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  1. Jarad without a full windsor? "The horror, the horror". ← He was in jeans and a sweater! Forgot to mention, at the end of the meal we were each given the hot chocolate. Does that make me a bad person?
  2. We had a wonderful meal last night at Ray's. I vaguely recognized Jarad when he walked up to us, but since he was atypically casually attired I had to embarrass myself and ask his name. Oh well. My ol' lady had the large NY Strip. I had the cowboy. This is approximately 80 pounds of deliciously prepared beef. The sides that come with go perfectly with the steaks. Indulge yourself and get a side order of mushrooms too! In honor of Michael and Jarad, I offer a picture of myself that was taken this morning. I will continue to wear this throughout the weekend. The only other carnivoristic orgy I've had that rivals last night was the time Brando killed a cow with his bare hands after we got all hopped up on Thai stick smoked from a monkey skull after a day of filming Apocolypse Now. Ray's rocks!
  3. Is that an homage to anyone in particular? ← Some dude named Jarad. The drink was like nectar.
  4. I dropped by last night and the dreamy part of the dream team (no offense John, you're cute in your own way and all) made me a Bourbon Slipp-- a concoction of Maker's Mark, simple syrup with ginger, and a drunken bing cherry garnish. I initiallly stopped in for the wine, but since this was my first time at Firefly with Derek in the house, I had to try an imaginative and delicious cocktail. And that it was. Okay, I had wine too.
  5. I've always had a place in my heart for Whitlow's (though I haven't been in a year or so)-- virtually next door to Iota. Most of it is typical bar food, but they make a decent burger, and their chicken fingers aren't your typical flash frozen Sysco kinda thing. Plus, hey-- the bar top is a bowling alley lane!
  6. Nice job Morela! I gotta get over there for dinner soon.
  7. Great thread idea. I'm very interested in info along these lines as well. I often see some big slab o' beef and I wonder what I could do with it.
  8. Al_Dente


    Didn't one of the icons of empowered womanity, Starr Jones, start this trend?
  9. I meant to mention that my ol' lady and I went on a recent busy night for dinner. Despite walking into a full house with no reservations, we were carved out a spot at the bar for dinner and received friendly and efficient service from the bartender. We enjoyed the asparagus with egg/butter/parsley sauce, though it could use a couple of extra spears for the amount of sauce. Their salsify soup was velvety smooth. We tried Waterzooi-- poached (?) chicken in a delicious albeit somewhat thin sauce. I'm a sucker for braised beef, so I had the Flemish Stew which was excellent and, as a bonus, served with the perfect frites (much better than the last time I was there). Oh yeah, and the bonus bonus-- Belgian BEER! Go, I think you'll enjoy it.
  10. Get out of the harbor area. Anywhere else, basically. I've always enjoyed the Helmand up Charles St. The food is an excellent value, but you better reserve now. Their website doesn't seem to be working though: The Helmand
  11. I'll be in town briefly for a conference at Javits next week, so I was hoping to find a good lunch spot myself. Sounds like a wasteland, so how bout something on the way back to Penn Station where I'll catch a train back to DC?
  12. Interesting. But avocado leaves? 2 lbs of dried leaves? That seems like an awful lotta leaves-- not to mention the potential for smoke and maybe fire. Perhaps I'll try this recipe without all that vegetation.
  13. My advice is to ask yourself, "is this sponge worthy"?
  14. Guy Food! The dude's a real epicure, huh?
  15. It had been a while, so yesterday I dropped in on my local Chipotle for some tacos with their (in my humble opinion) oh so delicious barbacoa. Given that I received a crock pot over Christmas, I thought I'd try to replicate their recipe. What cut of beef should I use? What is our collective best guess at the other ingredients? Shamelessly, Al
  16. For belly dancing on a Saturday night, try Meyhane, the Turkish joint on Pennsylvannia Ave SE. The food is quite good, service is sloppy but friendly, and the belly dancer... hubba hubba...
  17. I recall a dry leg of lamb and chicken mole that just didn't have any depth of flavor.
  18. I've been a bit disappointed there lately. Apps at the bar is still a fine idea, but the entrees I've had a couple of times recently have lacked any distinction.
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