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  1. Danielle, sorry, but I mentioned your posting of Rhodes' Garden Fresh on eGullet while I was shopping there for squash today, and the lady cashier was excited! She wrote "eGullet.com" down carefully, and asked me twice if she spelled it right. The owner will probably greet you with a cornucopia the next time you walk in the door. Enjoy!
  2. BTW, what do you pay for Hangar One in your state? I'm in Michigan, and ordered a bottle. $$$$39.95! Edited to apologize for hijacking the thread. Back to Smirnoff talk. I find Smirnoff an excellent value at $9.95. I've started using it as my standard.
  3. Richard, yes, I have the splash guard and use it. I have one of the older 275 watt mixers that I'll sell when the new one arrives. I guess the gray one is now backordered. The meat grinder is also nice to have, and is available on eBay. I have an extra one that I'll be listing soon.
  4. I ordered the gray pro 5 quart reconditioned model for $159.99, free shipping, plus a $25 discount! this is the 350 watt motor with steel gears. The other colors available are $90 more. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...garden&n=507846
  5. Ellen, I agree on Paint Shop Pro. It also has 85 - 95% of Photoshop's capabilities. I own an older version, but haven't used it much since I started trying to learn Photoshop. Sam
  6. Photoshop ELEMENTS V 2.0 will do 85% of what Photoshop 7.01 and CS will do, for well under $100. I have P.S. 7.01, P.E. 1, Qimage (the best $40 you'll ever spend) The definitive printing program that does a lot of Photoship type stuff, Picture It Express 7 & 9, (7's a bargain- free at Walmart with a roll of processing and scan) , IrfanView (FREE!) NIK Sharpener, NIK Pro filters, Sample version of Photoshop Album, and a few others. <g> Elements is my usual recommendation. Sam P.S. Anybody wanna buy a lot of darkroom equipment?!?
  7. "I like luncheon "meat" from China and there is only one good brand (I usually can't tell because there are so many fake ones out there.....)" YUKI, I'd love to try it, if you would post the name whenever you locate it.
  8. Today, Sara Moulton on FoodTV was talking about how she brakes for garage sales. She buys various molds. She made Lemon Madelines with lemon vodka syrup, and Burnt Orange Panna Cotta in garage sale molds. Sadly, no watermellon Jello.
  9. Don't forget the excellent selection of used and overstock listings on Amazon. A large number of the cookbooks also have a link for "new & used" at prices that are sometimes $1 to $5. Amazon prefigures media mail rates for shipping. You can buy these from SF, NY, or Mud Hen town.
  10. We had a 89th birthday party yesterday for my MIL. About 40 people. The item most complimented was my small Wedgewood Napoleon's Ivy china creamer by the caterer's coffee urn. About $1, I recall.
  11. Around Toledo, the nicer estate sales are handled by a few small liquidators. Most of them have realistic pricing, will take checks and credit cards, and are fairly well organized. However, sometimes that isn't true. Also, estate sales put on by greedy surviving relatives are usually highly overpriced, and three days later the house is still full of grandma's useless junk and years of cheap Christmas decorations. At large sales, the local used furniture dealers, eBay dealers, and rabid collectors line up long before the opening hour. You sign a signup sheet, and then can go sit in your car a
  12. Over the years, I've found many, many items: A White Mountain electric ice cream freezer, $15 A Bron Mandoline for $0.50. The blades were in backward (how'd they do that?) and it was a little rusted. I turned the blades around and polished it up, and sold it on eBay for $60, and then bought a brand new one for $99 on eBay with both safety slicing guards. I saw a man in line to check out with a beautiful $90 German chef's knife. I asked him what the price was, he said $8. I offered him an extra $12, he took it! A Calphalon stock pot, new in box, apprx. 16 quarts, $6 with lid. Chemex coffee pot
  13. Just make sure that you use a valid Escrow company. Some of the camera frauds specify the use of fraud escrow sites. I emailed him to confirm free shipping. It's possible that he hit the wrong entry while listing. All said, there are some real bargains available. We ended up with a Dacor 36" smooth electronic cooktop for $400. Picked it up on our way back from Ashville (The seller was a ten minute detour off of I-75!) This usually sells new for $1,400 or so, and over $1,000 on Ebay.
  14. We had an open house last night. Someone brought a dozen Jello/vodka shots, with the clementine skins as the containers for the Jello shots. It was really attractive. It was pretty crazy with 58 people plus a bartender and a 12-string acoustic guitarist stuffed in our home, and I didn't get a picture of it or anything else!
  15. The number 1 seller on Amazon today is the Circulon Classic 12" covered deep skillet with cover for $12.99. Worth the plunge if they ship to Canada. Plus, a $30 rebate if you buy $100 worth. Start your own Ebay company or be ready with a cheap gift for the next eight weddings that you have to attend! Their prices on Cuisinart stainless skillets and saute pans WITH lids are also dirt cheap.
  16. Sam Iam


    Starbucks ice cream --my wife's favorite!
  17. Allright, time to get serious again. Mice (and rats) are rodents. Cute, yes. Full of disease, definitely! Google "house mice", and you won't think twice about the fastest way of getting rid of them. They are constantly pissing and shitting all over your kitchen, and in any food they can find. Do whatever it takes to remove them as quickly as possible, short of a flame thrower. I worked for a national exterminator about 30 years ago, and usually ended up with the mice detail. Don't wanna talk about some of the really bad infestations. BTW, most exterminators prefer poison, because they don't
  18. Our favorite is from Julia Child: Boil about 4 minutes, drain, chop roughly, simmer covered on low heat with a LOT of heavy cream and butter. Season. But I love them every which way.
  19. The Blue Nile on Washington St. is one of our favorites. Ethiopian all-you-can-eat, including beef, lamb, and chicken. A bottle of honey beer, around $20. Worth the splurge!
  20. Sam Iam

    Really Fast Dinners

    My favorite... dig a confit of duck leg out of a pot of duck fat in the fridge, wipe off the fat, zap it a minute or two, blot the fat again, shred the meat on romaine, drizzle a little vinegarette on. Perhaps 5 to 6 minutes tops.
  21. Thanks for your recommendations, joler. My wife and I will be staying at the Biltmore Inn and Red Rocker Inn for five days around the weekend of 10/11. I'll enjoy trying some of your stops. Sam
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