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  1. We went to the Wolf-Sub Zero distributor's scratch & dent sale in Auburn Hills a week ago, and ended up with a current Wolf 36" induction cooktop, as new, for ~ $1,600 off! I'm waiting for new quartz countertops to be delivered, and I'll report back after I've had a chance to try it out.
  2. "Are you still WORKING on that???" Waitress at the Frog Leg Inn, Erie, MI, talking to my dear sweet wife.
  3. Rob, life's a bitch, especially with these processers. Look on eBay for a lightly used complete unit. Low shipping charges. Please, thank me later.
  4. We haven't installed it yet, but my wife went for the Electrolux. Might be worth looking at the features. Because of new cabinets, new cork floor, moving a wall, me getting a Sub Zero (!), double Electrolux oven, cooktop on an island, it will be awhile before it is up & running, but I'll report back after it has a month of washing under it's belt.
  5. Sam Iam


    Williams Sonona just sent me an email about their 9 speed Cuisinart being on sale for $79. It is only available at WS, and probably only by mail on web.
  6. Thanks for your post, zoe b! For a while there, I felt like a thread killer!
  7. Technivorm Moccamaster. Yes, that's a handful of money. However, the Bunn unit is using expensive energy 24 hrs a day (I think). The cost should perhaps be equal after a year or two, and you're drinking much better coffee for years to come! A lot of my stuff, I couldn't care less, but my coffee maker needs to be the best, within some sort of reason. I deserve it, don't you? BTW, I also upgraded my coffee vendor to George Howell's Terroir Select Coffees. They normally have the Technivorm in stock, and have a great selection of roast coffees.
  8. Well, I found my personal best at an estate sale in Toledo a few months ago. A bottle of Courvoisier, Collection Erte, #6. $50.00. They had three empty bottles, and this was the full one. It was recently re-released by Courvoisier at $1,450.00 per bottle, or $10,000 for the full set of seven, I believe. I just had a knee replaced, and will post photographs a little later when I can get downstairs at dig out my camera equipment. But first, I think I'd like a sip. Of Cognac. Yes, we are drinking it. Slowly.
  9. A bit late here, but I'll speak up for the Viking line. Over the past 6 - 8 months, I've been adding one or two pieces a month, all purchased from eBay at pretty hefty discounts. I'm probably going to an induction cooktop soon, with an upcoming major kitchen remodel, and the old Cuisinart stuff with aluminum discs just had to go. Cuisinart seemed like a seemed like a good idea about 15 years ago. I'm looking up (all hanging!) at 4 Viking fry pans (two non-stick), and perhaps five sauce pans. Also, two stock pots. Mixed in are a few All-Clad stainless pieces (all hold a magnet and can be used on induction), and a few old saute pans that still have to go, and I'm a happy camper. Very even heating, easy to clean, a notch above. I'm now using them on a Dacor glass cooktop. It's a lot of money, but you'll have them forever. Try a piece or two, and sell it for almost what you paid if you don't like it. Used Viking is scarce!
  10. I recall looking at a bottle of Powers at a friends recently, and I recall the word "blended" or something similiar on it. This doesn't mean diluted with grain neutral spirits and distilled water, does it?
  11. Katie, I picked up a similiar pan several years ago for $1, and it's still my favorite, and I just purchased about 12 pieces of Viking! I'm off for knee replacement in the morning, but I'll try to remember to post photos of it and some goodies from this summer when I can get back downstairs to the lower level.
  12. We hired a driver (very long story about how we ended up with a cab driver that also worked as a day driver/ that also part timed as a bodyguard in KL / ) to take us from KL to the Highlands last March. We stayed overnight and the two days were just the right amount of time. Beautiful trip, very curvy roads. I'll try to find the Hotel name. It was about 14 stories, top of a mountain, near empty, excellent stay. My SIL teaches and coaches soccer at the Graded - International school in KL. We were there for two weeks.
  13. Hickory Farms normally has them available, but it looks like they're out of stock: "Tur-duc-ken The name Tur-duc-ken may seem strange at first, but this turkey, duck and chicken dish is a flavor sensation! You'll find a deboned turkey except for the wings surrounding a partially deboned duck, surrounding a deboned chicken. In between each layer is a hearty Cajun spiced cornbread and pork rice stuffing! Big enough for a feast, it's a fantastic - and remembered - gift. 15 lbs. Serves 25-30. GIFT# 64249 PRICE $120.00 This item is out of stock" They are raw, and shipped to you frozen. We had one at a friends home this year, and it was very good.
  14. Google lead me to information that the current crop of mature oysters are not hurt by the virus, but it has really destroyed the immature oysters. No known cause.
  15. Thanks, Phil, we have rented an apartment and are staying with another couple from the Toledo area. The condo owner is also a friend from Toledo. Joyce had luunch with her last week, and she was just there. She didn't say anything about a shortage f oysters. We're renting a car for our stay on our way in in Bordeaux. Looking forward to visiting several of the vineyards, and definitely Lillet!
  16. John, we'll be there for 10 days starting this Saturday. I've left info on your buisness phone, hope we can link up for a bottle or three of Bordeaux! AND, maybe some chocolate!!!
  17. BTW, just in case anyone is wondering, glass cooktops will crack. A 1.75 Grey Goose hit the Dacor from ~ a 4' dive. However, this should probably go under the "VERY Stoopid Things" thread. No, it's fine here, the title includes "Care". Anyone looking for a repairable, working, 36" spare?
  18. The single edge razor blade in a retractable holder is perfect for any burned on nasty bits, and large quanities of duck fat (I buy it in 10 pound tubs). First, I use a light spray of vinegar commercial Windex or 409 to dissolve the grease, then the blade, then "Bar Keepers Friend Multipurpose Cooktop Cleaner". It is a thick goo, but thinner than thoothpaste. Then more Windex. By far the best thing I've found for my Dacor glass electric top, with computer sliders. No knobs. Paper towels rule for polishing, although I'll probably get a handful of microcloths now that they've come down in price. However, the last time I tried to find this cleaner, I couldn't. UPDATE: It's available on the web site. Six - 13 oz. bottles for $15, shipping included. I'm outta here!
  19. Kroger here still had the Handi-Vac and refills last week. I just checked Amazon, and the starter kit was $20.50! However, prices on Amazon can change by the minute.
  20. If anyone will be posting their Saturday recipes from last weekend, would it be possible to add a known "tag" to make them searchable by the event? It would make finding them very simple. Thanks!
  21. Hey Hungry, please report back after you try it!
  22. Would it be possible to pin the week's schedule to perhaps the top of this post? I'm going crazy searching and trying to put together a list of what and where everything is going to be, and the cost, timing, etc. Can anyone help this Luddite? Thanks!!
  23. We are looking for a place to stay Thursday night only near Blackbird and The Violet Hour, to eliminate driving back to our son's home late, after drinking. Any suggestions? We'll be moving over to stay with them on Friday for the rest of the weekend.
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