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  1. I realized that I never posted the Tasting Menu from Memorial Day weekend at Tapawingo. This was served May 25, 2003. I had called apprx. three months earlier for a table of six. I mentioned that the group was a "gourmet club" and were looking for a fun evening! I also stressed that one woman had a severe (life threatning level) allergy to crab and lobster. The dinner is offered either with wine pairing or without wines. Service was absolutely perfect! I'm pretty sure that we had our own busboy in charge of silver, plate removal, and water. Maybe two. Ron Edwards, the Sommelier, introduced h
  2. A food vacuum, now that's the ticket! And a kitchen blowtorch. What else do I crave? A small greenhouse, where I can grow my own hydrophonic tomatoes in the winter, along with herbs. (OK it's a large gadget.) I have four ice cream freezers, and I only use the White Mountain electric and Cuisinart with the freezer container. Perhaps if I get busy, sell 2 on Ebay, plus one of my two Brons, plus two of my extra food processers, plus a whole room full of extra shit, I can buy some more stuff I really need.
  3. Sam Iam

    Duck Confit

    My "to Do List" has had the notation of ordering duck fat for some time now. One of the suggested sources offers 10 lbs. of duck fat for $ ~ $35. The last time, I ordered 2 lbs. That lasted two years. This should last at least six months. I love confit. BTW, any suggested methods of confiting lamb shank? Sam
  4. Obviously an Urban Legend, rather than a truism.
  5. SOLD! I'll be ordering one in the next month or so. Would like to make the $500 barrier for a 20% discount. Please let me know if you see a sale. And no, I'm not going to make my 60 year oldwife carry 8 pieces back on the plane. Sam
  6. A brand that I rarely see mentioned is the Cuisinart Everyday Stainless line. It features stainless inside and out, with a copper disk on the bottom. The hollow stainless handles are large and really easy to grip, much easier that All-clad and Capthalon. I purchased a set when my wife and I married 16 years ago, and have added virtually everything they make in this line to our collection. Ebay always has open stock (some from liquidators) for pennies on the dollar. SLKINSEY: I've been looking at the Falk Culinair line. Now apparently sold only online by the importer. Very expensive, but I'll
  7. My wife and I will be driving from SE Michigan to Ashville for a weekend party with my 88 year-old parents at the Biltmore Inn at the Biltmore Estate on 10/11. Their 65th wedding anniversary! They live in Charlotte. I'll see if they would rather party with this crowd... I'm sure that dad would! Sam
  8. My parents will be celebrating their 65th anniversary in October. We are planning a weekend at the Biltmore Inn, with dinner at the Inn on Friday and the Grove Park Inn on Saturday. Is anyone familiar with the Biltmore Inn restaurant? Thanks, Sam
  9. Liang-pan-lu-sun Fresh Asparagus Salad Roll-cut 2 lbs thinner asparagus, drop in boiling water for one minute and drop in ice water. Dry. Marinate in soy sauce, a little sugar, and sesame-seed oil. Toss, and chill slightly. Originally from Recipies:The Cooking of China, Foods of the World, Time Life Books One of our favorites.
  10. Sam Iam

    Coffee Mugs

    For years and years: http:/www.tervis.com the 17 oz. mug with a handle. Sam
  11. Preheating the new gas Weber, and ripping open two beautiful packages of Angus porterhouse steaks. Slapped them on the hot grill. Closed the cover, and slurped down the rest of my bourbon. Several minutes went by, and something really started stinking. It was the plastic pad under the steak that absorbs the juice that drains out in the package. They were now a permanent part of each steak. Yuk!
  12. At home: An Old Fashioned with Maker's Mark and an extra dash of bitters. At a couple of Toledo's restaurants with decent prices on Remy Martin: A Perfect Remy Manhattan served up. A chilled glass is preferred, but I don't ask for that, unless I'm at the bar. Sam
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