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  1. So every time you read a page in the book you cross reference it to the errata PDF? Again, you hit the nail on the head - at least the original Modernist Cuisine had hundreds of material errors. Alinea did not.
  2. Yes but I use the floor for walking and the bed for sleeping
  3. I'm guessing the chile could be picked when green or yellow.... but admittedly I haven't researched it. I guess I should have said, the green and/or yellow and/or red sauce.... haven't tried Kenji's version, I'll take a look
  4. I'm addicted to a number of Peruvian chicken places in the LA area. For example, Takatis in Van Nuys. I'm curious if anyone has a killer recipe for the stuff. I've tried a couple of recipes I've found online and not found them to be terrible great. Ditto for the aji amarillo (green chile) sauce that it's normally served with, and bonus points for the red and yellow variations!
  5. Good point....I am not very detail oriented and read things too quickly! Thanks for pointing that out.
  6. Kitchen manual, P. 53. Note at bottom. There's probably something in the main text too. I'm impressed with myself that I found it!
  7. I was just reading Modernist Bread. One interesting point they make is that you actually don't really need to preheat the cooking vessel to have excellent bread results.
  8. Interesting idea. Personally I would be interested in just buying the liner to fit in a standard dutch oven rather than adding another pot to the collection, but I see you are trying to make a complete package.
  9. With all due respect to Nathan Myrhvold and the Modernist Cuisine team, I do find it ironic that a "Modernist" book is only available in a 50+ pound giant hardbound edition. I am in the sad position of having no more space for physical cookbooks, so I can only buy electronic ones. And realistically, the size of the physical books makes them rather ill suited to reading or using in any productive way. I wish that Myrhvold and company would consider releasing an electronic edition, or at least a more manageable physical one. Note that the problems are compounded by the fact that there are undoubtedly an enormous number of errata in the book (that was my frustration with the original Modernist Cuisine) thus shortly after purchasing one is left with a precise scientific cookbook book which is riddled with corrections that are hard to access. When I contacted Modernist Cuisine suggesting that they should replace books that contained hundreds of errors (as other publishers have done with problematic books), they basically laughed at me. My only conclusion from all of this is that these are books which are designed to sit on a shelf, not to be used.
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