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  1. Yes, but we wont judge you. :-) JK.
  2. Ooooo! My turn! I made these "Three Sister" cookies from Bo Friberg's book "The Advanced Professional Pastry Chef," I thought the cookies looked beautiful, so I gave them a try and they came out decent enough. The fillings are apricot and raspberry jam.
  3. Yeah, that is true. Some soaps will etch a marble, and certainly if it was washed in a dishwasher on a regular basis, it would definitly lose its polish. When using marble like this for tabling or slabbing, you would ideally want it to be polished so the surface is not porous and thus the surface doesn't trap and food in it and stain. Cleaning a polished piece of marble would mean using a cleaner meant for natural stone, as well as not scrubbing it, marble scratches very easily, as opposed to a piece of granite.
  4. It just so happens that I polish and restore stone surfaces for a living. You dont need to bring it over to the sink, all that's needed is a gentle cleaner. If you go to a place like Home Depot (or any other home improvement store or tile shop) they will have concentrated cleaners made specifically for stone, its just a light soap. I personally use just an itty bitty touch of dish soap, but mostly water. Regardless of what you do, the most important thing is to buff the slab completely dry after you've cleaned it, you dont want to leave any amount of residue on the stone, especially since its used in preparing confections. You can scrub the stone if you need to, but it shouldn't be really necessary. You would never want to scrub marble if you had it as a counter top, you would scratch it immediately, but since what you have is just a work surface (and not polished anyways) dont worry about it. Hope everything was clear.
  5. Thanks for both your replys! Kerry, I have seen you faq on chocolate, quite a bit of it was rather interesting, just wanted to say that. But not to bombard with too many q's, I take it that this formula needs the sweetened condensed milk, but are you able to tell me (or point me somewhere else) as to why it's used? What about it makes it a requirement? I guess I"m wondering why it was developed in the first place, its nothing I've ever used or had to use.
  6. Hey Everyone! I'm new here, I got pointed here after many google searches concerning homemade confections, then I realized that the members on this board were quite serious about what they talked about, so glad to be here! Anyways, I had a few questions about Peter Greweling's Saltwater Taffy recipe. I just got Chocolates and Confections, and it really is an amazing book, I was really blown away by it. Basically all my cookbooks are textbooks, and I've seen that they've (for me anyways) been some of the best resources, so naturally I was shocked when I realized a textbook existed exclusively on the topic of candies. For a few years out of high school, I was a line cook at a local french restaurant, so I'm very familiar with cuisine, but when I started reading about various confections, I felt like I was learning to cook all over again. Anyways (again), specifically about the taffy recipe in C and C, Greweling calls for Frappe, but I was wondering if it would be ok if I left this out. I dont have it, and I'm not really interested in making it, its just not something I would have any use for except for this taffy recipe. So, can someone tell me, how big of an impact do you think it would have if I didn't include it? Does anyone have the Chocolates and Confections At Home? Does the recipe in that book also inculde frappe? I was thinking about picking up a copy, hoping the recipes would be slightly more user friendly (such as the 'thin boiling starch' required for his turkish delights). I should add that I really just want to make somewhat decent candies to just give to my friends, I'm not looking for absolute perfection. All in all, I was wondering if the impact would be huge if I left out the frappe. Also, is the sweetened condensed milk a requirement? Could I substitute fresh milk? What would the impact be? Thanks for any help :-)
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