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    fine vine for under $10

    My favourite is Ravenswood Zinfandel, usually found for $9.99. I usually have a case or two in stock at the house.
  2. beans

    Light beer

    It is interesting to note where I currently work, 97% of our beer sales are either Bud Light or Miller Lite. When I resided in Alaska, 95% of the beer sales were Budweiser, MGD, while the other local favourites were high sellers (Alaskan Brewing Company or Full Sail Brewery). And I cannot forget the others -- requests for Olympia or Ranier beers, which are light bodied themselves and mind you quite an acquired taste, but that is also more of a regional type of favourite as well. We rarely stocked nothing more than a bare minimum of Bud Light and Miller Lite (3 cases of each on hand). While I enjoy Candian lagers and an occassional oil can of Foster's, and if I can't have my Alaskan Amber, well then I opt for Miller Lite. Not a fan of Bud products and I don't like MGD or Miller High Life! I just like its taste and it isn't so much about the calorie thing. If I were worried about calories, then I wouldn't be drinking beers or cocktails! I think it is similar to one day drinking Merlot, the other Zinfandel.
  3. Oh, those are the words I have spoken myself to someone else in a different forum that struck such a note of identification among so many of us, particularly the panty hose. (Do you notice now you have the hardest time trying to put those things on now??? It's like some weird ancient tribal dance of maneuvers!) zilla369, mostly what I enjoy about your post is the you need not stand on a hot line to be a culinarian. There are as many options as there are types of restaurants and/or food service kitchens. I work in a casual themed busy restaurant whose kitchen is run by two very talented chef graduates of CIA and J&W. They have been an invaluable source of knowledge and encouragement. I've waited tables, bartend, have expressed my passion for pastry, created pastry for the restaurant (on request), have stepped in to do prep, done shifts on the cold line and a few lunch shifts on the hot line. I've reviewed pastry at French Culinary Institute and CIA and choked on the tuition myself, not to mention the cost of living.... So, while I've got my fingers in many pies at this moment, I still haven't committed wholeheartedly on what I want to do when I grow up! But I love it! I enjoy our restaurant owner, and I enjoy that I have a good relationship with our heart of the house (particularlly when they indulge me with my adventures and curiosities in pastry) and I can still throw a party for my regulars on a busy nights FOH bartending. I know it is chaotic. But our restaurant is very seasonal, so in the slow season I tinker more in the kitchen and when "in season" I'm ringing as many cocktails and beers as humanly possible. You need to follow your passion. If I listened to those who did not understand and tried to discourage me because I was leaving a white collar office position, partially law school educated (had a couple more years to earn the Juris Doctorate), I would have never felt this content, yet wildly enthusiastic with a smile on my face every day that I show up for work. As for chefly abuse. Well, it happens and there are so many reasons motivating it than probably can be counted. Show up for work sharp and ready for work, be early instead of on time and never late, keep an open mind to learn from everything and hold tight to your self confidence in your skills and you've conquered more than half of the battle. The rest is all up to your stamina, energy and your interpersonal management skills of how to deal in a potentially confrontational atmosphere. It can be very personally taxing but oh so much more satisfying!! Good Luck haide! Keep us posted on your journey!!
  4. beans

    Michelob Ultra

    Hi y'all. Sorry, in all honesty, it is all rubbish. It is marketing at its finest. In terms of calories the alcohol is more to blame than the carbs. 1g of carb contains 4 calories whereas 1g of alcohol contains just over 7. However, the body cannot store alcohol so it is broken down and expelled from the body at a steady rate (how breathalizers work). The source of the alcohol (grain, molasses etc) does not effect the carb or calorie content once it has turned to alcohol. "In addition to the calories, alcohol interferes with fat burning, something important for weight loss. Normally, the liver metabolizes fats, but when a person drinks, alcohol takes preference. The liver breaks down alcohol for energy first, causing a build-up of fatty acids. What this means is that the body uses the calories supplied from alcohol before it is able to expend the calories from fat. This characteristic is referred to as "fat sparing," meaning alcohol's presence spares the fat from being utilized for energy. Alcohol also stimulates appetite in many people. This may thwart your weight loss efforts even more." http://www.goaskalice.columbia.edu/2253.html It was a clever angle for those at Michelob to boost their market presence for all of those carbo minded potential consumers. (edited to correct url typos !!!)
  5. beans

