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  1. Just what I know of Mr. Kinsey, his meticulous eye for style makes his apartment, dress, meal and cocktail preparations the shit. Bergerka is a lucky lady. Yes! More of Sam's cocktail porn!
  2. q, Have I told you lately that you are my hero?!
  3. Blueberry Smash 1 1/2 ounces of Bacardi Limón rum 1/4 cup of blueberries (or a small handful, which is roughly a quarter cup....) 8 mint leaves A good squeeze of fresh lemon juice 1 tablespoon sugar soda water In the bottom of an Old Fashioned glass, place sugar, blueberries and mint; muddle. Add a scoop of cracked/crushed ice. Pour the rum over the ice and top with soda. Garnish with a sliced swizzle stick of fresh sugar cane and mint. Yum. Cheers!
  4. beans


    Welcome to eG Ida. Here's some ideas from Webtender: Peach Juice Peach Nectar Peaches I hope some of those recipes will appeal to you.
  5. Very cool Heikki! Nice work. As seen previously on eG, here's a few: (not as lovely as Heikki's as the one evening we were rushed to get much accomplished and the photos of the drinks themselves were limited in number at my generous boss' request....) I just LOVE the sparkling ruby colour of this raspberry infusion. This was taken to demonstrate the use of a full wheel lemon slice and the graceful shape of the hurricane glass. In all honesty, it was window cleaner and ice cubes from our upstairs office refrigerator's ice maker.... I wanted the colouring to pop. Pina Coladas: A G&T: A chilled vodka, up, in the making (my roomie and boss was the lovely hand model ): Key Lime Pie: A Milk Chocolate Martini, I had piped he chocolate flourish earlier that afternoon. Those aren't as easy as Jacques Torres makes them appear to be.... This was absolutely delicious: a Blueberry Smash, a variation on the mighty Mojito: This pic was taken late into the photo session, the batteries were blinking their low warning and at that point were too tired to care about the water (?what is it? I forgot) splashes on the napkin. The drink, a Raspberry Champagne Cockail, was fantastic! I will post more as I have a few that I'd still like to take and share. Cheers! edit for stupid typo....
  6. Karen and Matsu: Thank you so much with your help. I really appreciate it. I will follow up with Technobake.
  7. beans

    Preserving Summer

    Yes, I agree about the boiling times which I think are somewhat inaccurate instructions. Some of Ferber's recipes are with a boiling time and others are to reach the 221 degrees F. Which may be why I ended up with blueberry syrup insead of jam. (I recooked with a fresh set of jars and lids to a perfect set.) Looking back possibly it was the Pinot Noir with the added liquid without the correct instructed cooking time, but it taught me a new lesson to depend upon my thermometer. With my litchee/lychee and pineapple jam, I cut the fruit thinking about the spreadability despite the whole, small fruits did look quite attractive.
  8. This is interesting, because I don't gather that Smirnoff is all that less expensive than Luksusowa and, IMO, Luksusowa is a far superior product. Just looking at NYC retail prices, Smirnoff is around $16/liter while Luksusowa is $17/liter. Finlandia, on the other hand, is $16 for only 750ml (also not as good as Luksusowa, IMO). (Prices from Sherry-Lehmann.com) Sam, q has tended bar in Paris (among other fabulous European cities) and is now in Belfast. Which, btw, is why I am so thrilled he's here and posting with a very different perspective on fine spirits that US citizens just don't know about.
  9. The legal definition of vodka is what all immediately think of. It could be a plus or minus depending upon the side of the stick you are on. Why flavour? I suppose it was inspired by novelty. Why infuse vodka? Cranberry flavoured vodka beats out having a shot of regular Finlandia diluted with a healthy dose of cranberry juice. I suppose it is a driving force of the up cocktail scene which I carefully choose to describe, as opposed to outright ruffling feathers on saying the "martini" craze. There are a bunch of tasting vodka threads. Depending upon the water and grains used provides different smoothnesses, nuances, textures and finishes. Pure potato vodka is often perceived as "hot" while ones with wheat as softer, and perhaps a bit sweeter and rye as full bodied. This article may be helpful to you, even adding a bit about the first flavoured vodka, known as gin. Na zdraví/Na zdrowie! Vash zdorovie/ Na zdravie! Na zdravje/N zdorov'ya! edit: My lovely friend, a Czech exchange student's (one of our barbacks) language lessons are paying off....
  10. Your fault. If someone is thoughtful enough to drop about $50 clams on a bouquet of roses for you, one STOPS what one is doing, and prepares the bouquet with care and attention. As well as appreciation. It takes less than 5 minutes to cut stems and plop in vase. Think of them as an appetizer someone brought that requires a bowl and a serving spoon or cheese knife. Hmmmm... Interesting that you didn't think about what I might have spent on ingredients that might have been at a critical point in preparation. I didn't think about your having "critical" points of preparation with your meal, because I just don't cook and entertain that way. When my guests are arriving, all my prep work is done so I can greet them properly. I don't like them hovering around me and saying hello and hugging etc. when I am doing anything "critical." Next time, why not anticipate a need for a full vase of water, and prep that along with all your expensive ingredients. Kill two birds with one stone. To each their own, with styles of entertaining and menu planning. I understand wholly empathise with Maison R. Showing up with already vased flowers is the way to go, but often is easily forgotten. I would never feel guilty or be made to feel guilty about not tending to the flowers to only end up overcooking X or have a sauce break. Yes, I'd feel that bit of 'aw, too bad' when all of the petals fell off these lovely things, but oh well. i'll remember this the next time i go to a dinner party in france. until then, though, i'll continue to bring, and appreciate the gift of, flowers. pffffft. I hope with the addition of a utilitarian vase.
  11. This is a bit coming from one in the biz, but there are bunches of offerings now for infusing jars, however I've noticed the gouging price of these lovely Italian glass beauties. I got one as a gift from Finlandia, complete with a brass spigot and two lucite pieces that fit into the jar for straining purposes. It only got better with a tastefully decorative bit of metalwork to keep this bottle off of the counter and for easy dispensing which came with the package as well. The Finlandia logo can be easily removed with the aid of a hair dryer, however I've opted to keep their logo'ed sticker in honour of the kind folks that freely gave this wee prezzie for my home collection. I luvs it, and Finlandia.
  12. Bumping this up for you mongo....
  13. Hi herb. Glad to see you around the cocktail forum. Without commenting on their marketing, I think Smirnoff is a decent product, but look at the vodka explosion that has taken place since the 1980's. I don't loathe it per se, however I was disappointed at the last wedding I attended and that was the sole brand of my water of life. There just are others that "taste" differently and are smoother. At the mo' I'm enjoying a gift bottle of Three Olives as I soothe my tired bones and muscles from two very demanding catering gigs from today. If it had been Smirnoff, I'd be sipping that instead.
  14. beans


