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  1. macarons. several related threads active now...i'm obsessed with them. have yet to make a perfect batch, but still trying.
  2. nightscotsman-- thank you for the tips. i will try them out--i appreciate the generosity of your tips, and also the pictoral sharing of your talents. good luck with your search for the perfect pastry position---obviously, your next employeer will be very lucky to have you.
  3. mojito? or maybe caipirinha? ( had one or two caipirinhas at fonda---they really sneak up!)
  4. ate our way through the tapas menu at fonda last week. (is that berkeley or albany? i'm not from around here...) delicious and beautiful, and the plates just kept coming. i loved the "vuelve de la vida"---loved saying it, over and over. (means "a return to life", supposedly a hangover remedy.) crab, maybe cod, and scallops, in a spicy, lime-y brothiness, topped with avocado cubes. mmmm. our other stand out fav were the duck tostaditas wtih pomegranate seds...the pop of the seeds was just lovely with the rich duck meat. mmmmm. i think i would be there every night if i lived in the vicinity.
  5. okay--no recipe....i get that. would you maybe be able to share a couple "how to get them this gorgeous" macaron tips? obsessively yours, cherie
  6. the macarons, the macarons!!! might there be a recipe to share? (i am on the never-ending quest to make a great macaron at home.) those photos took me right back to culinary school (tho', sadly, our baking program was lacking---never saw anything like your wonderful work!) ya done good!!!
  7. i am following the thread with great interest, and appreciate the back-and-forth, and various cooking styles in play,, as well as all the free advice. i apologize in advance for the possible influence of the (well earned) bottle of zin i played my part in consuming tonight--tho i have devoured the entire thread, i cannot at this point recall with certainly whether a 36" range (all gas) fits the bill. i DO recall that self-cleaning is an issue...is this thermador gas 36 self cleaning range a possibility? i wanna come to the new-and-improved mr and dr varmint (and lils') new kitchen inaugural pig pickin'! (but i wanted to come to the "mr and dr varmint our-kitchen-may-suck-but-we're-still-invintin'-y'all-and-it-will-prove-legendary" first annual pig pickin'!) what fun! edited to say--remember that bottle of zin i mentioned? the clickety thing is for the 30", but there is a 36" one too..click the advance button near the bottom (for the 36" version...i need to sleep now--g'night!)
  8. Yessssssss! I will be up there for the Fancy Food Show this weekend, and will certainly check them out----j'adore les macs!
  9. 99 Ranch, or any other large Asian supermarket will have good duck legs at low prices.
  10. Pronouced chip--oht-lay, not chip-oat-lay. (Although the recent Jack-in-the-Box commercials did make me smile, with the witless bubblehead struggling to pronounce "chip-o-top-lay, chip-tiple", until the chica at the famers market told him to "just go...")
  11. hee hee--care to post a recipe?
  12. c'est vrai, louisa! and thanks for the link---duh! i was trying laduree.COM--typical american! gorgeous site--the macaron photos made me want to weep---or lick the monitor! cheers!
  13. I was googling around in search of a macaron feve, and found a site that features (amongst humdreds of others--alas, no Laduree macarons) Kama Sutra feves--a whole set! Laissez les bon temps roulez!
  14. Mardi Gras World---OMG!!! Who knew? I have attempted to PM you, in my novice way, and will await a reply on the babies expectantly. Off to google again, with your guidance--"feve" "king cake charm" and other permutations having proved fruitless. Merci!
  15. mayhaw man (or other kind nola reader)-i'm in search of a place to purchase feves--the plastic babies, but also more interesting ceramic ones...do you know of a bakery or gourmet shop where i might be able to mail order? merci beaucoup, y'all!
  16. i want a set of macaron feves BAD!!! any idea how to procure?? tia!
  17. God! How is this possible!!? (Took a cooking class, quite some time ago, in So CA, with a new "big deal" chef from Napa--MC--and my impression was quite negative. Cocky, I expected, but got rude and even a bit mean in the mix...) I guess cream rises to the top, and "other stuff" sinks?
  18. NapaStyle in St Helena? They sell it through their catalog and website, both of which I have heard (from would-be gifters this holiday season) have terrible delivery delays and worse customer service. Maybe a walk-in would yield different results (and maybe some curd)???
  19. The name of the other victim was Jorawar Gill, and apparently both "vegetarian" victims had eaten beef on an unknown number of occasions.
  20. Thanks, FG. I was googling while you were replying, and am now more confused---did find a great number of references to a vegetarian death, along with as many theories as to how this happened (He turned vegetarian at 18, possibly from gelatin, etc...) but this victim was male, and had a Sihk name. Is there a second vegetarian victim? Will google further...interesting thread, to be sure!
  21. Is this so? I hadn't heard that--can anyone provide a link where I can learn more about this aspect? Thanks.
  22. The corn relish is also great with sausages. My favorite thing to do with corn relish is combine it with black beans, cumin, red onion and avocado (and sometimes sauteed shrimp, chopped appropriately small) for a drool-inspiring salsa. It's 8 am, and I could easily eat some for breakfast!
  23. I'm not much of a Bourbon drinker (never got the hang of "brown liquor", tho I love the smell), but my new Christmas treat, "A Passion for Desserts" (Luchetti) includes a Woodford Reserve Bourbon Milkshake y'all might enjoy. (I was riffling through the book early this a.m., and it even made my mouth water, and as I said, generally, I don't do brown liquor!)
  24. Chestnuts. I want to like them--"roasting on an open fire", and all that--but both times I have had them right off the fire (once outside the Victoria and Albert Museum, where I was struck with the whole atmosphere of the vendor with his roaster on the street..), I nearly had to spit them out onto the ground. Mealy, musty and mushy--what's to like? Have had them fresh, vacuum-packed, canned and pureeed...I don't get chestnuts!
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