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  1. Another vote for Famous Grouse. Is it only the price of JWB that is most unappealing to you mongo? See if JWRed works as it is a bit more economical. I heartily recommend the small bottle blind taste testing on that rainy day! Just don't keep us in suspense and post back with your findings. yipes. typing after a end of shift martini just isn't the same
  2. What's wrong with that? I mean I do have a recipe for canning my own tomato paste, I don't have the interest or the garden fresh tomatoes from my yard this year. I have found that most tomato paste is added for some body and not as a main ingredient. Is that really a sin?
  3. Chefs from Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles are listed with those from San Francisco and Miami yet to be announced. Did one of your favourite chefs make the list? Take a look! Full press release.
  4. Too much of anything is cause enough for a fuzzy head....
  5. Washington DC's Willard Inter-Continental, Rise Bar of the Ritz Carlton and Town & Country Lounge of the Renaissance Mayflower Hotel all made their contributions. Full DISCUS press release, with recipes, can be found here. Cheers!
  6. Go to 42 Below's website: http://www.42Below.co.nz Click on the bartender (wait for all to load up) and a box to the right will appear. Select Feijoa and you will see 18 cocktail recipe choices for using that flavoured vodka. This vodka is making a tremendous hit all over Europe, the Vegas Barshow and now starting to gain a wider US distribution. Enjoy.
  7. Jack aficionados are a fiercely loyal bunch. My former boss drank Jack and only Jack. If she was in a mischevious mood, she'd have me pour two shots -- one for her and one for me. (gulp) She drank it neat with a coke or bottled water back. However she wasn't really big on Gentleman Jack....
  8. I have a recipe for Honey Lemon Jelly from well preserved: pickles, relishes, jams and chutneys for the new cook by Mary Anne Dragan. Let me know if you'd like it and I'll paraphrase/post it.
  9. No. The garlic cloves are crispy like pickled garlic.
  10. Garlic Expressions. Ever see it, buy it!! The treat are the whole cloves that tend to be mostlly at the bottom.
  11. That's sooo cool! I'd love to make mead one day!
  12. beans

    Gas Station Food

    I drove from Cleveland, Ohio to Bellingham, Washington one fine May. I needed caffeine so I filled up on those jumbo sized things of ice tea in the afternoons and tall coffees in the mornings. I hated driving the distance alone and ambitiously plotted out my next destination, so I happily purchased an Otis Spunkmeyer oatmeal cookie or two, without guilt or care for any of the artificial taste of same. I also bought Oberto jerky, pepper and teriyaki flavours. When I couldn't look at another OS cookie, I bought the trusty fall back goody -- rice krispie treats.
  13. Going on a cruise Muffin? Visiting anywhere else? I was hoping that Foam Pants would post a recommendation, but we've been missing her for some time now. Dearest Jaymes may have a suggestion, but she's on her own adventure heading towards my favourite town of Seattle. When will you be there? Because hopefully this can get bumped every now and then with a good tip or two. Enjoy your visit to my happy homeland of Alaska. It takes only milli-seconds for me to miss being there....
  14. I used to treat myself whenever I was in Seattle and walked through Pike Place (aside from a Nordies bauble or two). There is at least one vendor that sells honey. I always bought the one that was gathered from raspberry blossoms. I could, and have, eaten straight from the jar with one of my small espresso spoons. (Why did I only purchase small jars??!?) I often purchase lavender honey, which I often use in creating some lovely desserts and am on the hunt for acacia honey for a spectacular cocktail that is made at Lab bar in London. Honey for my tea? Usually clover. I love bees. God bless them!
  15. He is from Seattle. Gee in his very recent Q&A session here on eG he never came across as pretentious and I tend to believe Mario is into the most authentic -- food, recipe and language pronounciation.
  16. beans

