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  1. Not a week after receiving the Breville "Smart" oven that I had been waiting for two years for a sale had arrived, another forum member posted photos and information about her new Oster oven. I was fascinated by it's appearance and size. I checked it out and, sure enough, it had even more room inside than my old Toastmaster convection oven that I had been using the last 25 years. I noticed that it was available both in a "digital" version and a manual version and that the manual version was only $99.95. That was $100 less than the BSO that I got on sale and it is so much roomier. Look at the difference in size! I like baking tall loaves of bread and that was clearly going to be a problem in the BSO. Not the case in the ODO! It's even bigger than the Toastmaster, has a timer, two shelves and those wonderful doors which are as practical as they are attractive. No worries burning my hands on the door when moving or removing things from the oven. Too bad I didn't know about this oven first because it will serve my purposes perfectly. (Thanks, Andie!)
  2. Very impressive collection, mrdecoy1970! I don't feel as guilty for having so many now. Well done!
  3. Hi Andie! The new oven looks good and looking forward to reading your further comments on how it performs. It would definitely have been of interest to me with the fact that it is so roomy inside. However, after waiting about two years with a Breville "smart" oven in my Amazon basket waiting for a price drop, it finally did for one day a couple of weeks ago so I bought one. It's nice to see you still on the board here as I've been away for a few years. BTW, you gave me some good advice on mixers about five years ago and I am still happily using the Assistent mixer I bought at that time. Easily does double the load my 5-quart KA "Commercial" does. Hope you are well and enjoy your posts as always. Dave
  4. Thanks, Anna, good idea! As for the CSO, I'll start watching that thread. I'm curious about the attractive loaves of bread you asked about too. For good measure, now that the BSO is out of my Amazon cart, maybe I'll put the CSO in and watch it in case it goes on sale and I can "justify" it.
  5. After setting in my Amazon cart for two years waiting for a price drop, I finally ordered a BSO last Tuesday and it arrived Friday. A very nice unit compared to my tired 25-year-old Toastmaster convection oven but I was surprised by how much smaller it was and how that might limit it's usefulness. I baked my usual cookie recipe Saturday and made pizza Sunday and it performed well. My most frequent use of the convection oven is for bread, though, so hoping that the tops don't get scorched for getting too close to the heating elements. Maybe I'll have to bake smaller loaves and/or continue to use the noisy old Toastmaster for tall loaves. In any event, I think I'll be happy with it as I am also with the Assistent mixer I bought five years ago on the advice of eGullet forum members. Now, guess I need a CSO? That looks really small, though.
  6. A very interesting thread! I've been away from this forum for a couple of years since it was blocked at work where I do any online activities I need to. All of a sudden, it's open again so will look forward to reading more and maybe posting some of my bread baking. Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas to all.
  7. I'll buy their yeast by the brick but I won't be buying this!
  8. Bernard Clayton Jr.'s "The Complete Book of Breads." Great selection of recipes. Each one with directions by hand, mixer, or processor. Nothing fancy or special required. Been using it for decades with great success. Even with twenty or thirty other bread books, this remains my number one go-to book for bread.
  9. I got mine a couple of months ago and it's a fascinating read for anyone interested in Latin American cooking. Even if I never cook anything from this book, I don't regret getting it because it is so interesting and so big! By the time I get done reading it, I'll be ready to start over again. If you are a member of The Good Cook book club you can get it for $10 on one of their "buy 4 or more books for $10 each" sales. A real bargain IMHO.
  10. Very interesting trip and experiences. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Apparently I'm not done as I just ordered a half a dozen more this morning. I don't expect to do any extensive cooking or baking from any of them but look for new ideas and just enjoy relaxing with them when I have the time. I buy most at a substantial discount and dispose of those that don't do anything for me when they start stacking up at places other than the bookshelves.
  12. Went for the ketchup last weekend and noticed it didn't look right. Noticed my late wife had purchased it since she always wrote the date on the container. April 2000. Time to get a new bottle!
  13. When mine is totally separated, I turn the jar upaide down for a day. This usually homogenates it enough to easily finish the job with a utensil.
  14. I hated it when they got rid of Gourmet magazine because I actually liked it better than BA. Now, Barbara Fairchild isn't editor of BA anymore and it's going downhill.
  15. Hundreds, and I haven't counted them lately. Heavy on baking as that's my main interest. About a dozen new ones since the beginning of the year. I found eGullet when my search engine brought up this thread!
  16. Looks good but I've never made it. This book is certainly one of the more attractive baking books in my library and there's a number of things I'd like to try when I have time. Let us know how it turns out and have a happy birthday!
  17. His Complete Book of Breads was my first and continues to be my most frequently referenced book on bread baking. Also have his book on the breads of France, an excellent book. Sorry to hear of him leaving us but his place in bread baking will always be remembered.
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