    scotch whiskey

    Bourbon is uniquely American. Bourbon is a whiskey. However in order to be classified as a bourbon, the whiskey must be made according to a specific formula. It is made form a mash consisting of at least 51 percent, but no mor than 79 percent, corn. If more than 79 percent of corn is used, the product must be classified as a corn whiskey. Bourbon is a straight whiskey and according to law, it must be distilled at 160 proof or less and aged a minimum of two years in charred oak barrels. Usually most bourbon is aged for 4 years or longer. Since it is a straight whiskey, it is not blended and there are no additives, with the exception of water to reduce the proof. Most are 80 proof. However there some boutique, small batch, single barrel and barrel proof ones with much higher alcohol content. By law, bourbon can be distilled anywhere in the U.S. but the majoirity is produced in Kentucky, where it must be distilled and warehoused for at least one year in order to carry the "Kentucky Bourbon" designation on the label. As for the scotch used in an recipe, I've done a similar steak sauce (deglaze pan and add cream), but with Jack Daniels, but why wouldn't scotch work too?
  6. beans

    scotch whiskey

    Oooooh. Specifically dark chocolate! Yum! I've used it in a chocolate pate recipe. It was perfect. Yes! Which scotch is it?
  7. Usually nothing really exotic -- Kellogg's Special K with Strawberries is often a quick in a hurry before I run out the door to work, no matter what time of the day, or when I don't feel like cooking or lifting a finger. While at work, despite everyone knows I pick out onions in every dish, I will snack down almost a whole jar of our Gibson cocktail onions. I'm hooked on their pickleness and crunch. Lastly, and if my relatives remember me, I will recieve an unexpected "southeast" goodies package. Then I will devour the dried alder smoked salmon jerky, from the moment the box is opened, along with buttered Sailor Boy pilot bread crakers until every crumb has vanished. NO one dares to sample a single morsel for fear of loss of a limb and I don't share either!
  8. I am in receipt of my lovely grandmother's whole collection of cooking publications. The oldest and most beloved book had fallen apart decades ago and the precious pages of instruction for her favourite desserts were the only ones saved -- mutilated, conversions written in the margins and food stained for decades. They were most likely an old Betty Crocker -- the the recipes in the worst shape (*sniff*) are of pineapple upside down cake, lemon meringue pie and divinity. The second most loved book I inherited is a 1961, fifth printing, revised edition of Out of Alaska's Kitchens. That book has a lot of miles. Of my own personal pre-existing collection -- none. I have this thing about stained books. The stains drive me mad so I will xerox it as best as possible (poor bindings) replace the book on my shelf and place the photocopy into an Avery plastic page protector. If I don't care for the preparation, I adapt as necessary and/or pitch it to the waste basket and then try another! If it is a bona fide hit, well then it makes it to the "preferred recipe" three ring binder. When needed, it is removed and right there with me to endure unknown batter or sauce specs, grease drips, stuck with dough pieces or wayward drizzles of royal frosting. The handy damp paper towel wipes all anew!
  9. Matthew: Thank you for your explanation. I almost feel a sense of closure! Some time back I was so happy to have FN, but have recently wondered why they seem to be shooting themselves in the foot with the newest line up of programs and the loss of some real talent. Speaking of talent, what projects are yours up to these days? Tell us more about yourself -- bang out an eGullet bio and more fully introduce yourself! I'm sure I'm not the only one interested!
  10. Matthew, it is fabulous to see your post and to have the opportunity to meet you! I look forward to your posts. (Especially since old FN was so near and dear to my heart!) -Lynn
  11. bushey: Experimenting -- that's the most fun part! Shame on me -- my lovely Waring icecream maker collects dust in my cupboard. May need to remedy that sometime soon.
  12. Someone in the North Bend/Snoqualmie area of Washington is doing Jack Daniels ice cream and are offering Jack and Coke floats as a dessert entree. And I remember TCBY (are they still around anymore?) did a Aloe frozen yogurt.
  13. elyse: Thanks! Tagential zetetics are fun. ;0)
  14. elyse: No, I don't watch it anymore. Actually, I've watched two of her shows. One with the now infamous hamburger with a fried egg and another with some sort of terrine chicken thingy that she placed fresh, unwashed basil plucked from her yard inbetween varied layers of raw chicken in an ecko nonstick bread loaf pan and topped it with a brick (ones used for building houses) and baked it to death in the oven. I did try to give it a fair chance.
