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  1. I have a full set of Cuisinart discs and haven't used them more than one or twice in years. Though I use the Cuisinart often. Now I'm thinking about possible uses for the discs, particularly since I am just getting into Japanese cuisine. Interestingly my Cuisinart is made in Japan, not France.
  2. I own a Falk and I like it. I can't speak for Bourgeat.
  3. From various eGullet posts I understand that the weather in some parts of the northern hemisphere is uncomfortably hot. Here it is cool, dare I almost say cold, given the season of the year. I walked home from work tonight without a jacket, and badly needed somewhat to warm my toes. Particularly as I am dead tired and it is well after midnight. The logical choice was a double autumn in Jersey. Garnish of lovely fresh mint. Unfortunately the Laird's bonded ran out. Search as I might, I could not find another bottle. How could this happen? I ended up using half Laird's bonded and half Laird's 12 year. One could do much worse. I filled the measure to the very top with fresh squeezed lemon juice. No idea quite how much that is. But it sure works. The drink is delightfully warming and sips slowly as a perfect foil for salted peanuts. Any time now I should start to feel my toes.
  4. I just noticed, that's an awful lot of grapefruit. Did you use white grapefruit or sweet grapefruit? I use 10 ml white grapefruit juice in my recipe. (Though sadly I have only about a dozen white grapefruit left, and the season doesn't start again till next winter.) As it happens I squeezed an extra 5 ml tonight, and since it doesn't keep, I used the excess as a float. So far so good. The rums tonight are Neisson Reserve Speciale, Appleton 12, and Lemon Hart 151. Very nice. My former logic for the times when I expressed a little extra grapefruit was to mix up a second zombie. Maybe it's old age but I find brain function and two zombies can be mutually exclusive.
  5. I had a feeling somehow you might mention that. The "cup" was clearly not a mistake, as the measurement is reinforced in the text of the recipe. Unless Brazilian cups are possibly smaller than US or British cups. Anyhow, I think I shall wait until I have a slightly less expensive cachaça before I empty half a bottle. The funny thing is two thirds of the recipe, delightful though it was, and for me rather different -- was not very intoxicating.
  6. Tonight I steamed my red potatoes five minutes in the Fissler. I love my pressure cookers. (Except for the Cuisinart because they don't sell replacement parts.)
  7. Last week I was excited to find key limes at the grocery store. I brought home a pound -- rather than restocking regular Persian limes (which are now 10 for $1.99). This post: http://forums.egullet.org/topic/47094-cachaça/?p=683780 Inspired me to make this recipe: http://forums.egullet.org/topic/127191-caipirinha/?p=1695823 Actually I confess I made only two thirds of a recipe. I have few qualms measuring alcohol by cups. But unfortunately my glassware is only so big. I ended up serving the beverage in my large yarai mixing glass. As it is the drink almost overflowed. Problem. I had no muddler. Not even a close approximation. Today, thanks to amazon, my new muddler arrived: Fletchers' Mill Muddler, 11-Inch A serious piece of American maple. I love amazon weekend delivery. Apropos perhaps for a Brazilian beverage. I thought my mise en place was worth a picture. Alas, no battery, so instead you get a thousand words. The sugar I ground in my marble mortar. Preparing the limes was more difficult. I cut the ends from six limes and quartered them lengthwise. I removed the white centers and as many seeds as possible. I used a ceramic knife, as I usually do for citrus. Even so the little limes did a job on my hands. Particularly the tip of the left thumb that I cut off last fall. (Making Modernist Cuisine carrot soup, of course.) Then I thoroughly muddled the limes and sugar, which I have to say was very satisfying. I let the macerated limes sit for about ten minutes. During which I rinsed the muddler and what was left of my hands. I added the lime and sugar mixture to my Yukiwa baron shaker, along with two thirds of a cup Leblon Reserva. (Remember this is but two thirds of the full cup of cachaça specified in the recipe.) And plenty of Kotobuki ice. I am of the "shaken, never stirred" school myself, but I must point out that the original poster specifies to shake as well. If, indeed, a bit more graphically. The intended caipirinha glass is still in the freezer, as I am sitting here in the company of my no longer overfull 16 ounce yarai. Topping up the ice every so often, as necessary. Before I forget I should mention that I like this. Perhaps caipirinha won't fill the place in my heart of a mai tai. Nor is it quite as efficacious as a zombie. But this is good. I remain a bit puzzled: in what sort of vessel does one typically serve caipirinha? Maybe an oil drum?
  8. On the other hand, rather than wasting ice water, why not louche absinthe with rhum?
  9. May I play too? I used the closest ingredients that I had on hand, and also omitted the syrup: 1 oz Flor de Cana 12 (rather than 7) 1 oz La Favorite blanc 1/2 oz Ferrand dry curacao (rather than Clement Shrubb) 1/4 oz Jade 1901 1 oz fresh lime juice 1/2 oz orgeat Very nice! Better than I was expecting. I get notes of pina colada in mine. But make no mistake, to my taste this is an absinthe forward drink with the other stuff as flavorings. If anyone knows, what is Brian Miller's original recipe?
