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    Onion Confit

    Well... not sure yet. I had to give up on it because it was too soupy. So I put it in the fridge, headed out to my Thanksgiving festivities, and then put it back in the oven overnight. My GF is keeping an eye on it today while I'm at work. It smells great, the color is fine, but there's just too much liquid yet.
  2. Al_Dente

    Onion Confit

    The confit is rockin in the oven. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  3. I'm sitting here at home trying to figure out where to go for a bite. Pondering...
  4. I was too lazy to do my usual get-the-fancy-stuff-at-Whole-Paycheck and get-the-regular-stuff-at-Safeway last night, so I went to Whole Foods to pick up some things I needed for my contribution to Thanksgiving dinner. I'm making a mess of collard greens so I purchased $15 worth! At a regular grocery store, $15 would probably buy you about 40 pounds of the stuff-- at Whole Foods it got me about 4. Perhaps it's grown in zero gravity on the freakin space station.
  5. On a related note, this past weekend I travelled to Long Island with my GF to meet her adoptive family for the first time. Everyone was excited about taking us out to a fantastic seafood restaurant in Roslyn. Sounded great to me until they gave me the name of the joint-- The Jolly Fisherman! The name did not portend well. The restaurant lived up to every single one of my misgivings and then some. Overcooked seafood, terrible wine, fascist service, and unbelievably high prices. Fortunately, her dad picked up the check. Everyone but us sat there in utter bliss gorging on the horrible food.
  6. A co-worker of mine from Serbia gave me a small tin of pate from his homeland yesterday. One of the listed ingredients was "fatty pork tissue". Yum!!! I dipped Fritos in it and ate about a tablespoon or so of it. Kinda bland, but definitely had that distinctive fatty pork tissue taste we all know and love!
  7. I was jealous, until I read this. ← Yeah, no kiddin. I'm thoroughly disappointed.
  8. Al_Dente

    Onion Confit

    Sorry to ask a question that may have already been covered in these 11 pages, but I don't have a crock pot and I'm coming into the Onion Confit situation late in the game. I do, however, have a 7 quart Le Creuset. How can I make it with that? I was thinking I'd saute everything for 15 mins or so in the pot and then put in a 250 degree oven overnight? Or is that too high? 200 degrees? This will be on the Thanksgiving table!
  9. I'm having Thanksgiving dinner at my GF's folks up in Bethesda. I'm making a batch of collard greens with kosher smoked Turkey legs instead of the usual ham hocks, and I think I'll give the Onion Confit a try after reading that thread here on eGullet. For some reason, I'm also in charge of the gravy even though I'm not the one making the turkey. I've only made gravy a couple of times, so if anyone has any tips or ideas, please let me know. My GF's mother is an excellent cook, so dinner should be first rate. There will be lots of great wine too. Then I'm off to the eastern shore for a weekend with my family. I'll probably pick up some good wine and cheeses for the trip-- you can't get much of anything in Smallsbury. I hope everyone has a great holiday! Cheers!
  10. Al_Dente

    Turkey confit

    I've seen juniper berries at Dean&DeLuca in Georgetown. Call ahead and check though, this was a while ago.
  11. I wish I could make it there this evening. But, alas, someone else will have to be responsible for the besmirching today.
  12. This is good-- VERY good. I work in Silver Spring. But, alas, I don't know where the kosher markets are. But I'll find them! Great idea on the turkey leg folks-- perfect, in fact!
  13. I'm tasked with making some collard greens for Thanksgiving this year. I've only made them a few times, but in each instance I used ham hocks. What can I substitute to give a similar earthy richness? I was considering roasting some shallots and garlic and adding them at some point in the process, but I'm not sure of the best way to go about this. Any ideas?
  14. www.monsterthickburger.com Hardee's Nutrition Calculator The calculator claims the burger is a mere 1,244 calories and a svelte 90 grams of fat. Want fries and a coke with that? 2,110 calories and 118 grams of fat.
  15. Went last night with my girlfriend. The intention was to sit at the bar and have a burger and some wine. I accidentally started looking at the regular menu and there was no turning back. I was lured in. After a sidecar, 3 gorgeous glasses of great grapes, some lobster and heirloom beets with some really cool looking radish slices, a few wood pigeon raviolinis with mushrooms that made me emotionally fragile, a taste of the luscious gnocchi, and the masterful pork 3 ways, I left the restaurant grinning like an idiot. Going to this restaurant boosts the quality of your life. I'm truly thankful it's there.
  16. Montmarte? Though I wonder how kid friendly they are. How bout Trattoria Alberto's on Barrack's Row. It's nothing exceptional by any means, but they serve good familiar Italian fare.
  17. It's been a few weeks. Time to get back to Palena. Fuckin-A... Great description of the new dishes. I just ate a great meal and you made me want to go to Palena for more!
  18. I work about 1/2 mile away, so I'm pretty sure I could make it. Isn't there a Bourdain thing going on 12/6?
  19. Best of luck Jamison. Perhaps we can organize a group to head up to NYC for dinner!
  20. Emmenthaler and/or Gruyere is usually fairly easy to find. I love the stuff.
  21. I disagree. You need a sign to tell you how unhealthy the burger is?
  22. I think he already came and went. So Holly-- what did you end up doing?
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