    Preserving Summer

    Here's an update on my jam making.... I learnt a good lesson. I carefully counted out my lids and placed them into my small saucepan of hot water. I tonged them out, quickly wiping them dry after I ladled out all of the jam. Slipped all of the rings on and turned the jars upside down. After a sufficient amount of time went by I turned the jars upright and checked tried the flex test to see if any were loose. One flexed. I removed the band and thought this will be the first jar I will use up on my toast when I noticed two lids adhered together, the bottom one having made a perfect seal on the jar. The Preserving book by Oded Schwartz caught me by surprise with listing the approximate weight of the fruit to purchase and somehow I ended up more Pineapple-Lychee jam than I anticipated. Good thing I prepped enough hot jars and lids! I've gotten a bit anxious with all of this overnight maceration. I'm onto day two with the Strawberry, Black Peppercorn and Mint jam. Guess that allows me some time to get to the store to purchase another box of jars....
  17. beans

    Preserving Summer

    Which recipe? Ferber has seven in Mes Confitures.
  18. Are the corn tortilla shells really already folded in those things? If so, does one eat them unheated? Just wondering. Those are astonishingly popular in Alaska. They do come folded and I've seen when folks "hang" them on the rack in a moderate oven to heat them up and toast them a bit. Taco and card nights were the thing to do.
  19. beans


    Welcome to eG elicia. For the specifics, I'd ask a bartender that works there. Is it a frozen drink? To keep a nice thick consistency requires the aid of a blender and pouring all the liquids before adding the ice cubes. Good luck!
  20. beans

    Frozen Salmon....

    I haven't seen fish frozen in this manner but have often seen crab and spot shrimp frozen in a bag of sea water when I lived in Alaska.
  21. Not sure if you'll find anywhere that will be doing local blueberries.... But for some good Alaskan breakfasts I'd recommend the Capital Cafe at the Westmark Baranof. Sourdough pancakes, reindeer sausage, salmon omlettes --much like the Westmark Shee Atika in Sitka. It has been awhile since I was in Juneau. And I've heard nothing but good things about Fiddlehead. I have their cookbook and really enjoy it.
  22. What delivery here in Cleveland? Pizza? And in all honesty, the take out I ever ordered from a full service restaurant was about six years ago when I tended bar at a strip club and I hated that kitchen's food completely refusing to eat anything made from where I worked. I ordered from a next door restaurant where many of my other friends in the biz worked. Of course I tipped. I don't think anyone would believe what I find as customary to tip others when I'm out and about for dining or drinks.
  23. Tess, All booze is fattening.
  24. Dude, having literally scraped out the last few pieces of change to muster up enough for togos for the familial restaurant venture -- trust me to go packaging is expensive. It matters not whether you are taking up space at an actual table, it requires just about as much time to key in your order as it would if you were at a table and more of the server's attention to wrap up your order than they would generally spend at a table (unless they are a chatty sort) and have to keep their eye out for you to collect the bill while trying to focus all of their attentions on their already hectic section of assigned full and busy tables. Washing that one entree plate isn't even a consideration or justification. It is only one of many that get racked up and processed in batch through dish. Rarely is it one person taking one plate at a time and washing it by hand like many do at home. Not tipping is just wrong. I don't love tipping, but it is a part of dining out. If you can't afford to tip, then stay at home! edit to add: Interesting list, however I'm happy to point out that the $7.00 something an hour in Alaska bought about as much as $2.13 an hour does in oHIo. I know. I bartended and lived there.
  25. Despite Bacardi, Mt. Gay and Malibu have flavoured rums, their websites lack recipes for them. Try: http://www.cruzanrum.com/recipes.html [if that doesn't work, just go to: http://www.cruzanrum.com and select "recipes"] In all honesty, they don't sell well at the bars with exception to Malibu (the regular coconut flavoured Carribean rum), and even the longer lived (in comparison to the new vanilla, chocolate, mango, etc. flavours) Bacardi O and Bacardi Limone have been sitting in our liquor room and bar speed rails collecting dust. Experiment and have fun. I do know that Bacardi O and Limone make their own, resectively, excellent mojito variations. edit to add: for some coconut rum recipes, check out: http://www.malibu-rum.com and select "Bump and Grind time" where the small window depicts an island at night time. (I find their website a bit infuriating and/or frustrating to navigate). Move your mouse over the structures and one of them (not sure which one) will be a link to a bunch of recipes with coconut rum.
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