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  1. Strange, as heat rises...


    As per Wikipedia:


    Heat resistance: the material is heat resistant up to 100 °C (212 °F), but can be damaged by excess heat. DuPont recommends the use of trivets when the material is installed in kitchens.


    Surprised that issue hasn't arisen before.



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  2. 4 hours ago, Shelby said:

    Me again.




    This didn't go well.  The box shipped on June 3oth and didn't arrive until July sixth.  Everything was very warm, of course.  Wasn't even going to open the turkey.  I'll eat a lot of things ....but no, not doing that.  I had sent them an email on Saturday the 3rd--that's when the box was supposed to arrive--to give them a heads up that I was sure something was wrong.  Fedex sent me a notification that the box would be here on Sunday--which was also July 4th.  No way was that going to happen, and it didn't.  Anyway, I got a refund for the shipping, plus the turkey.  I should have also sent a picture of the strawberries.  I didn't open them up before I sent the email and I thought they were ok.  They weren't.  Slimy and brown.  Ick.  Anyway, again, excellent customer service. Very kind people.  I am not going to order any meat products again from them until it's cooler--like this fall.




    This was Fridays Imperfect delivery.  I don't know if it's because they changed my ordering time and date or if it's because of the problem the week before, but I got my box a day early.  All good here.  The peaches are excellent.




    I've placed a Misfits order for this coming week.  They offer some meat and fish products now and I am thinking they are packing their meats etc. with more ice or even dry ice.  I have shrimp and some yellow fin coming.  We will see how that goes.

    Imperfect/Misfits et al. I don't really understand the rational behind the enthusiasm for this method of obtaining food.


    Is it cheaper? Does it help prevent waste?


    I don't think I would look at some of the products people are receiving and ask myself, is this a deal, should I not go to the store and pick out the best of what's on offer than getting a "surprise" box.


    I think you would be receiving better value by ordering from Walmart or similar.


    I don't consider their response of free shipping and no cost turkey "excellent customer service" and I guess "very kind people" is in the eye of the beholder.


    I live in a small rural community and these services aren't available to me but judging from people's experiences I would avoid them.


    Now I may be missing the whole point of this, but just going on what's been said.



  3. I have both the APO and an Air Fryer (6.5 qt)


    I use both


    The APO for large items, items for a long cook, items I want to cook with steam, bread etc. - I don't do SV


    The Air Fryer for quick, small items (fries, wings, burgers etc)


    The APO is like a regular oven on steroids - does everything well.


    The Air Fryer doesn't need preheating, it's good to go - small space, fan driven heat.


    Cooking multiple items - wings 20 min/ fries 10 min. - set timer for 10 minutes, put in wings - after 10 min add the fries and reset the timer for 10 minutes has worked for me - if there is a large temp difference adjust the time - instead of 10 min @ 425 try 15 min @ 350


    Using an air fryer doesn't need to be more complicated than a stove top burner.


    The APO though has a bit more of a learning curve





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  4. Hi again, I keep getting these emails from Wild Alaskan Company:


    Congratulations, you've been selected to receive an upgrade!

    Join today and save a total of $75 off your first 3 boxes of Wild Alaskan seafood. 

    Our July 4th Sale ends soon! Claim this offer and enjoy Alaskan delicacies that are conveniently delivered to your home.


    Promo code:



    If you guys keep using this, I'm going to buy stock in the company 😀



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  5. 5 hours ago, KennethT said:

    It looks likethe scallops were IQF - like shrimp usually are.  Then they're just placed in a sealed bag - no vacuum.

    No vacuum is an invitation to freezer burn - if you have access to a vac sealer I would use it on those items if longer term storage is in the cards.



  6. I wouldn't go by "listed" sizes as I ordered 5 different ones from Amazon that were the correct size according to the listing, the ones I quoted:




    were the only ones that actually fit in the grooves, which is what I wanted. I did not look for pans as what I had already did the job. I was interested in a rack or "perforated pan" that I could use to keep food elevated, these worked. They are expensive but it seems they are the only ones available and they are of good quality.



  7. 1 hour ago, TdeV said:


    They also say they will replace the easily-buckling sheet pan, but so far they haven't done that.


    I have bought a lot of accessories to fit in the APO, but none of them fits exactly, so I'm waiting to hear from Anova (which will surely occur someday.)


    For now I'm using the racks which I bought for 1/2 sheet pans, which are a bit too wide for the oven, so they must go in at an angle. They are, however, perfectly adequate holding up chicken wings or thighs, just remember to put the official sheet pan on the bottom of the oven so that it can collect drips.

    They replaced mine:


    Jo had her tank replaced


    Check out the racks I recommended in previous post, they do fit exactly



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  8. 2 hours ago, FlashJack said:


    Thank you for the rack recommendation. They are on the pricey side for what they are but if they fit well, they're worth it.


    They fit perfectly, smoothly slide in and out of the grooves and are rigid enough that there is no concern of them popping out of the grooves.


    I'll assume Amazon "down under" has the same return policies as here in Canada, so order one and if it doesn't do the job for you, return it. Yes they are pricey, but they do the job and there isn't an alternative. I ordered 5 different ones before I got these. I returned the others.



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  9. The only chef-branded cookware that I ever bought was her oval saucepan.


    I got it especially for cooking spaghetti/linguine/fettucine etc.. No need to break to fit or baby it as it "melts to fit in pot. Also could use way less water for a quicker boil.


    Then I went full-on induction and my nephew ended up with it. 😰





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