  10. I liked S&C and W&N first time I tried them. However I do not care for all spirits by any means. Just thinking of that funky taste makes me salivate. If Pavlov was right, that reaction could probably be acquired. But maybe better to drink what you enjoy. Now, if you will excuse me, I am about to go pour some La Favorite and sacrifice a lime.
  11. The New York Times Cookbook copyright 1961 by Craig Claiborne. Honey Balls pp 560,561 Cuban Bread pp 462,463
  12. Sorry to hear. Nothing I have prepared from the NYT cookbook has been eatable. How about leaden honey balls or equally leaden Cuban bread.
  13. Yesterday rib eye was on sale. I bought three boneless rib eye steaks that were about two inches thick. I cooked one by the Fat Guy/Ducasse method: http://forums.egullet.org/topic/119838-the-best-way-to-cook-a-thick-steak/page-1 With the help of a pair of zombies and Dansko sandals from the footware thread I was able to stand at the stove and cook the steak for about an hour. What may have started out as footware has turned into a fetish as I now have three pair of Dansko, they are so comfortable. Admittedly I may have been carried away in the cooking as there was little or no pink. However the meat was so unctuous there was no contest with the pink sous vide Australian rib eye that was completely dry. Served with sautéed mushrooms and béarnaise. Two more rib eyes to go.
  14. Far more alcohol -- finally realized how good it makes me feel. I blame eGullet. Less sweets. (Even though I am most fond of ice cream.) More meat. Rib steak pan frying at the moment. Starch is good. Baked a baguette tonight to go with steak.
  15. I always wondered why Howard Johnson served ice cream in hot metal cups. Technique may not be everything, however it sure does help. Johnson could have saved a lot of money by asking any five year old. In Pepin's defense I don't think I've eaten in a Howard Johnson restaurant since before Pepin came to the US. But it brings back memories.
  16. For myself I hope they stick to wheat, water, yeast, and salt. Surely nathanm and the team can get at least five volumes out of four ingredients. If so I'll buy it.
  17. 1 1/2 oz S&C 1 1/2 oz Flor de Cana 12 1 oz Lemon Hart 151 1/2 oz Taylor's Falernum 3/4 oz fresh lime juice (generous, maybe a scant full ounce...let's call it 25 ml) 1 teaspoon grenadine 10 ml fresh white grapefruit juice 5 ml tincture of cinnamon 1 dash Angostura 12 drops Jade 1901 New bunch of mint tonight. As nice as this, I think I slightly prefer Neisson Reserve Speciale to Flor de Cana 12.
  18. I seldom eat in restaurants. I am a slow eater. When I do eat in a restaurant I usually notify the server that I am a slow eater and that I do not mind waiting between courses. As often as not the main course arrives while I am enjoying my salad or soup. This bends me all out of shape, I am normally a nice person, easy to get along with.
  19. Followed by: 1 oz S&C 1 oz Pusser's 1 oz Neisson Reserve Speciale 1/2 oz Grand Marnier 1 oz fresh lime juice (ever so slightly scant) 1/2 oz orgeat Blue straw. I can confirm that this is really good. Possibly my favorite even given the in your face funk of the former.
  20. Started with: 1 1/2 oz W&N overproof 1 1/2 oz La Favorite Blanc 1/2 oz Ferrand dry curacao 1 oz fresh lime juice (generous) 1/2 oz orgeat I just can't make Ferrand completely work. This mai tai version needs Cointreau.
  21. To revisit and slightly modify a previous experiment: 1 oz S&C 1 oz Pusser's 1 oz Neisson Reserve Speciale 1/2 oz Grand Marnier 1 oz fresh lime juice 1/2 oz orgeat This was very good. Had two. Was (am) very tempted by the thought of three, (And for once I have excess ice!) For the first of the two I used well more than one ounce of lime juice. This recipe works better with just one ounce of lime.
  22. I can't speak for Moon Pies but Mars Bars are named for the man who made them: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forrest_Mars,_Sr.
  23. I agree, not enough rum! Now what was the question? It seems feste may have changed her mai tai recipe! (And sadly brought it more in line with that of her employer's.) It now sounds kind of vile. I wish feste would come back to eGullet and dialog with us! Back when I transcribed the classical mai tai recipes hers was slightly different: http://forums.egullet.org/topic/25600-mai-tai-recipes/?p=1939568 Mukki, if you are using feste's recipe, you should at least try her orgeat. It is good stuff. Many large bottles I have gone through. I cannot recommend it enough. Edit: CF.: http://forums.egullet.org/topic/25600-mai-tai-recipes/?p=1939374
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