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  1. Not sure what you are specifically looking for, but here's a helpful link. Canchanchara, Habana Especial, Cafe Cone Leche, Cuba Libre, Doncellita, Ponche Habana (n.a.), Papa Hemingway .... Then there's always the Mighty Mojito. If you have access to Havana 3 year old, it is lovley with strawberries Although Brasilian, Capirinhias are fantastic too. Yum. Apricot ones. Somewhere in the eGCI, I found a drink that is a tribute to Hemingway. I'll take a looksy where it is and if appropriate... I hope some of this helps.
  2. This will probably get me laughed right off the thread but I find him and his manner of speaking very attractive. Nah no laughing. He's a doll and quite charming.
  3. That really depends upon one's metabolism and body fat content. You do feel varied drunks -- I feel entirely different on a wine buzz than from one of Guinness, vodka, tequila, whiskey or Jägermeister. Take it from a liver that knows... (lighthearted fun, no room for stabbing judgmental calls here about overall alcohol consumption please)
  4. beans

    Preserving Summer

    Today I've started White Peach and Lemon Verbena jam from Ferber's book. It smells heavenly. The white peaches were gorgeous too. I think I'll go back to the market and grab a few more and a bottle of prosecco. (all fruit in my household have the danger of never making it beyond breakfast or for cocktails... )
  5. Different liquors provide different drunks. I've seen a very mild mannered fella become a real aggressive beast when he does shots of tequila. He's a fellow bartender and I've seen him drunk on other liquors that affect him differently too. edit to add: sorry I don't have the medical citations and literature in support on this one
  6. My dear grandmother's lumpy oatmeal and canned milk when I was a kid living in Alaska.
  7. Ironic, but Realemon is also manufactured by Motts -- the "licensed producer" of Rose's Lime Juice. I did a bit of reading up on the Gimlet. It appears as though the older, more "original" recipes called for sweetened lime juice and eventually changed to listing Rose's Lime Juice by name. I sort of guess it is similar to calling all adhesive bandages, regardless of brand, as bandaids -- when a brand name becomes synonymous with its product.
  8. Yes. Mayhaw Man used it when describing a couple of roaches on a wall on the recent Cockroach thread which made me giggle.
  9. Okay! Let's have fun and dog pile onto whatever show host because we don't like his/her ________________ ! Woo weeeeeeee!!!! This is productive! And look at all of the friends I made because we all hate ______________!!! I just don't get it. Carry on!
  10. I'm still and will probably always remain of the "who cares?" point of view. I find it all rather inane. If a show host annoys you that much, why waste your time to watch or gripe about?
  11. Who stated something to the effect of what we see in others that we despise is what we also see in ourselves?
  12. It wasn't me! I'm not a fan of any of the Finest Call mixes and believe that for the rare useage of Rose's lime juice, it is a better brand.
  13. Welcome to eG Delirium. LIT's have countless variations with fun names like Long Beach Ice Tea, Gilligan's Island, Boston Ice Tea, Purple Rain (or an Opal as it is known in some parts) and old 80's Electric Lemonade.... I'm sure there are more and a couple I've forgotten.
  14. I was there not too long ago and it is kinda a small space with much to read and look at for the first time visitor. It's fun.
  15. I think those are the fusion of fast food and sit down service. I would suspect the person taking the order and handling the cash would solely handle togo orders and earns a fair hourly. During peak season we will hire/appoint an off duty server with excellent cash handling skills as a cashier for all of the server cashouts, so perhaps that concept stretched, blended, combined and/or applied to a position at somewhere like a Chilis or Quaker Steak and Lube. Servers that want another shift take turns doing the togo window to beef up their weekly paycheck? I can see how that works. No tip for them. Overall: Chatting about this issue with a few coworkers late last night, early this afternoon the common understanding that the normal 15% tip is not warranted -- the few bucks is appreciated, as is the appreciative generosity of customers.
  16. edit to add (sorry): tommy is completely right. It is one of those things you remember about a customer and it does make you smile and all of those happy things like remembering what they ordered, how it was cooked (burgers mid rare, medium, etc.), the sides, etc. and are always glad they return.
  17. Let me tell you right off the bat. That to go order is off of some server's or bartender's sales report!!! And they get taxed on that said sales volume!! (These togo orders NEVER go directly to a kitchen person as they NEVER have a "check" to close out -- hence it goes through whatever server's turn it is, the first server the hostess sees or via the bartender who may have a phone at the bar). Let me dispell any MYTH to this: The tip doesn't go to any kitchen staff. They cook your meal regardless of if it is in house or to go. No skin off their back other than having to pay attention to it being in a togo than on a plate. The server/bartender that has to attend to it has package it up with all of the coordinating extras (packets) -- silverware, napkins, salt, pepper, ketchup, etc. If it is a small order togo, no skin off anyone's nose (tips); but if you have a large office order of this, that and the other, a tip really is something all ought to give serious consideration. I worked one place that would regularly get a lunch order from a particular office for ten different entrees in one order to go. No one else from the kitchen or busy waitstaff would tend to this and I'd have to answer the phone, take the order, expo and pack up the order and still operate service bar on the other side of the entire restaurant -- keeping in mind this was a resto that didnt' allow servers to even pour their own sodas!!!! What a fucking nightmare. THEN be held accountable for earning a tip on same by the IRS -- they look at overall sales volume) and then NOT GETTING A SINGLE DOLLAR FOR THOSE EFFORTS!!!!!! Throw them a bone, would ya?!!!!!! okay?!
  18. You and me both my friend. This is very personal. I credited him for a large part of my father's interest in cooking (sharing with St. Jacques and St. Julia). Now he is an owner and operator of a restaurant from being a Northwest Airlines mechanic! I remember how a passion for food and an enjoyment of Jeff Smith's show on PBS was one of those extra things that brought one very important person in my life together. He is good at impressions and could do the "I bid you peace." perfectly and was equally interested in the recipes in his show. One day we did this "outlandish" sandwich that was weighted with a brick, or some other heavy instrument, for lunch. Our lunches were always fantastic. That really was years ago.... Some of the best times I've had with someone I love dearly -- it was the pursuit of good food and sharing it. Jeff Smith taught me that food is passion and love. (Didn't he say something mischevous about never have the bedroom far from the kitchen...?) How wonderful it is to share with another....
  19. Compared to? I worked for *the* mouse for several years and adore him and everything all of it is.
  20. I can't really tell if you're kidding...so I'll just say that not all functions of a chicken come out of her oviduct. I certainly do not defecate from my vagina. And...babies don't grow in my tummy either. Yuk. TMI. How about those great peaches this time of year? Isn't it a crime that some will rot, be bruised and not enjoyed? (trying to change the course of this discussion....)
  21. I don't know if mustard is the best example to use, to argue that breaking open jars and sticking your finger in there wil cause others to get sick. I believe mustard oil has antibacterial properties, so the likelihood that someone will get sick from your finger is pretty remote. And if the mustard oil doesn't work, the vinegar and salt would inhibit bacterial growth to some extent. But I sure as hell will not be buying that jar! I think a better example would be maybe jars of fruit or veggies in liquid. Perfect for little baby bacteria. Yeah, I was just grabbed at the first jarred thing that came to mind. But I think y'all get the point. Yes. Eeeeeeewwwww.
  22. reesek must have been shopping there a lot, pulling off those stems again. How much does those wee stems weigh anyway?
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