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  1. BTW, all five extra books came from Europe, and were pretty difficult to find. With pricing in Euros and shipping, I recall paying almost as much as the entire US set usually sells for. I love them, though, for some strange reason.
  2. Wikipedia did not say the Offal/Variety Meats covers were the same, I said the covers were the same (after finding a picture of the Offal book on line). Well, they are not exactly the same -- one says Offal and one says Variety Meats. The cover picture posted for Confectionery is the same cover picture as Candy. However the cover pictures for Biscuits and Patisserie do not match volumes in my collection. Whether the text is similar I do not know. I'd love to know if the haggis recipe in Offal includes lights. Yes, Offal includes1 Sheeps Pluck (heart, lungs, and liver) vs. Varietys heart and liver only. Otherwise, they are pretty similiar. If fact, both recipes are by F> Marian Mcneill from The Scots Kitchen. Interesting: Right next to Haggis is Baked Lamb's Offal With Rice. It includes lamb's lungs, liver, kidneys and sweetbreads! Yum!
  3. The covers are not the same, and I believe Wikipedia seems to be mistaken in saying they are the same. Not sure what will be different between "Offal" and "Variety Meats" except that lights were/are illegal for food in the US and the Variety Meats haggis recipe does not include them! At least the cover pictures seem to be the same. I found Wikipedia has an article on the US/UK titles: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Good_Cook
  4. No, "Offal" is not "Variety Meats". And "Confectionery" is definitely not Candy. The mystery remains only until I can take some photos small enough to upload.
  5. The Good Cook/Techniques and Recipes series is usually considered to have 28 volumes. However, there are five additional volumes that were not published in the United States. They are: Confectionery, Patisserie, Biscuits, Game, and Offal. The cover page reads Time-Life Books-Amsterdam. Copyright is 1981. The ISBN on one of them is 7054 0611 3. I haven't posted pictures in forever, but I'll try to review the instructions and post some soon.
  6. Sam Iam

    Wall Ovens

    Take a look at the Electrolux double oven. Smooth oven bottoms, regular or convection, etc. If you need dimensions, I can look them up next week. We both love it!
  7. 20 pieces of Viking for us, with a Wolf 36" induction cooktop. Also, a thin Wolf exhaust hood, for a mid-century home. We're both 1000% happy--- ask away with any questions. Also, There are cast iron plates that allow you to use other cookware.
  8. We've spent several weeks over six years in Archachon, France, 0n the Archachon Bay AKA the best oysters anywhere in Europe. We stay in a friend's condo, two blocks away from (Ann's choice) the best oyster monger in Europe. (OMG, the best,freshest oysters anywhere. Hand shucked, on order. No wimpy board needed.) BTW, I came in second once at an oyster eating contest in Toledo, around 30 years ago. We had to qualify by eating 25 oysters at least once the week before the contest. I ate 25 nightly for three nights before the contest. On Saturday, I came in second with a total of 106 over an hour or two. My memory is failing, at 71! I would have won, but I'd decided to start slow and wind up with a fast finish. Bad idea, I lost to someone that started fast, and the shuckers couldn't keep up. We'd get a plate of six, then sit and wait. I did decide that since this was a free event, I'd pay for a bottle of French Champagne. I made the local news stations at 11. BTW, Joyce gets pizzed when I want GOURMAND for my vanity plate. The first US request gets a free oyster knife. I have an extra, and I'll pay shipping. Enjoy!!
  9. Richard, you said eveything I did in fewer words while I was cooking dinner and taking my time to type! Great minds must run in the same channel!
  10. The Grinder: Get a rebuilt Kitchen Aid Proline burr Grinder from eBay for apprx. $125, and a French Press for ~ $25 -$40. Or a Chemex. Grind your beans no earlier than the night before. No one has mentioned water: I buy bottles of 5 gallons of Primo bottled water. Your beans are at least as critical as everything else...... I buy beans from Terroir Coffee Company. They take orders until 7 AM every Monday, then roast your order and ship it the next day! You'll have them in two or three days. If you want to skimp on money to start with, they'll grind your beans to any grind you want! They have many, many different beans available, from somewhat reasonable to OMG rare and pricey. At 70 years old, I'm trying to simplify my life! I've used every coffee maker and brand of beans that I can find over the years. The Moccamaster with the stainless caraffe is my choice. I drink 5-6 cups in two hours' and it stays hot. I could go on and on, (I use a automatic vaccuum storage unit to suck the air out of my coffee bag for storage every day, etc, but I've got to be up at 4 tomorrow. I'll be back!!
  11. My sweet little, slow eating wife has heard more than once: "Are you still WORKING on that?" She replies with the death lazer look that can kill.
  12. She said that was fine, but we'll have to pick up new keys at the desk.
  13. HELP: I'm been going over this long thread to see if breakfast is at 10:30, and couldn't find a final post... 10:30, right??
  14. Nancy, we'll have to say "no" for Sunday Brunch due to an unknown family schedule back home. Sorry!!
  15. Also, we aren't sure about Sunday plans yet. We may have Joyce's son from Malaysia headed to our home, or not. (g)
  16. We're staying at the Marriott, as well. BTW, Are fresh carrots available at the market?
  17. The Viking line of magnetic stainless is extensive. We completely switched over, and now have close to 20 pieces. Add the word "expensive" to "extensive". Several skillets and pots of Le Creuset complete the mix.
  18. My Wolf induction cooktop seems to transfer energy evenly to my Viking pots and pans. Large electromagnets are jizzing the molecules evenly, it seems.
  19. Nancy, we're in for everything starting with cocktail hour on Thursday, but we won't be able to stay for Sunday lunch. Street addresses, hopefully, will follow. What a great job of pulling this together!! We'll see you Thursday! Warm regards, Sam & Joyce
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