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  1. What are Saturday and Sunday hours now? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the update. My small gourmet group of six (The Travelling Foodburys) are trying to coordinate a Sunday trip up from the metro Toledo area sometime this busy summer. I'm really looking forward to it!
  3. Please add Sam Iam and Joyce, and I'll let you know about our son and DIL.
  4. We're renting an apartment with friends in Arcachon 8/30 for ten days, and hope to find some restaurants between Bordeaux and Arcachon that are as nice as the ones described here! Any suggestions, anyone?
  5. Add two to our Saturday reservation! Our son and DIL are back from seven years in Brussels, and are closing on a home in Deerfield in two weeks. YEA, a cheap place to bunk for the weekend!! !
  6. I've been searching through the thread for a Friday event schedule, and haven't found anything, and my poor old eyes are hurting swinting at this monitor. Can someone help me out? Thanks!
  7. After all of the great reviews, I ordered this from Amazon a few minutes ago. The new Kitchen-Aid ice cream maker is in the freezer, chilling. Now to list my White Mountain electric and several other makers to pay for lots of chocolate!, nuts, cream, etc!
  8. Sam Iam

    The Clover

    How much does the machine sell for?
  9. Any updates from any locals? My wife and I will be visiting for a couple of days around the end of March. We'll be coming in from two weeks in KL, visiting with my step-son and DIL. He teaches at the International School in KL.
  10. ""Seize the foodblog, baby. "" Looked for final pix there first, but didn't find any. We're in the middle of planning a major re-do here, and I'm trying to show wifey that "yes, all things are possible!"
  11. We're going to KL at the end of March for two weeks. My SonIL teaches math at the International School, and his wife has a belly dancing school (feel free to check out www.yalla-bina.net ), and we'll be staying with them. I now have the cookbook, and will start looking for ingredients to prepare some dishes, and get a feel for what we have in store for us!
  12. Any new updates?? Inquiring minds want to know!
  13. We're available for either, although the first weekend of August would be our first choice. Either would work. We'll be returning from KL, off to Portland, and leaving for Arcachon, and would love to make this an inbetweener!
  14. Sam Iam

    Brussels Sprouts

    Everyone here swears by the Julia Child recipe. I'm not allowed to try anything else at Thanksgiving Blanch til half done, rough chop, simmer in a lot of heavy cream. Pass gas. Repeat as necessary.
  15. The reviews look great, and we're an hour away. We can't wait to find an open Sunday for a Brunch visit!
  16. Welcome, DMS! I'm in SE Michigan, Lambertville. Where are you? I ended up with a large box of frozen knuckles a few years ago, but the butcher that ordered them refused to saw them in half. My wife wasn't too fond of the oder that lasted for weeks. I now use the jars of Demi from Williams Sonoma, that were marked down 50% last month! (I know, I know. Sorry 'bout that!)
  17. At this time, any weekend in July or August would work for the two of us. Sam
  18. WS and SLT are fine for what they offer, but you'll need to look deeper for serious pro cookware. You'll be able to buy All-Clad and Viking, etc, there, sometimes on sale. Ask your favorite restaurant where they buy their stuff, and spend 80% less there.
  19. If you haven't thrown the chicken away, try simmering it in a stockpot for a few hours. The meat will probably become tender enough to eat, and the broth should be perfect for soup.
  20. Inquiring minds want to know ... How was it?? BTW, enjoyed your blog and your coffee corner picture!
  21. I recall storing ginger in the fridge in an empty Spice Islands jar, peeled, sliced, and covered with sherry. I also recall a cashier holding a large piece up (gingerly, of course ), and asking if I knew how much the deer antler was!!
  22. We usually wait until a movie is out on DVD before we see it. However, this one will probably be the exception! I'm guessing that this will be available in BluRay or similiar quality, so I'm going to start shopping for a new 1080p TV this week! (And quit yapping about a Diva induction cooktop for a few weeks)
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