    Pitu bad? I see it in the boozeria every so often and go "Hmm....nah, next time". Should that 'next time' never occur, pending location of better Cachaca? Just moved to an ABC state myself. State store is too far away, and over by the sewage treatment plant no less...usually I just hit my former local on the way to the subway from work! -- C.S. Subway Booze Smuggler Extraordinaire It has been described to me in this fashion: Pitu is to cachaça as Smirnoff is to vodka. For me I'd really prefer to have a choice and a variety to choose from.
  15. I'm with you. Isn't it easy to hate those that are successful? I on the other hand, admire and respect it.
  16. beans


    Have you tried a Google search? If not, be prepared for much reading in Italian. If fellow eG'ers can't help, try posting on Webtender because I do know of many regulars that are all over Europe that may know of something more to help your search.
  17. Yeah, that's NYC. Here in Cleveland there are x number of vendors and various price lists according to who you are. My family just opened a restaurant last January and it is a world of difference in dealing with vendors than the place of my "actual" employ -- the monster machine restaurant with eight bars, Shooters. Us being so small, negotiation just doesn't happen. At Shooters, well, that is a wholly different story. Some weeks something is much cheaper, however something else's price just rose x percent. It always almost seems that 'it (generally) all comes out in the wash' so to speak. (I live with our general manager and have much access to all aspects to the management, as well as having managerial responsibilities).
  18. Huh? Who are you talking to CFO? I don't see anyone becoming miffed in the least. Again are you referring to me? This rouses my curiosity as to how would you be able to base such an observation, a wholly incorrect one at that? I don't know where you are going with this as nothing has been suggested thus far to be reflective of anything different. They are policies that institute the whole team of employees, starting with one that focuses upon the bottom line dollar -- our lovely bookkeeper, hand in hand with our owner, general manager, executive and sous. No offense, but I'm completely at a loss at what you are getting at with your thread. Were you seeking out information and/or discussion?
  19. But to have earned "chef" to run a kitchen one generally alread has managed many BOH staff, FOH staff and understand how to calculate food cost. Then comes the owner. Sometimes the owner is the money cruncher but most often the chef works closely with the on staff bookkeeper or accountant with keeping food cost a bit closer in line to keep from sinking.
  20. I suppose they can be eaten raw, but usually I've had them after the shrimp has been cooked. They aren't treated to a different way of eating or preparing as it is the usual peel and eat situation. They are very rich and mild and taste like the ocean. (They should not taste strong). Most in Alaska boil the shrimp until cooked or I've seen them on the grill, usually on a sheet of foil, during summer picnics. Eat them either warm or chilled, with a lemon squeeze and a yummy drawn garlic/herb butter is divine.
  21. Your fault. If someone is thoughtful enough to drop about $50 clams on a bouquet of roses for you, one STOPS what one is doing, and prepares the bouquet with care and attention. As well as appreciation. It takes less than 5 minutes to cut stems and plop in vase. Think of them as an appetizer someone brought that requires a bowl and a serving spoon or cheese knife. I remember reading somewhere that bringing flowers to a French hostess was considered rude as they would have to take their attentions away from their guests. It further mentioned that proper form was to send flowers the following day as a thank you. I remember this as I thought it was a good point.
  22. White Gold is one vodka that isn't listed on this web resource. But that doesn't surprise me. I see that Palm Bay Imports is listed to be a distributor for Russian Standard, but I don't find it on their website.... Sorry, not much help.
  23. So what is wrong with gimmicks? Especially if they taste good?
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