  15. elyse: Sure gross generalisations are just that, gross. But keep in mind I speak with some knowledge as I frequently have FN on the tube, try to watch some of this new programming and have been posting on their forum for a bit of time. As for any of the generalisations I may have offered up are a fairly accurate depiction. Go lurk there for awhile. I think I soapboxed enough to demonstrate my dislike for show host Paula Deen with some amount of validity. I don't think either you or I will see eye to eye on much because you continually assert this value judgment packed words like "expertise" (debatable - hee hee) and "expectations." That's not what I'm getting at and perhaps are reading much further into it than there is. Amitiés.
  16. Hi Tommy: I'm not sure on that, as that is a frenzied forum of people that can't wait to add to the litany of praises to their idolized show hosts. But the forum does serve a purpose even if the unseen administrator does delete at whim, the message has to be hitting some FN exec about the pulse of their viewers which in turn is a nice marketing tool to sell advertising time. Who want's to promote their product during expensive commercial air time while thousands upon thousands are changing the channel or turning the tv off?
  17. elyse, You have a real *problem* with taking on a personal stance to my dislike of FN's new shows. Do I care? Nope. The do-I-give-a-fuck-ometer needle hasn't moved. I mean why should you care what I like or don't like anyhoo? Quite the deconstructionist you are, so why waste so much cut and paste time and energy? Okay on the sweeping generalisations thing, but at least I wasn't offensive about it. Do you watch Ms. Paula Deen and are a fan of a cooking show of a woman that is practially reading a suggested recipe off of a store bought boxed premixed product? Where is the "teaching" or entertainment in that? And why pay to watch that? The woman tells you to mix this or that and doesn't tap into the hows or whys, probably because she herself doesn't know! Not to mention the consistency/reliability issues I have with her! What she "cooks" on her show never matches the menu she provided FN on their website. Then while on the show, the measurements of what she is preparing also never matches the typed recipes on the website either. Hmmmmm. Not to mention the woman never washes her hands after handling raw meats cross contaminating everything in sight! And she is a restauranteur who *should* know better. Boak. I don't think your "getting" I am not expecting anyone to live up any level of "standards." Just providing an opinion to what appears to be the sell out and disappointment expressed by many at FN about FN. Go to their forums and read it for yourself. They just deleted a very non mudsliging thread that was dry matter of fact about her Marthaness and the SEC boo boos of late she is experiencing because it isn't good PR. I think you just have issues with me, but who cares? Your electronic almost anonymous opinion of me matters, well, zip. Nuf said. Give it a rest.
  18. I was the lucky recipient of the highest guest check -- the payee and not the payer. I was treated to a $525 dessert course at Marlin's (now closed, I wonder what Chef Marlin is doing these days....). We had creme brulee and a bowl of fresh berries with an ancient Warre's vintage port. OMG! I did forget the year, but it was in the 75+ year old range and our gracious chef owner himself poured it for us. What a birthday present and an amazing combination. Too bad it wasn't love -- that is the poor schmuck who footed the bill. (hee hee) I forgot what the bill came to for the dinner and wine at Morton's before we left and went to Marlin's.
  19. elyse: Oh brother! How is my opinion of the sucky shows they are offering up of late translating to your attributed so called "my level of expertise" ??? Whatev. But my esteemed elyse, methinks you have lost the frame of my intent. I'm not offering up gross, sweeping generalizations to support it either. It's me little, wee opinion. What do you care anyhoo? Take a peep at those aforementioned FN fan[atic] forums/message boards. The negative outcry of disappointment is overwhelming in response to said new programming. So, it would be my summation FN has egg on their face. As I said, I have better expectations in my food entertainment as I do pay for it. It in no way translates by any means to expectations of others, as you have listed, the general "fat ass" public patronizing McD's and the like.
  20. Jon Tseng I had a good giggle with your post. Some air carriers, in the States, are opting for the end of meal service on flights shorter than x hours. (I forgot the amount of time, sorry). However that virtually eliminates a meal while traveling by air anywhere within the States. Anyhoo, I have to list my top three airline meal experiences: 1. Eastern Airlines (god rest their corporate souls) had a great vegetable lasagna when I traveled from Atlanta to West Palm Beach. It was wonderful, however the turbulence due to some Summer tornadic activities and heavy storms made it a challenge to consume with the stretchy, stringy mozzarella cheese. 2. Alaska Air generally serves up a tiny cold cut sandwhich, a cookie and a bag of pretzles the last flight I took from Sitka to Seattle. 3. Have to be wowed by the Northwerst super nonstop from Detroit to Narita, Tokyo. We were greeted with Russian beluga caviar canapes and chilled Russian vodka. Later we had foie gras, a lovely beef wellington and a fabulous gigantic cheese course. From Tokyo to Bankok I remember having sushi. Not bad, eh? But then again, those were a few years back now and I doubt regular practise anymore, with exception to Alaska Air. A good sammie with some mustard, chips and an Alaskan Amber is a fine lunch whether it be up in the blue skies or on the ground in my kitchen!
