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  1. Lordie lordie. I'm just about to leave the house for a night out with my wife, and while I know the company will be unparalleled, I know I won't eat anything at a restaurant in my town that even comes close to measuring up... I have tried short ribs, cheeks and a couple other but I've landed on chuck flap for my preferred cut. Cost, yield, fat and flavor are all very good.
  2. Whoa, that article... Maybe over thinking seasoning a pan? Every place I've worked including a few michelin starred spots have seasoned with grapeseed oil. Maybe because it was what was readily on hand but it works like a charm in my opinion.
  3. All this talk may force me across the Bay for a Zuni chicken finally. Been hearing about these things all my life and craziest thing is I've been and didn't get it...
  4. Whoops! 52 is the number not 62 Thank you
  5. So moist. I didn't like it growing up because my mom would dry it out but I was determined to cook it nicely and have found the way. I shocked the other piece and put it in the ridge. Gonna re-therm today and see if the results are the same.
  6. Friend caught some swordfish in Hawaii. Gave me some of a loin and holy.... Best stuff I've had. But I had so much I could mess around. Water bath at 62c for 30 minutes and then seared/butter basted. So good...
  7. Free advertising for me. Also somewhat flattering when people would take a picture of something I've made.
  8. dcarch, what's in your black garlic sauce? I've been thinking about messing around with that stuff.
  9. ScottyBoy

    Shellfish stock

    What are you planning on making with the stock? I make a more concentrated and reduced fish/shellfish stock when I'm going to make a sauce but if I'm going to use it for soup the amount of liquid used to get the flavor out isn't as much of an issue.
  10. Wagyu just pan seared, oven finished. That's rye bread toasted with butter in a pan.
  11. I don't need, my other one works just fine...I don't need, my little crappy one works just fine...I don't need, my little crappy one works just fine... Ordered.
  12. I hadn't had quinoa in a long time, stuff is great. Cooked a batch and it's in the fridge for all kinds of stuff.
  13. See that's the stuff I love to eat! Something I have no idea how to make, new flavors and textures! This is why I'm working on Taste/Smell-O-Internet. Steak and eggs - Snake River Farms Wagyu, fresh farm egg, rye toast, port and blackberry syrup
  14. Some leftover ragu. Make it better, put an egg on it! Friend just dropped off 2 dozen eggs, what to do...
  15. I was gonna sous vide but then I thought "can't you still cook a steak in a pan?". 3o day aged fillet (a little rusty getting med-rare). A hot quinoa salad, garlic confit, pastrami spices, tomatoes and some wild arugula. Haven't posted dinner in a while.
  16. Awwe but you're so close me me over here in Oakland
  17. I'm dying over here... Every time that catalogue comes my girl can't stand me talking..umm...smack.
  18. I'm packing it in while I'm young, I fear the day when it starts to catch up.
  19. It's excellent since I have vacuumed frozen trimmings of 3 of those cuts...
  20. What is this burger blend of which you speak? i have a lot of beef trim I was gonna grind.
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