to like? Have had them fresh, vacuum-packed, canned and pureeed...I don't get chestnuts!
  8. my two cents coincide with cusina's, making 4 cents... i love the tilt head, hate the lifty, hook-on mechanism. when i was purchasing mine (eons ago--still going strong), i spent some time standing at the kitchenaid counter, trying to acclimate myself to the lift-bowl technique...and decided that the tilt head was so intuitive to me,that i would save time and precious brain cells every time i tilted rather than lifted...i stil have a few brain cells left, so there's empirical proof! the extra bowl is key to kitchne happiness---has saved my sanity a number of times!
  9. Yes, with all the picket signs, it's *almost* like Paris.... Like Priscilla, I'm pals with my grocery workers, too, and I can get what I need at Costco, Trader Joe's and a few indie stores, so I'm staying away from the majors. Cutting the healthcare benefits so much is really hitting some folks where they live, IMHO.
  10. that's a really nice turn of phrase--may i borrow it to describe these delicious elixirs when i use them in class? i, too, am a big fan of the "o" brand, and especially the blood orange and meyer lemon ones. they are a bit less expensive than the agrumato. not sure if anyone's mentioned this, but they are best used as a finishing oil, or a flavoring agent, as the delicate flavor dims when heated...so no blood orange oo saute.
  11. IMHO, grilling =mess. that's why we do it outside. in my dream kitchen, i'd love a griddle, because it can do soooo much more than pancakes (think flat top), and the metal is thick and delivers consistent heat for a very long time, but, i still think burners are the way to go. get a good two-burner-spanning griddle pan (and a grill pan, too, for those days you MUST eat grill marked food, and it's sleeting outside), and tuck them under the sink when not in use--then you've got the functionalilty of burners, burners, burners.
  12. chocolate. absolutely. and no milk chocolate, either. bittersweet--for obvious reasons.
  13. Tori Ritchie has a cookbook writing seminar starting Sept. 9th, in conjunction with Tante Marie Cooking School. www.tantemarie.com I didn't see a specific mention of it on the schedule, but you might call the school and ask. I wish I could attend, but I'm stuck in So. CA on Tuesday nights. Also, I completely and wholeheartedly second the grateful comments above---I have learned a tremendous amount from this course, and truly appreciate the time, trouble and thought you've taken to participate, David. Thanks so much!
  14. oooooh, jaymes, THANK YOU for that redolent, succulent description and recipe....i could smell it cooking, but sadly, could not force the illusion far enough to get it into my mouth,so i'll have to make a batch mas pronto. tell me, would tomatillos be out of place? muchas gracias!
  15. FWIW, my Salter weighs up to 11 lb., and if I'm not mistaken, down to .5 grams, which has proven sufficient to my needs. (I used a postal scale for years, once the rates went up, and a replacement chip to calculate postage was so much $$ that I relegated it to the kitchen, but it had a lot of nooks and crannies that were impossible to get flour...and worse...out of.) Another thing I really like about that scale is that it takes up NO space in the kitchen. I have countertop "issues", and I lean it up against the fridge, where it takes up about as much space as a child's handprint.
  16. I've used the Salter 1002 pictured on that page for several years, and I recommend it--easy to clean, very portable (important to me, because I cook in several different kitchens), and reliable. That's a pretty good price, too.
  17. bon chance, louisa--and keep us posted---quickly. one can only keep one's fingers crossed for so long! (what is the french equivalent of "fingers crossed for luck", i wonder?)
  18. I really enjoy The Girl and the Fig, on the square in Sonoma---nice cheese selection, flights of wine, charcuterie and interesting menu selections. Very pretty to sit out on the patio and enjoy the evening (if it isn't blazing hot!) (edited to correct early-morning typo!...where's the coffee?)
  19. Was it St. Pat? It's wrapped in wild nettles.....yuuuuummmm!
  20. those indoor grills almost inevitably end up gathering dust because they get used a couple times and then the clean-up gets to be too much of a pain. i occasionally demonstrate a (high end, unmentioned) brand of appliance, and can't tell you how many people regret getting the grill. (of course, we live in so. CA, where one can grill outdoors year-round.) i always encourage folks to go for maximum burner-age...you can always get a good quaility grill- and/or griddle-pan to span two burners when you need it, and the rest of the time, it's "burners for days"!
  21. Just held a "cofit confab" last night to teach some friends the technique--got 15 lbs of great duck legs/thighs for $1.29 lb at 99 Ranch Market (the one I go to is at Valley and Del Mar (in San Gabriel). MMMMMMMmmmmmm, duck legs!
  22. have you tried santa monica seafood? haven't been there in some time, as i'm now east of there, here "fish king" in glendale RULES, but they used to be super. (i second the surfas suggestion, and they have "fancier" and hard to find items, at great prices.)
  23. i'm ready----hopefully my duck confit will be gone by the time you get the plan up and running?!
  24. chezcherie

    Duck Confit

    soooo, now that all that's out of the way, and the confit is ready...what will we use it for? (the thread, and some great-looking duck legs at the Asian market, inspired me to make some for the first time since culinary school! smells diviiiiine.) looking for some inspired applications for this heavenly treat.
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