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  1. linguica and clams. mmmm
  2. i dunno why the order is goofy--top is shrimp and oyster po' boy (shortie), next is bleu cheese oysters(left) and shrimp and grits (right), next is mr anthony and miz gail signing cookbooks and taking orders and last is the exterior shot. mmmm. so glad i went.
  3. i was in line by 9:45. just inside the door was a chalkboard reading "Mr. Anthony says "It ain't over 'til it's over. Stay tuned. www.uglesich.com" My meal was worth the full day of flying there and back (wellll, I managed to squeeze in a stellar meal at upperline, and a good meal at jacques imo...) and when i got home tonight, i had several messages from excited pals who had heard me on npr! my 15 seconds of fame . that just makes the story that much better---and a write-off, no? (hey, i mentioned my cooking school!)
  4. i'm here! i'll be in line at 10 tomorrow...is that too early for voodoo shrimp?! (certainly not for a bloody mary!) uglesich's tomorrow, upperline tonight. sweeeet.
  5. i'm going. wednesday-thursday. woo-hoo!
  6. thanks, kevin. it's looking like this may happen. have a flight and a room, but would rather not go it alone, so hoping to find a friend to be crazy with. (i'm a happy solo traveler, but somehow new orleans does not seem like the most fun destination to visit alone.) but, if no one can break free, i may just do it. appreciate the response!
  7. so, the hare-brained scheme has not vanished. here's my question: i know they open at 10:30, and there's already a line. and they close 4 ish. do they shut the line down before that, or if you are in line at 4, do they letcha in? i'm just about to grab a buddy and fly in for lunch...just thinking about the story i could tell makes it worth doing. plus, i have a zero birthday this year, so i'm trying to have a banner year! edited for typo
  8. am i crazy? i'm toying with the idea of using my free rt ticket to fly to uglesich's for lunch before they close. have eaten there once, and loved it, and would love to have more of the menu under my belt before they lock up for good. is it just impossible to get in , now that the closing is semi-official? this is sounding like a compleely hare-brained scheme...but what a story it would make!
  9. pier one has them usually for about $2 each.
  10. sadly, no. (i was task-oriented..) i will try to take an "after", but it's just not that dramatic without the "before"!
  11. as i was sanding, i kept thinking of bowling alleys. (i don't bowl...) then i remembered a winery (central coast?) that boasts a tasting room bar made from recycled alleys!
  12. well, i'm talking edge grain. it's a counter that's used for prep and knife skills classes, about 3 1/2 ft deep and 10 ft long. it has been drinking in mineral oil all day (and i do mean drinking---like it had a straw!), which i went with because (a) so many suggested it and (b) it is more readily available/affordable than the gallon or more of walnut oil i woulda needed. (i have walnut oil, but only in dainty vials). love the idea of walnut oil, but the allergy thing is also worrisome (the last thing i would think about with a nut allergy person would be the finish on the chopping block!) so, edge grain, mineral oil, and will finish, as i read on the boos (or ?) website, with a 400 grit wet/dry sanding on the final coat. it already looks sooo much better than it did. it had been badly treated for years, and now it is getting its second life! thanks to all for the suggestions. egullet rocks.
  13. so i finally took over the reins at the cooking school i've been subleasing for five years. a lot of sweat equity will be going into upgrading and tweakage. this afternoon, we sanded down the grungy, corroded butcher block counter, me with the coarse orbital sander, and the more skilled hubby with the finish sander. it looks 1000% better already. now, do we need to seal it, or just mineral oil it over a period of days (weeks)? thanks for the wisdom of your experience!
  14. here is a photo of a chocolate "chipper" that works very well. clickety i believe i paid $5 for mine (not $19.99!) works great for breaking up large blocks, even along the lines. i also use an old, bad serrated knife, if i am away from home (where my chipper lives).
  15. hmmm..well, as a chicken-owner, i can tell you that the fresher the egg, the more impossible to peel when hard-boiled. i have noticed no difference between peeling older hard-boiled eggs, whether white, brown or green-shelled (see avatar.) so my guess is the brown are older than the white.
  16. that's the spirit! also excellent. so glad to hear that you are not giving up, david. this is an important issue, and while it must be a tremendous PITA for you, i believe that your perserverence will be rewarded.
  17. david-- please persist in this, even without a team of lawyers. it must be incredibly frustrating to you, and frightening as well, as your livelihood is being impacted. i wish you all the best, and will write letters, call politicians, or ??
  18. The other stupidest is that it's a bloody felony in California to make/sell cheese from unpasteurized milk (or to sell raw milk, period). My visitor from the UK was in disbelief when I told her that. And having had unpasteurized sheep's cheese that she brought, I'm ready to move to Great Britain and risk my health. ← ?? example of raw milk cheese from CA am i missing something? i think the cowgirl creamery site lists a bunch more...? my impression was that raw milk cheese must be aged 60 days, but not illegal to make or sell? interested in any info. thanks
  19. restaurant lulu and its spin off, the name of which escapes me, are two blocks away...very walkable. (axie? is it azie?) have had some nice tapas at the bar at lulu, as well as one lovely, linger-y dinner some time back.
  20. as soon as you can drive, get thee to sunland produce (sunland and glenoaks). or i will get some next time i'm there and bring them to you! they are probably less expensive there, skinned, than you are paying for skin-on..
  21. good--will phone immediately. good luck! edited to add: contacted antonovich's office via email. board of sup homepage
  22. AOC is practically across the street.aoc website mmm, roasted butternut squash with romesco sauce. and the cheeses....i want to go now.
  23. my book is on the way and the thread is killing me...i am very anxious to pariticipate with all senses! fedex, hurry, hurry! edited for terrible typing
  24. i was thinking the same thing. i still don't know how to pronounce it! tas(t)-veh? tast-veh? you say tomato....
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