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  1. You'll killing me with that beef!
  2. Haha well mine plating is always for one or two. Is it the family that's being treated to all these creations?
  3. So who is this army of lucky people you feed dcarch? Always awesome platters of food!
  4. Yes organization...being a one man constant cooking catering army, it's difficult sometimes.
  5. Cook from cookbooks I already own...
  6. Oh Boursin, how I love thee.
  7. Eat out more. You're a chef. For god's sake spend some money on yourself and go to these places people talk about. So silly of me.
  8. Well I've got some traditional stuff fermenting right now but I enjoyed my little quick kraut. Shaved some sprouts and quickly blanched took onions and sliced into 1/4 inch slices. Sweated those down in salt then added water and reduced down. Added the blanched sprouts and splash of champagne vinegar and I had a cheaters brusselkraut!
  9. yum pecan I'll track some down. I've used apple and cherry, both were good.
  10. So what wood is everyone using to smoke their pastrami? I'm addicted to this stuff.
  11. Yeah, interesting. The dish I posted was my favorite flavor combo. I plate all my dishes to the best of my ability and take a picture for others to enjoy it just so happened it looks nice. Hmmm Maybe we're reading this wrong.
  12. I always keep my chicken stock fat. Made from roasting wings the fat is deeply flavored and when added to sous vide bag of chicken or finishing a sauce with half fat half butter it's the bees knees. Oil from lobster stock is kept too, intensely flavored warm vinaigrette on lobster salad? Um yes. Not a beef fat saver though.
  13. ScottyBoy

    Dinner! 2012

    Black truffle master.
  14. Oh I was just checking that recipe out.
  15. Meeting Grant Achaz at The Aviary and him hooking me up with what I was told the final solo table they would ever offer. A very personal experience with the best meal I've ever had.
  16. Oh this thread is going to have some stunning stuff! I'd have to say sourcing some awesome local halibut olive oil poached at 114 for 15 minutes, cream spinach from the garden, satsuma buerre blanc and some grapes.
  17. ScottyBoy

    Dinner! 2012

    Yay for people cooking for me! Grandma's secret ragu and my noodles. Had to plate a nice one so she had a nice picture of her work
  18. Om nom nom... Moderator note: This topic continues in What did you buy at the liquor store today? (2013–)
  19. ScottyBoy

    Dinner! 2012

    Dangit. Note to self, Don't open this thread at 5am.
  20. I had fun cooking them and the bones easily sliding out one time while keeping moisture. Just as long as the diner doesn't salt the food BEFORE trying it and send it back for being to salty. RIDICULOUS!
  21. ScottyBoy

    Dinner! 2012

    Thank you! Yea I just figure why have everyone come back for seconds? Just carve them a huge slab to begin with (they all cleaned their plates). Unfortunately I wasn't able to let it rest properly because of babies/timing issues. It was delicious nonetheless.
  22. ScottyBoy

    Dinner! 2012

    Christmas roast is something I dream about all year!
  23. Haha that's fantastic! I have all of them from my childhood in a box in the attic.
  24. Eleven Madison Park book and these two bad boys!
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