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  1. Houston Chronicle's Chilling out: Soothe summer's heat with inventive twists on the traditional cocktail
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    eG's own inventolux and his own labour of love, Moto. Not entirely true. Cachaça is widely consumed all over Europe with solid numbers growing in the States. Aside from the above, I need to revisit some of my literature regarding sake, but I seem to remember it is considered more like a beer than wine, contradicting that idea of it being a "rice wine" .... I'll take another look to cite the authority stating such.
  3. They are pretty cool. I can see wanting to use these more often and buying them by the case. Thanks!
  4. This exchange is from the France forum. (For those not familiar with Taillevent, it is one of Paris' more expensive and elegant traditional restaurants.) answer No comment other than that I think I should look into their stock (shares of ownership, not what's in the stockroom or stockpot). I once was a manager at Ann Taylor....
  5. When I made the switch from lawfirm/retail to food and beverage I found the whole culture a bit intimidating. I was one of 150 servers and wised up rather quickly about who is scamming who, getting good shifts, gaining respect from the kitchen/bar staff and the like. But then I saw something I never saw or even heard when working with all of the lawyerly sorts: people thanked me! It was very heady at first. More thought on interview attire is largely dependant upon the type of food and beverage venue and position you are going after. Tiny, baby tee and a low rise mini isn't out of place when applying for a spot at a hot night club for a female bartender but certainly wouldn't fly at a conservative tuxedo'ed FOH staff type of place. The interviewing process is quite varied. Don't be surprised if it seems a bit less than professional or doesn't last more than five minutes. That bothered me at first and found if the interviewer picks up on that it did not work in my favour to get that position. I chalked it up to being either I wouldn't have been happy working there or opted to smile and go with the flow always looking forward to having a good experience with my other fellow coworkers and guests.
  6. Oops. I gave some thought about some of the food and beverage places I've worked.... I've worn a navy Ann Taylor pants suit to interviews (considered very casual for the law offices I worked in, but a bit dressy for f&b interviews). It primarily depended upon the establishment where I was applying for a position. Come to think of it, I wore this outfit at the members only ClubCorp, the now defunct Watermark (sort of fine dining), Shula's Steak 2 (where I was applying for a bartending position and instead got management ) and something similar when I jumped through the lengthy interviewing process for The Ritz Carlton for their second street-accessible concept restaurant, The Century. Does any of this rambling help?
  7. Think casual. Sharp, neat casual clothing are great during interviews. When I was a manager at Shula's Steak 2 I was uncomfortable to interview line cooks but our chef asked me to do a first screening and get a feel for their experience. Many were en route to or from work in their chef gear (jacket, pants, clogs) which did not seem out of place at all. I walked into my first restaurant job with a resume loaded to the gills with my odd combination of twelve years legal 9 to 5 and the two years of retail management life. I felt they were demonstrative of accountability and increased responsibility -- as well as a proven track record of working with people (clients, judges, opposing counsel, outside counsel, etc.). I've seen many applications without resumes and management that is not phased by it either (waitstaff/barstaff/FOH) and I've also seen some beautifully and creatively presented resumes as well. Do what makes you most comfortable. Unless it is for a management position, I'd safely say the 'thank you' note would appear odd, but not so when I was hunting down a new environment with less controlling managing partners.... Good luck!
  8. I've seen in one of the old cookbooks I've inherited from my dear grandmother a presentation suggestion for some sort of bread being baked in a small, clay flower pot. Thought about that for the holiday baskets I put together for friends, family and coworkers.... (Is July too early to start thinking about holidays?! ) And while browsing Surly Table yesterday I found PaniMold poplar wood "pans." Anyone have experience with these?
  9. beans

    Preserving Summer

    Lucky and smart raccoon.
  10. beans

    Preserving Summer

    I was in Surly Table yesterday and picked up a canning rack as I've got my eye on some tomato projects which does require that added processing. I almost fainted when I saw the price on those Weck jars. $18.95!!! Eeks, my $7 dollar case of Ball from Walmart are just fine. My neighbour came over with a large case of "gift" strawberries stating he loves strawberry jam. Reminded me that my cousin, when not on the boat during the commercial openings, will pick salmonberries for his neighbour so long as she splits the jam up with him fairly.
  11. beans


