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  1. Ready for some rabbit, Jenny?
  2. I took my folks and fiancee to dinner at Poste last week for an outstanding meal. I anticipate dropping in here much more often. Go in and try the mussels-- probably the best Asian style mussels I've had. The ravioli were excellent as was the beef Bourguignon with beautifully prepared winter veggies which are available as a side dish. If you haven't been lately, go! This place deserves a lot more attention.
  3. Best crab cakes? Easy-- Faidley's in Lexington Market. It isn't the best time of the year for the mega-pile-of-crabs-on-newspapers experience. The crabs you get will probably be from down south. And nowadays, they're ALWAYS expensive. Oh yeah, hammers are for amateurs!
  4. As long as I'm in "Joe H mode," a great little divey Italian place in that area is Trattoria E Pizzeria Da Enrico in King's Contrivance Village in Columbia, Maryland. ← Speaking of King's Contrivance, has anyone been to the French joint there? Any opinions?
  5. It doesn't matter what the zone is-- cabbies will charge you whatever they think they can get away with. Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be worth it once you're eating!
  6. I've been waiting for ages for new restaurants to open down there. I've been going to the same ol run down Chinese place for years.
  7. What night were you there? I just got back myself and dined at Pasqual's Saturday night at the communal table.
  8. I made the stuffed veal marsala with sausage and pistachios. Fantastic. Definitely use a food processor to get the nuts down to a fine chop. Also, despite what Molly says, tie your veal rolls-- they come apart very easily after browning them. Once dinner was plated I realized that it was odd that she suggests serving the braised leek recipe along with a risotto. I followed this suggestion and joked to my dinner guests that I'll make this same dinner 50 years from now when we have no teeth-- I could have used something on the plate with a little more texture. This recipe would have been excellent with pork tenderloin instead of veal scallopine as well.
  9. Nice seeing ya'll. Thanks for the tip on the scallops tartar, they're nebergall they're cracked up to be. And that chicken confit was the shizznit!
  10. What Mr Sietsema said about The Ugly Mug on Capitol Hill was right on the money. The service there is virtually non-existent.
  11. Actually there is a Sweetwater in Sterling, which is in Loudoun County. Waits of well over an hour every weekend. ← Note to self: must open restaurant in boonies.
  12. Yeah, tell that to my GF!!! Sorry for the smartass posts ladies. It's just that my girlfriend suddenly gave me "the look" a couple of nights ago and I wasn't looking forward to the next 36 hours or so. But I'm fairly lucky, I've experienced MUCH worse cases than her. She just gets a little weepy and becomes convinced her 115 lb body is overweight. But I think the cloud has already passed for this month!
  13. As I brought up on another thread, surely Donna must have been planning to make some sort of pasta. Why were they still stuffing ravioli with 90 seconds left? At that point, why bother?
  14. No. ← Okay, I'll just go bake a casserole and iron some shirts then...
  15. Suzi, We're just sensitive, in-touch-with-our-feminine-side kinds of men. And no, I'm not wearing the French Maid outfit as I write this. That only comes out for costume parties and bar mitzvahs. ← I demand equal time! I'm feeling a bit hormonal at the moment. Is it okay if I say I'm horny and I want chocolate?
  16. Also, wouldn't it be a given that Donna would make pasta? You would think they would have known exactly how much time they needed to put it together.
  17. 11 pages and this topic still hasn't been exhausted? Sheesh...
  18. How do you rate a restaurant like Maria's? Seriously, I may be meeting family at Maria's in Annapolis for dinner Saturday night and I need to determine if I should veto the idea and redirect everyone to some other option nearby. I went once many years ago when my taste buds weren't quite so spoiled and liked it, but has anyone been lately? Edited to add: Maria's Webpage
  19. I did the short ribs with rosemary/maple/horseradish glaze this past weekend. Next time I'll use a stronger beer, but otherwise they were excellent. Of course, I am the short rib king.
  20. 25 thanks to 11 months wandering around Europe in a hedonistic daze. By the way, don't click on the link in the original post unless you want to enter popup hell-- fuckers.
  21. Schneider's, either fortunately or unfortunately, is on my walk home from Union Station after work. It's a good idea to be on their email list. You receive an email or two a week with a handful of good bottles on sale. I've got my pick for tonight! Schneider's
  22. If the Creator is so interested in us being properly dressed, then why aren't we born with a coat and tie on? Next time I see your kids, I'll be sure to pass this retort on. I'd prefer, whenever possible, to not wear a coat and tie. But I will when the situation calls for it, just because you're "supposed to".
  23. You know I would happily have you over anytime. ← I just wanted to offer my services as well. That is all.
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