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    Smoked Turkey Legs

    I've actually used chiplotle when making beans an it adds a really nice smokey flavor to the broth. Lately, I've been toying with trying lapsang souchong tea -- I have a box and it's stinking up my cabinets. ← Another stellar idea is born!
  2. I bet this concept does very well. After all, imagine how well a place that sold bagels would do, or pancakes, or coffee. Coffee, now there's an idea-- I think I'll call my enterprise..... hmmm.... Barstucks! Nice ring to it.
  3. Al_Dente

    Smoked Turkey Legs

    I used 2 legs for a huge pot of collard greens. It simmered for about 3 hours. The smokiness was definitely there. I did do some rendering with the legs while sauteing some onions and garlic to start off the process. Then I added about 2 quarts of stock along with probably 3 pounds of trimmed collards.
  4. Good catch, Joe. Hmmm... Corduroy, Ceiba, Bistro Bis...... tough call.
  5. Come on, you gotta love the Turkey Song
  6. Man, 111 views, and this is what I get. I'll be workin too-- on my hangover.
  7. Does anyone know of any good prix fixe deals going on in DC for this year? We'll probably plan to be home in time for the midnight festivities, but it would be great to get out for a couple of hours for a casual meal. Any ideas?
  8. Do you think the bar will be open after the event? I'm not going to the dinner, but should I happen to be walking by Les Halles at say, 10pm...
  9. Al_Dente


    I haven't seen the movie yet, but I read the book. Your observations definitely applied there.
  10. I've become enamored with this drink as of late, but I've often found that I'm drinking a cocktail that is only a shadow of what it could be. So, aside from a restaurant or two where I know it's made to my liking, I think I'll stick to making them at home. I need some Campari obviously, but which gin? Which sweet vermouth? What proportions? Any other tips?
  11. Al_Dente

    Smoked Turkey Legs

    After cooking the greens with two whole turkey legs, we took the legs out and picked at them (those of us who were cooking anyway). The first dish that popped into everyone's mind was split pea soup! You could rename that soup with those two legs in mind-- Split Pea Standing Up???
  12. I was a sorri so and so when I tried it a couple of weeks back. Perhaps I should try the pizza.
  13. I've always had a place in my heartburn for Tabasco, but I also like Cholula and I'll put that Sriracha all over my GF's tofu stir-fries. I live in Washington DC near Eastern Market where you can pick up some locally made stuff that is quite good. I like their habanero sauce-- very hot, but you can really pick up the fruit. Check it out: Uncle Brutha's No, I don't work for them...
  14. Al_Dente

    Dinner! 2004

    I braised some lamb shanks in red wine, beef broth, onions, garlic, oregano, thyme, sage, and lemon zest. Served atop fresh made egg noodles along with some roasted zucchini on the side. My GF liked the sauce that resulted from the braising, but couldn't bring herself to eat the meat. More for me, I guess...
  15. Al_Dente

    Onion Confit

    It was still a little soupy, but tasted great over leftover turkey and mashed potatoes. Powerful stuff. Much gastrointestinal distress amongst all those who sampled it. But it was worth it.
  16. Yes, it was-- both the home-made and the stuff in a box.
  17. Indeed they were. The smoked turkey leg suggestion was just the thing. Once the greens were sufficiently tender, I took out the legs before dinner and those of us who were cooking snacked on the delicious meat. Might have been the best collard greens I ever had!!! Certainly best I ever made. eGullet works wonders again... Al PS-- I was running a little low on home made stock, so I reached for a box of chicken broth in my fridge. As I poured some of it into the pot, I wondered "why is this cloudy and off-white?" Yep, I poured about 1/4 cup of soy milk into the collard greens before I stopped. Who knows? Maybe that's why they were so good. I guess that's what you get for cooking whilst hung-over at 7am.
  18. Some worthwhile reading: www.lovetoeatandtravel.com "Hooters is a fun destination for a motivational Team-Building lunch or dinner." Wow
  19. I love hooters. Could do without Hooters though.
  20. Al_Dente

    Onion Confit

    Did it about 5 hours covered. Now it's been about TWELVE uncovered. I just checked in with my ol' lady and she said it's definitely reducing, but not there yet. We'll check it out in another couple of hours. I hope to have some tonight come hell or high oil!
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