    I can't remember specifically, but I was reading a recent article on cachaça and it being the third clear alcohol in sales -- behind vodka and sake. Or was it soju/shoju? And if I remember a recent American Mixologist newsletter (BarMedia/Robert Plotkin) there was something about spirits that are being distilled here in the States (Cascadia Gin, Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Glacier Vodka, Vya California Vermouth, Conch Republic Rum, etc.). NapaSaki being mentioned: Sorry, not much help here. Sake isn't making many Cleveland cocktail menus outside of places that also offer sushi. Shame though, as I really enjoy sake and it is often difficult to find and purchase at liquor stores.
  12. beans


    http://www.webtender.com/db/ingred/358 http://www.webtender.com/db/ingred/11 I haven't tasted boukha, but here's some information on the French eau de vie de figue: http://www.jamesbeard.org/events/words/boukha.shtml I hope some of this helps. edit to add: here's a website that offers world wide shipping, 12 bottles for US$1,647. http://www.finestwine.com/english/advanced...vineyard=Boukha Zenith Cheers!
  13. Sweet vermouth can be either white or red, however dry vermouth is white.
  14. George: Here's the monster -- herb's original thread on infusing. Infusing deserves a separate thread on the unusual. I'm thrilled to get a European bartender on board to offer up ideas, opinions and knowledge. DrinkBoy Robert visits these parts too.
  15. Brooks- I *loved* when Mario Batali answered favourites of SEA in the recent Q&A with something to the effect of the "unapologetic food like McCormick [and Schmidt's]. My last meal there with my mother was wonderful, but it was for something that the great Pacific Ocean provided and was without a doubt fresh.... I can get fabulous French, etc. here in Cleveland -- but not PNW fresh seafood as often as I prefer. But this Alaska part has this Alaskan girl curious. Where are they stopping? I'd love to offer up recommendations as I've grown up there and visit my family frequently in that great state. Sounds as though they will have a positively lovely time on holiday.
  16. George, is that where you are these days? I remember reading something about Shoreditch Golf and Grand Central. I have recommended fellow Lodnoders to seek you out.... I *must* find it within my next holiday travels to visit you, queneau, summieone, -JAM-, et al. Labboylondon Ross best be in for some serious cocktails and flirting. Same for you my dear. But never worry, q has my heart and soul.... Damn him for retiring and being so bloody brilliant and charming. Okay, infusions! The last one I did was with johnny-jump-up violets in vodka. A bit minty. I'll have to dig up and post that link to a thread that sort of became an infusing club of sorts filled with recommendations and ideas. Again, good to see you around here. Very, very
  17. and just what is it that you have against us?
  18. Fellow eG'ers: George is a lovely regular contributor on Webtender that has provided me much information and inspiration. Wiser beyond his years and most generous in sharing his delicious cocktail creations. Very glad to see you around George!
  19. beans


    Dale DeGroff Introduces Xellent Vodka and Celebrates
  20. HOLY COW!!! George!!! Welcome to eG.
  21. I heard this a couple of years ago from a server that I thought was quite a serious young man. Me: Need anything Jonathon? J: No. But thanks for the martini for Marv. Basil [our Russian service bartender] was in the weeds. Me: No prob cutie pie. J: Here's your tip.... Never cook bacon in the nude. He had a most charming, impish grin and I nearly spit my hot coffee I just gulped all over the bartop. My guests seated at the bar that overheard him and giggled too.
  22. Wow. Nothing of substance to add other than: Cool! A new kitchen on the way!
  23. Sadly maggie, minus one. The eBay auction I won the Caprial Pence Bistro book for $6 (June 27) the seller has decided to go the fraud route, cash my money order (July 8) and has informed me they have no intention of mailing the book as agreed.
  24. beans

    Preserving Summer

    The strawberries set quite nicely. I mixed in a few nearly-ripes from a different grower to take advantage of the pectin. I wonder if the very fragrant perfectly ripe ones cooked down a bit more as a result... I ended up with 3 half pints and one that is about 3/4's full. I haven't had time to sample yet but I couldn't help but swish a finger through and taste some of the foam after all of the ladling and lidding was done. It was delicious. The blueberries seem to be going the syrup route. We'll see. I may have to toss the lids, rubber spatula them out into the pan for a revisit to boiling for a better set. Meh. My aunt has been making preserves all of her life and even blueberry syrup happens to her as well. How are the ones going with the nuts? It sounds intriguing to me, however I'm finicky about nuts being toasted and crisp. Does the preserves soften them?
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