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  1. Wow, Mr. H. Great post! You have me sold on getting on over there. I look forward to many similarly concise and enjoyable posts in the future. Let's go folks. How bout an eGullet in late Jan when they have things a little better nailed down? And yes, to answer the question that is sure to surface, I'll volunteer my organizational services. Yes? No? Thoughts?
  2. Sam Lek-- The Mayflower's Extraordinary Bartender Stop in a contribute sometime. Perhaps order a Jack Rose.
  3. I think you're right. I've been there twice for lunch and the flavors were more interesting then (although I did request "spicy" once). All in all, it was a good meal for the $$$, but I think you might have better results if you just come in off the street. They need to work on service-- table was getting a bit crowded with empty plates and it seemed silly to have to go to the bar for a beer.
  4. Sam is a great guy. Ever seen him do magic tricks? I haven't been there in a long long time-- I may have to stop in sometime this holiday season and make a contribution to his charity.
  5. I'll be making a rare foray into Georgetown tonight. I'm not sure why, but I feel compelled to go to Old Glory. They're kind of like an IHOP-- several kinds of sauce on the table to slather over your food. I wonder if they have Boysenberry. Go ahead, try and talk me out of it.
  6. What exactly is it? ← Caul Fat Perty, ain't it?
  7. Dean & Deluca in Georgetown might have it.
  8. I've been curious about this place. Do they do carry-out? How's the pasta?
  9. I'm tempted, but I'd be bumming cigarettes.
  10. Isn't there some kind of non-disclosure agreement on eGullet? Don't you, Mr Rocks, as Forum Host, have some sort of sacred duty to uphold? Never drinking outside of my humble abode again, Al
  11. It can be quite "clubby" and I have had my share of rudeness. But I enjoy the food, the value, the Hoegarten on tap, and the chicks who tend bar can be nice if you put a little effort into it. It's not the kind of place I'd take my family, or go on a date, but it's fine for getting your drink on and filling up on delicious and fattening French comfort food.
  12. Al_Dente


    That's what I usually do. I have tried substituting yogurt and it was pretty good-- not mayo, but good.
  13. More news on this controversial burger... "The fuss is all about a super-supersized burger — two 1/3-pound slabs of all-Angus beef, four strips of bacon, three slices of cheese and mayonnaise on a buttered sesame seed bun. The sandwich alone sells for $5.49, or $7.09 with fries and a soda. The combo packs more calories and fat than most people should get in a day."
  14. Maybe just go "hot" on one of them, not "extra hot". Though that might be splittin chilis...
  15. There is this steakhouse (that mnebergall referenced)in the northern part of Old Town-- I have no idea if it's any good, but I used to walk past it fairly often and there never seemed to be anyone there: Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse And there is Koto on King St, a couple of blocks from the river. I went a few years ago and was not happy with it. You might have to go to Arlington. Matuba perhaps?
  16. Perhaps she's the lunch lady?
  17. Any one (or two?) from the following: Tofu MoteNyinChin Gyaw: Tofu Tofu stir-fried with sour mustard, onion and cilantro (vegetarian) Ngar MaGee Thee Hin: Catfish Lightly fried catfish simmered in onion-tomato based curry with tamarind and green pepper KyetThar BooThee Hin: Chicken Chicken chunks and long squash simmered in onion curry sauce ShweJi: Cream of wheat, coconut cream, sugar, raisin and milk topped with poppy seeds and baked until golden brown, for dessert. * * Just kidding about the last one. I suggest this with the assumption there are other hot-heads in our group. Shoot me down if I'm wrong! Edited to add assumption...
  18. Come on, a dish or two has to be painful. Burn baby burn!
  19. Wow, $15! Excellent. I'll have to check with my official scheduler, but I should be in for 2. I'll know by Monday. Can we bring wine? And if so, any suggestions Mr Rocks/Wabeck/Slater?
  20. <ears perk up> Ugly Mug? Where? ← 8th Street. Mid-December opening. Nice beers on tap. Comfort food menu. ← I'm there. I'd be happy to have the miniburgers too. I think this whole miniburger thing is much ado about nothing-- well, very little anyway.
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