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  1. One thing that would make for good service is that either an establishment accepts credit cards for payment, or a sign clearly states that they're cash-only at the door. Murky Coffee does neither of these things. I just got back from standing in line to purchase a pound of beans only to find out they don't take plastic when I got to the cash register. So I incur the ATM fee (effectively increasing the cost of the coffee by 20%) to grab some cash and then head back to stand in line again.
  2. That's the place! Out of the hundreds of restaurants in Princess Anne, you picked the right one!
  3. Go to the seafood dept, ask for the manager (ATL or TL in WF lingo), and see what they have to say. They're usually quite accommodating.
  4. Anyone for muskrat? I had it once down in Princess Ann MD, just south of Salisbury where I used to live. It was godawful.
  5. I betcha Whole Foods would special order it for you.
  6. As stated above-- go check out Eastern Market. Perhaps you could go to the Library of Congress, check out the inside (one of the most beautiful interiors in DC, IMHO), then take a walk down stately East Capitol St and make a right on 7th St. In a couple of blocks, you'll be there. Murky Coffee is a great place to stop, but don't be suckered in to going to the temptingly named Bread and Chocolate a couple of doors down. The pastries and bread are at best so-so.
  7. It would be a good idea if someone brought "Dueling Banjos". Dean loves that tune! PM me if you need me to send an MP3. Regards, Al "Pissed He Can't Make It" Dente
  8. My wife and I were just about to head out the door from her aunt and uncle's place to fly home to DC when I got a call from Independence Air letting me know my flight was cancelled and I can't go home until tomorrow. Therefore, I'm not sure at this point whether we can make it, so I'll call Busboy (I have his cell #) in the early afternoon to let him know. Oh well, guess I'll just have to sit on this deck overlooking remarkably beautiful Lake Mahopac in upstate NY, drink wine, fire up the grill, and maybe do a drunken sunset cruise on the boat or waverunners. Wonder if I can find some good fresh seafood somewhere around here.
  9. A good variation on a Caprese salad is to include slices of watermelon and substitute a good creamy feta for the mozzarella.
  10. I have it on good authority that we can Al Dente +1 ← Fo shizzle!
  11. Would DC count as a state? I still have to get it on our official calendar with the missus, but I feel I'd be an excellent representative from the state that ain't a state. Plus I have some seniority.
  12. I lovED the Griffin Pub. But I went a couple of weeks ago, and the food seemed to be a pale shadow of its former self. They still have a few good English beers on tap, like John Courage, so it's certainly worth the stop, but I can't say that it made me moist. You can grab a bottle of HP sauce and cover up the mediocrity a bit though.
  13. Would it help if I brought the biggest yellowest Perdue chicken on steroids I could find and roasted it until it's dry and chewy? I'm looking into whether or not we can make it. Hope so!
  14. Where are you going to get your birds? I assume you'll go free-range organic.
  15. < cue "Dueling Banjos" > Brainstorming here... Dueling Banjuice? Not sure what you'd put in it, but it should be garnished with a piece of cracklin.
  16. I was eating at a tapas bar in Seville Spain and saw a plate of some sort of meat substance in a brown sauce served to another customer. I pointed at it and was given a dish for myself. I enjoyed it, but to this day I have no idea what kind of beast I was eating. I went through the few Spanish words I knew for various animals and then resorted to sound effects to cover the rest of the possible suspects, but the server just shook her head "no" to each of my guesses. They were small morsels with cartilage-ish bones that formed a kind of joint. It was almost like your thumb but with more meat (and no nail). Any idea what I ate? It was more like beef than chicken with maybe a bit of porkiness.
  17. For a simple dessert or topping for ice cream, split a banana down the middle, sprinkle brown sugar on it and flame away.
  18. Al_Dente

    Homegrown Smoker

    Okay, what size terra cotta pot did anyone get? I've been searching, and I've found a few good sized pots, but the trouble is I can't find a damn dome lid. I went to some hoity toidy lawn and garden place in Potomac MD today and found a 21 3/4 inch pot and this decorative bell shaped doohicky for a lid that fit the pot perfectly. Total cost? $150. I passed. I've been to a couple of Home Depots and a Lowe's. No luck. Crap.
  19. Al_Dente

    Homegrown Smoker

    I'm going to give the AB method a try next weekend. I've read elsewhere that the hotplate can be problematic-- it either doesn't get hot enough or burns out before you're done. Any thoughts on how to best select a heavy duty hot plate? Also, does the pie pan thingy go directly on the hot plate? I would imagine this could cause the wood to ignite rather than smolder-- isn't that a problem?
  20. Whew, I thought you were talking about me. That said, some sort of dinner at my place will be in order once I get past early July.
  21. Rockland's makes some decent stuff-- by DC standards anyway. Another advantage of Carpool is if your date doesn't work out, there are plenty of other single young ladies in the vicinity.
  22. I'm taking some folks from my office in Silver Spring up to Sabang tonight for dinner. Any particular recommendations? I've been once for the lunch buffet, but haven't ordered off the menu yet. My Indonesian experience is limited to a couple of hazy meals in Amsterdam. Also, is there anything on the wine list worth ordering?
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