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  1. I'd like to hear someone's experiences with the multi-level models, otherwise my pick would be: http://www.amazon.com/Sunsella-Stainless-Steel-Vegetable-Steamer/dp/B00KYDZHSI/ref=sr_1_2?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1442965743&sr=1-2&keywords=vegetable+steamers p
  2. I start with hot water from the tap that's close to my target temperature, never timed it but it doesn't take long. I also use a small beer cooler that I've fitted with a 2 inch rigid Styrofoam lid in which I've cut a small hole for the Anova, I also put a weight on the lid to seal it. Temperature loss is minimal. p
  3. For actually cooking the meat you could probably use this recipe: http://www.hippressurecooking.com/carnitas-pulled-pork-mexican-pressure-cooker-recipes/ Just jump back and forth between the NY Times recipe and this one to get the seasonings and finish you want or are you looking to do it in one pot start to finish. p
  4. CSA and UL are both companies that test and certify products regarding their safety. In Canada, certain products can not be sold unless they have undergone and passed this testing and display their CSA approval. I believe the same is true of the US. p
  5. Welcome Carlos, I hope you enjoy your time with us. I can't help you with your posting problem, but if you contact one of our hosts (moderaters) they will get the problem fixed right away. Just out of interest, if you don't mind, the Instant pot is made here in Canada, just wondering what the price was in Spain (US/CDN $) including shipping, import etc. Again, just wondering. p
  6. Free-form loaves would work and as far as baking goes, height is the only concern, I've done whole chickens in mine, small ones mind you. Yeah the fact that quarter sheet pans won't fit is a bummer, but I found some pans at a restaurant supply store that work. p
  7. palo

    Fasta Pasta

    Would have been nice if it turned , but it should still work . I'm guessing that because your microwave is small physically, it might be also be lower in power than a "full-size" microwave, so you may have to use longer times p
  8. As usual, Andie is correct, not that she needs validation from me. Here is a website that explains the science behind the phenomenon: http://chemistry.about.com/od/acidsbase1/a/red-cabbage-ph-indicator.htm The video is neat. p
  9. I would be pleasantly surprised to find that Canada has these innovations before the US. We tend to lag behind sometimes due to population and demand. Perhaps someone down "south" could check one out in BBB or some such to see if these differences are evident in the US stock. I don't expect to hear you have embraced bilingualism . p
  10. Anna, I don't know how convenient a "Food Basics" store is to you, but they have boneless blade on sale this week for $4.49 a lb. p
  11. Two things - Rereading "Night Prey" by John Sandford and... http://forums.egullet.org/topic/135134-eg-foodblogs-information-index/ Totally awesome, just finished 2005 and starting 2006. Thanks to all the bloggers of the past who shared a week with us. If you have the time, the're worth a look-see. p
  12. That was indeed a great well written story, the part about going to Europe with her husband and exploring Italian cooking reminded me of Julia Child. Thanks for the link. p
  13. It's too bad N. America hasn't bought into either the EU or IOC standards. p
  14. Quick question on your Mac & Cheese recipe: Is your "T" abbreviation teaspoon or Tablespoon? I wonder if you could you use whole milk instead of evaporated? Parmesan is the expensive one for sure. p
  15. I'm going out on a limb here but again I come back to density, a thinner mixture (just plain water) will create more steam, quicker than a thicker mixture. When a substance changes from a liquid to a gas heat is given off and the heat comes from the liquid. It takes longer for a thicker liquid to recover that heat and continue to convert itself to vapor. Perhaps someone with more than High School science could jump in with a more expert opinion. p
  16. Density and convection A thick mixture will take longer to heat evenly than a thinner mixture. A bare carrot will be more evenly exposed to the effect of heat than one in foil which is somewhat insulated. Convection. p
  17. Me too! Then I graduated to a fountain pen sometime in High School It never ceases to amaze me the amount of creativity and enthusiasm you have for cooking. p
  18. I live in Orillia, a small town with few grocery store choices. I want to buy my oil in a grocery store, not on-line, not a gourmet shop (of which there are none). Now this is the kicker, I don't want to spend a lot of money. The oil would be used mainly in pasta sauces, in dressings and occasionally for dipping bread. I have been buying Bertoli, but researching online has suggested Coleveti is better and I have seen it in stores. Anyone have an opinion or alternative suggestion? I have access to President's Choice products. This is the price range I am looking at. Thanks p
  19. palo

    Fasta Pasta

    Check the price @ Amazon vs their website - figure in the cost of the dollar and shipping, do the math, at the time their website was cheaper p
  20. palo

    Fasta Pasta

    Test Kitchen quotes: It’s time-consuming to bring a big pot of water to a boil, but it’s not exactly hard to prepare pasta. Despite our skepticism, we tested three different microwave pasta cookers, priced from $12.95 to $35. We simply added pasta to each oblong plastic box, poured in enough cold water to cover, microwaved until done (no stirring), and then flipped to drain through the lid. Every model cooked both strand and shaped pasta properly in almost half of the time it took to cook the same amount in the traditional stovetop method from start to finish. Draining through one model’s floppy lid was problematic: Its draining holes let small noodles slip through and it exposed our hands to steam and water burns. But the other two models won favor for sturdy, quick-cooling plastic handles and lids, with narrow slits that strained water away from our hands. Of the two, our winner got the edge for its low price. Foolproof for cooking up to four servings, it makes fast pasta dinners even faster. and comments on Fasta Pasta: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - WINNER Fasta Pasta Microwave CookerIt’s not much to look at, but this microwave pasta cooker makes light work of preparing pasta. Our panel detected no difference in taste or texture between strands cooked in the microwave and those boiled on the stovetop. Wide handles clip the lid firmly in place for safe, secure straining. DESIGN★★★COOKING★★★STRAINING★★★ @dcarch: "...I don't see a need for me to have a microwave pasta cooker." Some do, some don't btw Anna, your model was not recommended for exactly the reasons you gave. p
  21. palo

    Fasta Pasta

    The Fasta Pasta device has slits/slots at only one end of the lid so basically you just tip and pour much like you would with a pot. Personally l just use a plastic colander as I've always done. p
  22. Anyone eaten there recently? Comments? What choices were good or bad? p
  23. I think we need a short people's forum, i'm 5'5" and i'm debating taking the legs off my island to reduce the height to about 29". I find i'm almost reaching up to chop. Upper shelves in cabinets require a stepstool. I've made chicken stock in my IP and it was good and fast. A lot of people when they first think of PC cooking, think of a warm, homogeneous mixture served in a bowl that resembles a stew than anything else, not true! p
  24. I did not mean to put you on the spot about visiting, I was just sort of kidding, it would require major pre-planning on my part. By my count you've done 5 or 6 things already in less than 2 days, that's a lot of washing up! Can you get by with a rinse & dry, or is it soap and water? Depending on what you plan to cook next, you could just "deglaze" and use the liquid in the pot in the next recipe or to steam some potatoes or vegetables. I live "out in the country" part of Orillia, on a short dead end road with little or no traffic, the nearest grocery is 15 minutes away. I know my postman well and usually when we meet have an enjoyable conversation about fishing or what's going on in town. I'm fortunate and am not looking forward to his retirement in a few years as his replacement may have a more modern approach to his duties. I'm also on a first name basis with my Ups driver, thanks to Amazon p
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