  21. elyse: What does my expectation of a entire nation (whatever that would be as I myself haven't conjured that up as of yet) have to do with the disappointment I am expressing with regard to FTV lining up crummy entertainment and not inspirational program hosts or anything worth cooking? Now that's *ridiculous* ! Bleh, I guess the joke's on me as I do pay to receive its broadcast signal into my very own home and it is spewing out a woman that cooks hamburgers and boxed cake mixes, and I was dumb enough to suffer through the episode. I need not litter up this forum and expound upon my thoughts on the garbage produced by How to Boil Water, Lighten Up, Date Plate or Food Fight.
  22. elyse: Thank you. I grew up shopping with my mum and grandmum in open air, multiple stand farmers markets with individual butchers, fish mongers, and various purveyors of cheese, dairy products, spices, pastas, nuts and flowers. I learned early about seasonal, fresh and regional. So, yes, I did start off with exotics as gooseberries, golden raspberries, morels, etc. I used to buy cookbooks merely to read and have insight to the person writing it. So, by the time FTV came around, I wasn't into to it to watch someone cook a hamburger and top it with a fried egg. I was well beyond someone opening up a box of this premix or a this or that, and with additional butter, cream cheese and mediocre vanilla and voila call that baking! (both courtesy of Paula Deen) I have been a long time fan of Jacques Torres and that's the stuff I want. Inspiration or watching a master without effort demonstrate some amazing technique. But most important, stress to the home cook about the value of what is in season, what is regional, what is looking particularly good at the market, etc. And if it is something I can't find in my market and I need it -- I either ask my vendor to seek it out and/or I mail order! ********** tan319: Regarding Bobby and Jacqui, I knew of a French Culinary grad who did say that too. Maybe.
  23. Ohh, I do. Not new to forum life and tongue in cheek is always healthy. Differences of opinion are great as it gives me a moment to view life vicariously through another's eyes. I manage the debate arena fairly well and have never seemed to have fear of expressing meself, probably from day one too! It's taking a bit of time to grapple all of the various boards/subjects/personalities. But another forumite pal of mine steered me to this one and she is the *GREATEST* for sharing the existence of this exciting on-line community. Thank you for the welcome!
  24. Hi y'all. Whew! This was some good reading from someone who has recently escaped the wounds inflicted by all of those budget minded mommies that are all in blind admiration for Ms. Paula Deen's show and will beat you to a pulp should you point out one little vile observation of the woman's poor kitchen manners or what she deems as cooking. I am so disappointed with FTV. What do they think they are accomplishing with those insulting shows as How to Boil Water, Cookworks, Date Plate, Lighten Up, Food Fight? And the new bevie of hotties! Oh for heavens sake that tiny Giada is stirring up all of those frumpy women to cast their Cheetos stained fingers at discrediting her for not being a "real" chef and worry if she eats what she cooks on her show! Who cares! Geesz! Well, needless to say I ran kicking and screaming from their frustrating almost communisitic propaganda, self serving, message boards. (Well socialistic at the very least!) Deletions of posts are inconsistent, at best and a weak attempt to overinflate a particular show or program hosts' popularity. Boak. Reveling in the joys of an open air market with the freshest, seasonal and most regionalised representations in produce, one is subjected to yet more sniping insults for being a snob. Snob? Okay, I'll accept that. At least I'm not a show host demonstrating how to cook something as pedestrian as hamburgers or making a "salad" out of disgusting Ramen Pride noodles. (Uuuuuggggghhhh, salt, fat and msg -- yum, yum, YUM). Give me morels, key limes, blood oranges, golden raspberries, purple peruvian potatoes, Queen Anne cherries when any and/or all are in season, ANYDAY!! Supermarkets are for replacing your detergents, pvc film wrap and garbage bags! (can you get the "vibe" as I was accused of having that I'm absurdly in love with shopping for ingredients and shop for quality instead of convenience? Bleh, so what.) What about dangling a carrot to inspire Alton to conjure up some new concepts? What about signing on lovely Caprial Pence? Oh FTV, you have disappointed me so. It makes me sad. Thank you for indulging me.... Glad to be here and I look forward to your acquaintance!
  25. Methinks this reason to seek residency in another state.... Uugh.
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